Adults Have Accidents Too

Tuesday, June 27th

What else is there to do when there's nowhere to go?

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Then send stuff in. Going to be difficult to get people to admit flag we wanted to. I give away your hands as an adult so this. I'm sorry had to remains did yeah. Am I 40 soared Tuesday 309401. That college just engines show you. A different name don't wanna admit it isn't just pretty embarrassing we saw the story this morning about Kelly Osborne. Being herself when Starbucks and let her use the bathroom. If you when he is a big name on this value I tingle bow. That yeah. If you visited New York you know that it is keen to find where at the Starbucks on every corner in the switch intersection and a section where the services because that's where you can go. Typically use a public Baxter. So here you don't want in the streets and doing your shopping or doing your sightseeing whatever you can always talking no Starbucks and I'll listen Kelly Osbourne thought that she was gonna do. When she was watching the pride parade in New York City on Sunday. Went into a Starbucks and they turned her away and so she Peter pain. And she treated about it. Appear to have purchased this and shame on use our box hash tag. She's different word I peed my own pants in this location has a picture of the Starbucks. Since the fact. If your employee let me because your shameful. Shameful employees refused to let me use that took. I have. And then start attack ads are drugs child responds with I Kelly I apologize free experience and one health. Thank goodness please DM me so I can desk this would discuss with the U further thanks baca. Wasn't discussing anything she Ollie Peter can't insulate at that point so there is say apparently. No public bathroom at that location that an employee bathroom and she said is a desperate situation and I in the parade. I am really sorry and and they are like there's nothing we can do just a typhoon that it's an employee bathroom only. We can't let you win marriage that a wow now if that was the rule. In fine. But apparently she saw a male Custer column customer come out of that bathroom washing was begging the use that oh yeah. That was heard Pete is she's like. Don't tell me that there's no bath and available for public use near that bad deed use it. And she went on. Which is where we're gonna focus on this story 4042630941. Kelly she's we'll start the tells about one of the times you buy your answer is the. I'd only have hammered and that sums and you're trying to think. Any time ever I have been so close oh yeah last inning in his hour exam. On any traffic will do that he prays so I was stuck in traffic jam their residences or an accident on spring street gangs so in midtown headed southbound on spring day all headed one direction and it was just. Bumper that's partly why I seriously a parking lot for over an hour hour and a half I was sitting their inching along mega shopping mall perimeter Molly. The week before Christmas yeah I sent there literally was dying I think I'm gonna die and I mean I. I don't know what I'm going to I'm in a team like this you can't have been in your car you know went in those stuck. And if it weren't for that BP right there on the corner of the one that's got the Dunkin' Donuts strives through behind it I think it's a VP. I would have been in serious trouble I flew my car so fast of that parking space I think I barely put it in the park I must have left the doors wide open and Blu-ray and you and then I didn't think I feel good figure and yeah there's a basket I was like please don't let anybody be in there and luckily it was open. And I made it black. Barely. For sure she's 630941. Jeans and a bit of phone calls for us and I have two stories and an almost and I have a walks. So they'll say yes and the almost happened when I was. Driving from Syracuse a seat near grand ledge to Boston for a job interview my first big. Radio job interview where you at a time crunch. I had died and now it wasn't like the enemy wasn't bad day I am. It was just getting into Boston and I didn't realize how big big or how bad big city traffic going to get. And I could see. It was near Copley Square I can see the back of the green monster of Fenway Park. Rake in the heart of Boston re enact Copley Square what is and more square. So I could see them back to the green monster of Fenway Park and I'm like oh my says is so awesome and so bad and I'm just stunned entrapment and I had like a big gulp cup yeah. OS these are my advantage of dude that's ISO one in my first things that I officially did in the city of Boston ran out of work for a couple of years. Was mark my territory since the and the cops and opened the door and push is part NL in what I what my. I mean I would just feel so growth and not a fifth. It's yet and keep eating her cup holder I mean no that's disgusting to his what do I really got let go girl in our cars back in and is a game that our national news. Each day and that lands that 'cause as I. And how are you when you weigh your pants. With the. I was traveling are totally. She and now our karma and electing not to open the door and actors like other way stay here. Extension. Shaky. And that's iMac and I can't get close to the word and then that's they have a. Well it to lay on the car to. Senate senate candidacy cases are good and bake in the sun. He Jen no laughter. But it's fair way and that lands there where did you make your fans and and adults. Publix grocery store now. And I really like it. Intel and. Today how old frequently 03 when this happens. Overpaid. Now with. Idled by your feet yeah. What. You're. Ready to close. So you have somebody bring you Pam Stuart a grocery store because you weigh yourself. She's got a well thank you thanks. I'll say this story and uses an empowered to have enemy candidate I am berms. NL lands or what hasn't. Traveling I very small kid that finally ultimately the card. And I have to get that. You finally all of eat you don't. Stop right at you what are diapers. God is as bad parenting. As you jog and they're diaper bag or whatever and then just kind of Santa Ana. Absolutely and that's things are absorbent Seau it's a spare any I adult level of shortly did you make any at all. Home incredible how most likely those things can hold. A follow. She's proud of herself of that solution boasted to at least as I can or I can appreciate that from the number of parents and Inez once they kids falsely. Like yeah I know I can hear the conversation I had that. Well you just run inside for a second reminder of either one to get target car gets stolen and that I'm the new mom on the news going to yeah do you new media owners say games. And so I'll just pee my pants. Tina and wind there. When did you wet your pants as an adult. I'm actually I'm want to chime. Allah and be quiet about their outlook for Al speech. To pop. Having my daughter and I actually cold at any any. Cameroon. And I wish all of since I sent teammates you last and it just coastline. I can you eat or Egypt air get it got to hit it out. Only has that 6000. Fans of president and I'm more pregnant girls called because that's the one I'm I know the nice idea pregnant transit heal themselves when they offensive pressure on the flatter perfectly good. Good Joey Kelly's K okay so much. Meg and he's out there and no shortage of phone calls I may get in Dawson well. Any. And I had a very bad and I didn't about a parent I'm. I was there and they carry so and it's actually run happen on my water broke. Else if are you. Well I think they need a bottle while there's an ambulance there was Roger gets freely. Darren. I last Collins Indians now well. You're saying how come I actually college at the time and I think last. Now we learn how do you look at least even and I hate to. Telegraphing what occurred in nineteen totally key and hit it that Eric and Donna is it yet. Grant and I don't mean anyway so did you read everything like twenty years old and I'll never forget it. Well I'm about Kelly Osbourne is not alone focused. So here's a story out of me in college right I am out with a woman named Joanna. And rerouted dates and students. Dinner and drinks and everything and name now I went to eight Denny's. A late night we've where our you know that's the waffle house of the northeast and he's oh yeah and I waited until the last possible minute to use the bathroom there was a wait. I waited and waited and waited and JPM I'll demand listening can sympathize in this. Once you physically seen good bathroom the urge. Chaos around the time I doubt intentionally Leon. And so when I got inside and hinted he did you know you do the dance with your gun in your bill. Yeah I missed it by about two seconds. And I was wearing khakis and plus. Today just like dev harmful and the thing just go all loyalist then and just commando what your wet your pants dark brown and. No I just imagine a table and completely. Presented at the pedal wasn't that night there and between ya attempt to. It just saw the ice is still have you charming reds game re dedicated. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion one star not before one and it.