Adult Breastfeeding Relationships

Wednesday, June 8th


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This late fees on this dog does. It's. Also. Adults breastfeeding. A relationships. Are things right so ADRs Jan yeah they've got an acronym AB ours and and let the couple is. This center of this whole story today it's gone. Crazy wild all of the Internet and it's because this Atlanta woman she's from Dallas Georgia left her job. To start this adult breastfeeding relationship. And they say that she's dedicated herself to producing. Breast and. It's entered dumbfounded. They repayment plan and Lula. We have her boyfriend think guy. Witness now. Hey Brad. Yes hey it's Jeff's engine and from sanity for one. Or later it did it sell I know you're getting hammered. Waves. Phone calls and stuff I would assume because you have you have gone viral in a quick way. And ever this 100% at all. I. I was. We needed what are you answered some questions whether the program reporters on this and the United Kingdom about the topic. A drag on the road where you have to have the purpose was curious on this topic and this is what we've got in return. So you get that sewed she. Jennifer is her name Jennifer did not quit her job to. No Jennifer has not quit her job you know she is not proceeding at 835. Year old male. And none of this is not a good pictures and everything that follow. The heads of. See how how did you guys interviewed by them in the first Edward that even come from. Arms let's see she went on he's. Bill nurturing and so. Word of was approached by a news reporter. And the questions were an actor. None of this post then published on the list most of them saying. We were promised that it was just a question there about the topic that I was curious about the property. And this is what we go to return. Wow I like guys so are you truly curious about some of the benefits of breastfeeding. Or are drinking breast milk you know the nutrients and I understand you work out a lot. And this gesture. Have you contacted the reporter who they're not in the region. Where. If that makes about Fauria about you can't you you sound then. Our war they're they're they're they're anything that you can. Actually. I'm I'm sorry you guys are caught and that's because. Everybody's talking that you know adult breastfeeding relationships. And he becomes sort of the poster couple for it. Brought. Sort of do that we become the poster child for the reform there. Him have you talked to Jennifer today. All of that. And what she feeling like. Same thing will let you that it should Lugar's we can't believe that there. And. Well. There. It's that student for a lot and I'll mother has called me and told me to deter. Consider emotional bit deeper and not return back to my hometown because I'm not welcome. Day sorry I use Siri is home. Most of you know certain particular discipline. All my courage. That is. That's awful soap through and what do you want everybody to know your family and. A little. And everything that you read them and that is not true and I that is in our society itself there's there's. They tell them as a collection that is you can Google my name now on Google and these comments come these parts come up and we will that there's not a lot of other candidates sought until there's just I just shove and they were considered more than and that's the end of June and is now conducting. You know I don't know what route should take I don't know what to do about it. Well you know about that if there's anybody listener can help reduce suggestions that are willing to help. I lie and I tell you what else we'll will be you know this is this just went from being a funny story to be in my heart for game. So nothing's more powerful than your own words. And out singular linked to weigh in and you can you and Jennifer can both. Post that on your like FaceBook pages or whatever you guys used and people can hear you just explain it in general wants to come out of the same thing optics the enemy of my information and you guys need for animal will try to help the best you can right. I'd get out there and I am sorry I'm sorry. I've thank you for an attempt at nine Jeff. She now. One.