Accidental I Love You Part 2

Tuesday, November 15th


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Bloody month and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta. Haley season has been dating mavericks for a little while now and some happened over the weekend it's got her house in. Does this as a levee. Now I was asking match that. I think and he's not just in the midst of a little. Now that vessel adults session. On me and I. And I got laughed hey BL ETE. And you and you're great I had a romantic. I am and you know he laughing ha I am lucky BT's. And I night. And I just had a backhand trying hard at Ellington. And I maintain from a from a guy because I am despite Macs are about solar I am a man bag though despite that. I maintain that no guy accidentally says that mark. I believe is gonna back at me yeah mark welcome. What club in my right until Gregory reports on outside and down you know it's not an accident. Or some. The area detectives say it may have been an accident but the guys in this something you think about. Well you know well or app you know on that exact time or date place and when you say it. That market actually came out but series been thinking about. So he's been thinking about it just it could have been just blurted in the moment and have fun laughing and it is alerts. At a food and and is sub conscious. I don't know that's the three shots of espresso it's my hobby this morning and I'm in suit and those guys see that happen and I into Kelly's commitment phobia yet any text ads. Has hinged. Man. I wish I it is on the radio beloved as an online and basically that's my. And a half hour Mark Zandi try to do one thing and some athletes. Land my favorite was when you have arts slip non violent as this has. For that doesn't happen yeah. From a guy perspective now yummy yes all the guys and the fun hey man what's going on. Oh man a couple of Pol Pot think love is one of those things we can beat this valves that are almost like that since you know it says. They got bigger and these are still there but those black a couple of chocolate walls at some distance there's nobody family or what sort stir. Also never searched. And had just come out like totally actually multiple also are definitely the remember the shock outdoors but it was something called apple and its audit what. Or so it's like you're all here at that Christmas holiday light display in your feel at all like. Holidays in this algae and it just comes out. A little bit and that's a good example that would out there beyond that I did more all of a lot like. As a result of quick that happened at Margie assault that I'll lose lose control sample early. And that's why they get was that he used it mean house laughed and then not to brag about it lap in auto paint today. Her and he is just like I love let me ask you. You're totally gentle or it opened fire that. Also. Are on. Italy's edit their local us about it. And do when you say it's like you I can imagine you're trying to like grabbed the words out of the air and Shelvin Mack an amount. Once it's out there that he does own it you pretend it never happens. You have to pull it you have to panel a panel back with a girl on the I like out yeah. I'm I'm I'm special can be accused a very sensitive and Art Shell while that Hamanaka and other like. The arm that add and multiply it actually had ultimately. Look a morale to losers relationship now ball large. Only that because the whole thing it and the sanctions settled and that should then also it it would even come out it was a shot that close that. You know if you will all important. It sure looked happy and included about where he's worried that you look at Mitsubishi. Actually felt that the door to marketers say there. In his situation got out of them actually. Yet so even if it was an accident was still sincere and I still well tonight what's your name. More I what does it nick. Yeah yeah I'm mad hey great thanks for comic talk to you later on though I love him. And yeah yeah. And you. Brian welcome to the damage and show it's up. Yes some authority and got a little bit. I was dating a girl in college I was about three weeks and played double and that another couple. And I'm and the lieutenant Paul for her to serve and I letter related accidentally blurted out I love you you're the third ball. Total lack they'll walk back than that every vote act like nothing happened never addressed that and I did end up marrying a thirteen years later but that did not count at the bird loved you. I. I problem were you even dating at the time Regis tennis. Are we were we were so early and I mean yeah I think technically you're dating but it almost or like brand date. Who I hear guys that was your subconscious come out. They weren't there would have made it bode well it didn't count they're the bigger blow it capital SO what you're saying is that if it is an accidental I let you still can lead to soul mates and forever load now. The other stable. I thank you Brian loves I'd love yes. Okay goes well. Alan me and thousands. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.