Accidental I Love You Part 1

Tuesday, November 15th


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If your drive and knows drown out traffic and national all did your boss. Join us for themselves in a row every why you are today one story now before one. The time you got the L bomb. I love word is you have my mental occasion and relationship. Out all year head over heels for somebody. You know your fallen down. Well of that section. All of acts added darlings just aliens back oh yeah actually sing it. It's you can't not give it one more thing that that I really thought about it you know it's a whole Obama and I'm not offer anything. I think it's like any news with this music everything I think that it is unhappy. Good morning. Yes. Why isn't pitching. So when Tony Davis is that it negative of that radio there was TC a manually dance class I. Regular regimen that status waiting room in Hawaii. Yeah. I think that's debris and a graceful ways that yeah there why you who won't do she's there. Atlanta and I. Let's get to the have appropriately music of entitlement. Kelly she's in her significant other. That it's. Just me yeah. We definitely had a great time and that Posey had a story yesterday and now here are ten. In the dangers and if you well and they hit fifth and keep them out of business. That is emanating I never is enough your radio and I really have is now listening uses texting about. Craziest AG moms on like. A dream that these up and listen he's currently I. Well the short version I think I'm history can achieve a felon on the 2000 it's hard. Basically he says I love you and she said nothing. OK okay it was an accidental I love you know it yes it won it it was an accident on you just blurted out and well. And what happened. Thanks them in general Lester and how. Economic house in news pick telling me I mean that's a. Because I've I'm. Yeah I hear you loud and that I'm gonna explaining that guy. Accidentally says. OK okay he has to go out and tell them guys perspective yeah though. Yeah I hate being tickled and I just Campion tickled and eyes like I was in Europe mentioned some silly. And he's as correct avenue I know my cash ayalon utilities. And I just can't laugh and I used to running the hundred. It could act you know like blurted out in the moment kind of a thing you know. Yeah I know he. Moreover like this guy's only. You need an audience that 40474194. So I I don't ever accidentally to comment for a moment guys now I want you to back Rea. Borrow 474194. If you ever quote. Accidentally. Sent it OK on it knocked it ten and but you full line now earlier because it's a great way different guys. Throw it out there in NC. NN fates days what day he you know it's a great way for a guy to throw it out there because. If you guys are out too romantic. Right though if yeah if he teach you your favorite. And you guys urge it's. Holding hands across you'll candle lights candlelight he unlimited bread stick surgeons and yeah I'm saying my. Bottomless. Thing's great big jug wine is there. And and they can and that in and and you know one. There's no escaping. When he said it. Which means it has to be accepted it tonight and if the night it's terrible because then. Do you continue at the bottom right I'm not be used and the currency that I. Now directly. Answer but if he says it like in a different thing that the the first time I said. When he came off the spontaneous moment. But in the back in my mind that and you say it and that was it. Remember Calley told us that they were an argument at a rest area off a highway and dogs and they were in announcement and like. You and she's. I think you guys it's not alerting you and what happened Calumet last month cut now you've really freaking out. A management. I'm a only a few players on time. And. Preston welcome to the jet engine shall. Yeah. So what got you import those guys that ex Yankee on including. Non. Play like wrestle in and joking around and you can just now are slick. Yeah. Baghdad Sunday that it slip out there right guys yeah. It. And you've got O Leavitt that's what your response was. Yes. I love you know yeah I. Love you. Smith that's not the heavyweight worse than it does. Yeah yeah and jiggling meaning either but I just can't. He calls his body and his buddies like. Maverick did you Tyler and he's like a game and it is what happened while she too. Immediately after. Step welcome addition. Got to go and where delegate Kelly's. Red. Yeah well I think she kind of missed the mark on the floor in the totally off stage it would. I'd throw that out they need it they don't it doesn't happen by accident. You mention it. I think he meant. Hash. Thank his dad and the fifth and everything around in your and yeah about those aren't as I am ankles. And lately for the break I have yeah. Yes why should we get him on the phone Knoll and it's a great idea is that I didn't count as an I love yeah. Who. It's the first official one MI and did it does it count like years later when we needed this and look out before it got married in. You asked that question she remembered that time. I just something it's going to be I think he remembers and says like. Oh yeah I remember I said that to lower. May I don't know yeah I thought we are right Kelly plane around them all these as it turns how many more guys doing to line out JP one was your first I love via. In past weeks in and was it in and tickle fight or was it mission she sentiment he mounted you need time. I. Think that my Grover and Heidi beat me visitors to my boyfriend can't. Even if you're. I thought you may think I'm. Well yeah. In would you agree that every time you said and every time I mean I. But if there were others like that you've said it. Yeah it's something guys stressed its senior yet and accidentally armpits and starts spreading like they're boiling water all this bowl and I feel right now. And. I've we'll see if any got you know what that might be the better thing to do. We'll see if any guys can join hands next or 047419400. And can tell us that they accidentally say. As those of the great story. Accidentally said I've. 40474194. And got some Mac and and jet engines. For making this list its passage. On stone not before want.