An 8 Year Old Saw '50 Shades Darker' Part 2

Friday, February 17th

 Jenn's friend saw a woman with her 8 year old in the theater. Is this okay!?


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And young star ready for a one. And looks like she just got its banks and planet we live on the right now what is happening. I was just asking what would you do. When a friend of mine went with his wife to see fifty shades darker and and the movie they trauma like that even. They're going to leave and they see a woman. But her eight year old about eight year old issue you know is estimating on aged eight year old son. What is her at the movie theater so he and his wife had this debate on the entire way home she and we've called defects are not so we've called authorities how raw news that. And so instead of having their like romantic night afterwards they were just in this big debate on whether they should have done something. For this kit. The literal conversation that we had because you know what we're trying to timeout to show yet all the fields coming up in a few minutes and Jan nature you know the timing is all right so we get to talk about all stuff we wanna talk about and so rate informally at least we started the last segment. I said hey do we have time to get this energy and Jen says yeah I just wanna tell the story about the crazy thing my friend's son. And then any phone calls we get nobody's gonna agree with them so it'll be a quick segment like you know everybody worst calls we get back. And then here I. Just looking at personal text messages high. Cali who's going and I assured senate headline news and and and the morning show biz got him late today. Wrote a text message social profanity says can't read it she couldn't believe what she was hearing. Unless we heard from two people who say it was perfectly fine to take your Childs. To JT should Starker. And that our friend Natalie wrote everytime I think in manly isn't your baby. Right so she says every time I think I've done something to make me a bad parent I'm just gonna think back to the past couple less you pay fifteen TO. All right let's put into these phone calls quickly and see. Can Trace OK or not okay. I. We had it not okay and I can't act. Yeah I thank you. Queen. Okay and and. Ever be OK it's I don't think guys. Is all right I was starting to wonder how. I was gonna give my. My opinion what I was gonna say is I think maybe that phone call the defects is far reaching like I think you need to turn and you don't know the circumstances that are. And I mean announced checked out at like. On the phone call that you've facts as warranted but it is you know working and that's that's not a parent of the year. He gonna have a license to drive. You gotta go get registered to vote but nobody does whether or not he can parents Chelsea welcome to the shares that I can't Saturday. I'm not that they had on these and I expect I'll RP IIS. Are a hero let out there not expect and how are you know. It did let god back I hit Randy like a Greek and now late in the game in Atlanta not that grip I like to eat. An experience it adventure that wiped out of their you know a child. Yeah yeah. About lake I think lake when you're eight seems a little young but when they start to experience said. Like it has the starlight. Going to be talking about you know. I don't know. Are you let them you know you do you there on their iPad or they get out and they go to late. Boobs one hour wind late. Yeah fifty shades darker kind of graduate level work. Like fiction to actually be how to play it out John and I are in need to get beat on. It or not. His symptoms do you sing it's so confusing. KB. Oh okay shows it okay turn out OK I can. I it is totally not okay my mom I might add content on our sister. I've and I and she and that's pretty. Solid center wind conceded that there were collected for sixteen minutes. A chorus it's unconscionable especially with your parents. Are. Oh and Tom Cruise was kissing in the Powell was a lead actors and top gun music smoltz. Michael welcome to this shows an okay. And Saturday. Not pay a coalition I am 24 year old problem in my life. British huge difference between fifty shade darker and something that happens why idle compared. This man. Abuse is doubtful men can't take any motion picture holes to contain light or what is what is wrong with the world and eight year old can walk into a movie John Stockton and donate. It's I was talking about. Limited theater employees I guess they just have to sell you its if you're the parent you're the decision maker Jennifer Macy's Johnny better Tiffany absolutely not OK Christine absolutely that OK Sarah. Not okay. Shift shared Fay was not okay a lame and not okay well so all day all. All the calls to and their stats right now. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion one star not before one and.