An 8 Year Old Saw '50 Shades Darker'

Friday, February 17th

 Jenn's friend saw a woman with her 8 year old in the theater. Is this okay!?


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all net. Ahmet Turk and Shia over an eight year old child we have her. The zoo see if he shades of gray. Now fifty shades darker that's when and theater class he energy shades darker 404263. 094. Alignment gave me you either want to defend that mom. Or if you wanna talk about how outrageous status for a 42630941. This actually happens it. Good theater that summer jam goes with them. Yet the the question posed to me is would you have called. Our main floors and news carpeting. And so we were talk in just trying to chit chatting is there's a little bit of a waiting time around. And he said mile and I just result in wind sock. Fifty shades car and we Ehrlich will this movie is like whoa you know and so he said throughout the movie that he and his wife back and forth we're talking about. I'm just how intense some of the scenes war pregnant yet. Of editor bloopers and so they were air and the lights come on and he says to Richard rose headed them. Was a woman and her eight year old son. On and mama. In shock. And then you said instead of the entire way home like talking about has six in the movie it was is that Nike and his wife feel like haven't you know. Very good their whole debate was whether or not they should have called authorities on that woman. Because having an eight year old in a movie that made them as married adults it's warm. Now if you don't know anything about the fifty shades book and movie series it's all about the physical intimate relationship. Between. It and the intense physical relationship I think to clean Amanda don't want. Consenting adults can definitely not something that an eight year old should see hey Jessica welcome British out. Hello eyes so would you have called deep tracks are authorities are with the police at which you have sending. Let me per Arianna here at the end and that it's it to my children are outlet Earl Carter. It appeared on its weight in the I had not it would be the Al. So no you took the matter. Yet occurred at the go to U. Well. Never at any thing oh. My pants shirt okay acting you're not the preview now a pretty ear portable and Al. And it looked at packer look like a little while outlook it gripped it a lot out of the the hole at the credit for it and how the pollen out there though. We weren't in the air and 08. And seated anything wise and eight Kemper and I know we'll be. Did you get up and leave. Now Alec Rick and Ohio are there aren't seeing any Swiss architect that they're it's their other that they. Bennett another scene now I'm like oh my car at an honor I will tell my daughter and a modem like you. You know so if you debate why didn't you at any point in the movie get up and walk out leaves leaf. Thanks tell your dog. You know I really are no Arabic now though couldn't get my bigger black paint it purple at their record at Spain. And it it it that we're not a good at seeing it now. But she can unseat that. She's a Lebanon. Yes and BA and I made wreck our 8 year when I am. Why didn't you know act bigot but there are about a car. And asked about the capacity and I bet there. LOR. That I'm about to let go over at eight I hit an hour and you know I. Obama on my part because. Actually that if people are re back on a I and everybody what was that will be up out. And everybody like I don't know I have heard about it paramedics and then the preview aren't PD were not even. And their mandate. And get out the movie comes our app and become aren't expecting Ali and the movie. I thanks so called ask a Jan physically holding her and her hands right now and beaten trying to be so flights. Victoria welcome this doubt. And they mourn and pay. Assumed they are now. I I think it. Not a big deal I mean alt rock daily salt Eric Holder and the NE I am I mean sooner or later they're gonna learn about the birds in the I hadn't exposed underwear early so that way they're not buying it out of their own. Yeah. I didn't Malloy. Yeah yeah. So well let. 00 come lie and now all unbelievable. Really. Yeah I you know I mean they're saying right now they're being exposed to break you know into the reality you know edged Spain. Britain like you don't let their kids. It's a dual material and they are not adults. Like isn't this. They shouldn't have to have that exposure I don't you want to preserve their innocence just old little. It and he. It's not just like if I'm not mistaken. The top cap any question. Love. These comments I made it home value and I I got one herbal libertarian mother you know there are muted can't hack it around America. Where the children that he not do that he'd been apparent plot ground they wouldn't let what is the difference here. But I think and say probably two totally different banks. I've victory I think I I I have not seen fifty shades. Learn. Inside and nothing like the real thing is like on it okay you know. I've played Victoria. Brit beat. But like all about let me Democrats dominate six or else. Isn't bats and. That's what the movies back out. Here is what everyday. RA on eight grade class you don't. How are right thanks for the commentary Afghans and not again and mouse. Where rove war two's six agreeing and conine for a line. And she I'll still aren't ready for our.