60 Second Story Time 10.10.16 Part 2

Monday, October 10th


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Senator reminder to take us along and learn. Thousand plus an 11 this morning it's all are now back to the jet engine shop on snowing now. I JP was just the first person after a few weeks or six is that necessary time to get a double buzzer. Every Muslim first because he mentioned late Mir which apparently has some sort of sane and I don't he's. That I advise them as cited time to do that out as we can story should be much more exciting for having a guy named Peter. Man and Bobby involved you know why you were just trying to be too nice to your buddies just sold them down wherever I am sorry I don't ever. Fish I'm out radio reverend JP and I hope you learned your love having pines your friend Andrea. I. Pride in being you came you can take an excellent 62 story time. What is the topic of your story topic next. Summer technically. All right I'd means that he says it's story time the clock is ticking. I. So it is my whole weekend and here's the deal I've been hitting a lot like adulthood chuckling lately is my purse and a real job and some getting used with the late in the month now. Is kind of the first time in awhile I haven't had a series like friends. This is the effort I still feel new and Atlanta and the first inning getting invited to things you know what it's like. But. It's just about it but this weekend at Boston so everything I did I hung out with friends three different times. I wouldn't say I've worked out twice I cooked myself Alex here comedies now I pay my bills and I had a quiet Saturday. And now. And it was. On the evening edit on this definitely look at me I'm like making my whole life where and it's amazing. And a whole biggest part about the whole night at the whole weekend and they need to realize the last night. But that I didn't have. Middle East. I'm not I know that no poppy not. Endemic. It's note admitted. I initiated resistant. Buzzing use very knows thereabouts weekend. What is it again without start I try to Saturday morning on the way home. Penthouse and. We might weigh whether equipment. Where you stayed Friday night. Yeah I. Mean I didn't and I ate in it and I'm. Think I am responsible and an adult now. I did me through a buzz or how come. Mostly first bite I. I just kind of like listen up some stuff like hey it paid a pancake day. I I am happy day I. And recently. Spent one year of paying all my bills on time so I am excited for you paying your bills awesome job if you doubt I told me. They're cute. All the things that you. An adult. And this means when he. In the direct edge and like you noted how this haven't worn it throw up in the matter paper in the pits in and minutes when your husband that. The storage at the start out and so nonchalantly yeah. Just to have some Brad. I tell it he's ready out. I had a problem actually at a couples aren't silently as now. Yeah I mean can he knew that yet again okay. I survivors are tested in. Exams and really funny. And then against Ari. Would be with my friend in her case coral. And the third story would be about how I lost Mikey on Friday and now lives in on the all loss and yet massing. I've creepy and cute they feel like that's gonna come out alive yes. Evans and then. That they gave squirrel is as the days grow the answer Graham yeah I feel like that's gonna come up into the just forgot to talk about it that that she has and the squirrel that costumes and so that's it that's a whole separate at all it's so bad that Tonya Manning more than a minute to talk about and and and it. If it involves yen that's when I'm playing. Well I know balance I voted the other one. The gen story. Yeah I and I unanimous Syria. Saturday night we always dude just comedy show to support him whole our crew was there. And I brought the guy that I decided agreement does letting our Friday that he liked pretty mean everybody. Super nice guy very very cute and at the end of the day we're all hanging out and introducing him and Jim wants. With her husband grant and their talk and it's at Staten. And I introduce her to change and we're just like beyond Gately and you give me the highlight at Errol. And then right ours heavily using ugly tonight I teens and then see shaped stained hands like so nice to meet you an illicit means and so find Kelly. So I. Barrel roll in Burton gives it a little wave and exit drop them like Jim hobby out. There is that the things I'm like she's right you know he yeah I hope I'm in Atlanta and she just saying oh my kayak. I favorite part about that lately the barrel roll into the dirt. And it I don't know wine barrel raw hole. And even though the drug might have been. Austin. You know. The background story that there with a double that she's around. You know against try to defend yourself. I'm easily forgotten you have at. And there's gonna come closer and I'm like this that the one you pick a man makes I mean you know. Like the way that you bring him around a pre meet people keep. It made article are those Smart strategy and have it down at any time. I'd and here's remind you 62 story time which involves. I'm the man who in less than two weeks will be out. Gin weeds. I area so I'm. Meet Sunday afternoon we went over to my fiance and I went over her parents. I drop offs and some bagels for breakfast and knives and whatever and we did talking and waiting things. As we go off and it would work around them and this subject of the DJ and and ice today. To the room if anybody has any must hear songs that they want played for. The dance floor I mean I was against and that list in the eject and her dad's day is. Well you know that you know my friends like brick house. Then mom rose at a time and Justin Timberlake and entered ad says as long as we got some good lying dances and that will be okay. And I rape and it's yeah. Lying ads there's no I never. I'm he was totally see your. A huge fan of the electric slide in the you can camp on time. Yeah well. Injury. I we talked him out of it but I think I may. I'd go ahead and query the electric slide and there's problems for. Yeah massive electoral I don't feel like I say fine by is that also one of the songs that everybody says you should not play your running medium I'm pretty sure like fifteen. Yeah about it they write the check he had half. Applying this communique they ought to sort of go find me influence on them best and I'm like yeah. I've about it. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. The surge starring 941 Atlanta.