60 Second Story Time 10.10.16 Part 1

Monday, October 10th


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They Jesse James shell. It's gone. Because segments 62 story time and it's way for all of us on the show myself and of course Yang. Then our producers genie in JP and at each he's. You all share a story about the week it. But the thing about it is nobody else has buzzer in the hands consistent is that there gets to vases. Scott and he camp for us. I'm not worried about it at all. These guys. JP had Franzen from oh over the week and I think there were so ready to party that they act in a way. That they can take a taxi rates from the airport. To the him. The buyer you the bar. To doing drugs and which that that somebody's gonna go higher. Kelly Chi's visit ride well. Yeah. Gene mean I saw her out on Saturday. When. She went out about it. My house. It out at a at an. I the only person I've got a great story about him something happened in from a future on. You know what I'm worried about ten year why. Well I saw you out on Saturday and that's not a usual but you went home. Then you spend all day Sunday the ice capades. Wondering if you haven't a compelling story from the idea I have a couple of match which. Gang you wanna let us that you give us choices and we can. Yeah so. They both on round one is kind myself not being merely one ball that went. Yeah. Irony is that I found it irresistible. To snooze. Mall. I like now I'm kinda I want announcement that. I'd let's let's let's vote. Who votes snoop. At least he's too mean. Other girls want that's an. Guys by Jamie and a core involve Harbaugh. That's funny. I have to make it a game times. Which starts Europe I'm. Okay. I'm gonna guess it's been you know immigrants the boot. I'd so we have we'll put sixty seconds and the on the clock clock OK and IQ buzzards and we we and that's. So here am I Disney on ice that are written here oh I allowed and where getting ready to enjoy the show and lights go dark and day you know Mickey Mouse is getting ready to come out and I have noticed the woman and part of me on her. And I was like a weird like everybody on their phones video in their kids taking pictures knowledge with this woman is texting like. I noticed that a purse as she can detect. Her friends throughout the entire show I cannot resist looking over her shoulder and reading I also noticed her because she is pounding Beers yeah. Isn't it and the middle of the app like. I would never got to do to get me. And I. You. Back and forth with her and because at one point she's at him I just leave them here. About her children and I was like OK and this is really and I'm reading text messages. And there was all the difference I. Ever shortening completely root is an architect. And play. Following. The did you watch this and kind of this it's a nice vacation yeah yeah. I was reading every text messages she sent her. Close together and it was like lighting up the sky. When it was otherwise like dark room. And movie theater and or somebody was. In an appropriately. I do I haven't read I've I've actually tried to see what people are talking about you a couple of years ago there's a story. It is even last year the guy cheating and a girl she's a woman was like cheating let's issues tax and her boyfriend while at a sporting event with a husband. Right and somebody behind started he sent a note they took pictures have a and they still. Guy and note and they posted online before coming down I'm sane option in my mind go home via names. And I knew the whole time I'm X applicant and its outlook and a parent isn't has got great contest. Is huge phones with a huge screen and even know what it was it was like it was basically. I patted my face just for the record on the buzzer you heard the beginning was mine just for that she's in my story about you look yeah. I JP ought to get X. Yes I knew I had before it has there's a story about your weekend it is a story Obama retired before you go into the story just it was a bit of background and you haven't found art so I had one of my best friends since I've known since seventh grade his name's Peter but when he drinks his name is Peter man because that is is Alter ego. You just start shouting he's wherein lies in emirate with Idec. It. It he's just being will be allowed this person needs if you think I'm loud. He takes it to eleven. And then my other buddy Bobby and use a little bit quieter but smarter and more witty and funny and more quiet way. Though the boys are in town and we went about sixteen places. Two days two and a half days but we're glad you're here we made that. Supplies. The one of my best friends Peter man. Was complaining for one of the dumbest reason that I have ever heard in my entire life. I went out of my way to make sure that I sort of from southern hospitality I bought some really suit local Beers. And some of them. Fruit in it some of them right PA's but I also did bias light beer which is the favorite. And this little Jersey. Little jerk says it's looking on the root beer in the IV aids wow. Now I don't like that what guess what. My girlfriend and I do so in your staying at our place so fuel lady dudes drinking. Brussels where are your pillows and your blanket off the window and guess what you think about that man because I don't scare us. And yeah. Yeah. All right first buzzer was Alley yup by the way JP congratulations I mean the first person get the double was. Would you wish you'd rather heard me tell a story about how he had got sick over the balcony now. And I. Had a better choice it likes given the first president light beer at the top. I have to she's down by like yeah yeah I gaze which are delicious to light beer and the net. And and the second buzzer was if you get too cute do's and eager man in body. And I would JP. There needs to be if you get off the balcony story now that ultimately that side story. He was complain that he didn't have enough light beer and they get out of your desperate. A muted all right edgy mean and that Kelly tees and me we are up next. And she I'll still are.