60 Second Story Time 09.26.16

Monday, September 26th


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It's gonna show star in 941. Might be Jana hobbies favorite sergeant had his dad's favorite radio segment. That's my dad it's like that 62 story time he adds TO at shared as sound fine since fifth and the idea of this we all have stories you can airman of from the weekend so we share stories. We view on the radio and a 62. Block at all the time again and use all sixty seconds. But Q things needed that one we did from an isolation Booth. Which means nobody can see the reaction of the response from the other people in the room is a little intimidated. If you don't know if you're story's going well. Where it while every validity of Roland guys in an area pick up any non verbal cues eye contact facial expressions Nana and we all have access to a buzzer. That buzzer. Because off twice mean stories done at the only thing you hear it. Sorry one and what have you all buzzed me. And actually start and at half. So I think the best stories. Are gonna come from. I'm Kelly cheese oh I don't you start this out is this is your big. Birthday weekend you kind of started off down. You have Leonard he is he need a minute do you remember any stories from my birthday week. Partisan it was snowing and really. And not how Glenn I got a couple. I have like 120 seconds on it. I make your way over to the isolation Booth. Sixty story. Gen I again Huff he's used to use yours mantra never. Before Kelly gets in your story I will tell you something it's an mob and the share. Is. I was following hand man of the weekend and her birthday. And there's one point issues getting a ride in someone's car. And the person who's part of this. Anti buying mash net it goes from the feeling the floorboards. In order to prevent acts who are traveling in the backseat from getting to the front of the car. Nice drive said vehicle I don't know some a and I'm pretty certain giggling right now might be somebody and. At Oakmont. I Kelly came here is which you can see you gave me no she's freaking out she stress that's been in your like 45 Sadler on. I just make a strategy. And giver. And a team and that in itself the music. And that gave the okay theory do losses I Harry. Yes another death faith that is going to be a sort I got hammered on my birthday. But instead I'm gonna tell you about them in my mom did last night at our first date in our. My mom and dads and yet you are wrecking Barbary club in little five point it was delicious. And took her invisible lines a little clear braces that you're having now took them out put him in the pocket my mom's a total term. She goes to the bathroom he comes back and we all finished at dinner they get back in Athens where they live and I get a phone call saying. I lost mine is on I don't know awareness. I call the wait staff at wrecking bar they find it in them the back room on the floor. I had to calm my mom back totally lied to or are told that it must've fallen out of her pocket by the table. So my mom is a little German vote is about a minute and as a linebacker and turn off. That's been out of that employers are gonna have different news cleaning solution but yet. Our enemy was telling us and I think that again piggybacked. This isn't the yeah getting better. I wanna I wanna be more critical more hard garner a lot of buzz he wasn't very. Good idea. Oh well I like this is going to be insular and I drink way tonight at the imminent plan. All right IJ PBS a story I do I hear you got. I think so I 32. Line. So so my parents celebrated 33 years of marriage over the weekend congratulations and John and Mary you get a slice of fuel over shared. I got a little bit too much information. That I could no longer on here not enough. So I gave my call to congratulate them on their feet 33 years of marriage and I said something along lines of thank you for making the person that I am today. And they go oh well do you know how you were made. Up the I didn't wanna say yes but they told me that I would concede on the couch about how spoke. And that reason why I like this so much a diving board because I was made at C. And I was eating some serial. And it immediately spirited out and went. Follows you couldn't tell me something different like. I don't know like my name is John Pollard was named after both my grandfather's there. Anything but how and where I was and he. Yeah. Allan good rate actually read at a time there which deserved advised that you gave it up so I'd know by. You and the couch in my house. I like to support them now. It is my thing. Imagining your ID. 62 story timing to rein in the isolation Booth sixty seconds to tell the story from the weekend. You miss it obviously should be totally ripping on an. Yeah I saw over the weekend as that's and you dissident elements and I cannot wait to talk about net. You hit your stereo. And it regaining my car like items rivalry theory is that an artist. Like. I can actually in the parking lot of no target and she not in her car. Along with wolves are in there Don Imus save for everybody and. Yeah. I am a guy JP and America down streets seeing floods so. I'm with like secret you please the trick then and it also really love. But that only an adrenalin junkie so of course anything record movies and on it houses there. I am what. And it held on Saturday night. And I'm Molly did very well at night and then everything jumping out the whole time and I'm freaking out so. Afterward that this can hunt and house we're gonna go. And I'm already on edge could have been scared of us like half an hour. Super jumpy and then we take a break to take it back to embrace between two and a walk through the front of audience and then had to go it. I just realize that it's the most terrifying thing. Ever played more than either kind of house you walking through Porta potty after being hunted house. For like half an hour and you realize that it is just. Daunting and it took me so long to build the courage to actually. You know the Porta potty could be the start coal and in his assume everything about the terrifying and it's as it was. It was a moment those very scary. I'm not gonna. Under is beat. Adrenaline junkie. And I am excited and you pay little figurines we treat so I have bugs are shocking new about them. Well enough and I got skydiving with the thing as frequently dream. You know I I dove. Yeah I can't I don't like at eight then managed to get my mom to. Go along. Well yeah my yeah currently at night in and that means you know yeah he and I've been making a list. I don't Gloria. Yeah I mean again. When jets is that grin on his space and some of the hair has by the ads agent you know you know and I hood at all. I just and in isolation if one buys him. And this is AP in town house at that hold on he's not as head on a tax cut that he's gay and also that. I don't agree to one Joseph. Wanted to reinforce. That fact that I am the most awkward person behind the planet. Headed incident over the weekend. In the public men's bathroom of a bar. If you have ever on the men's bathroom you know that there is Europe dolls and there's stalls. And the purity journal you gotta keep your eyes try to view and mind your own business. Sometimes I do that. By using my phone. So I will stand there. Won hands down my head and yeah and I'm iPhone. And I will take care of business. Well I'll tell you what you don't wanna do. In a public men's bathroom. You don't wanna be at the journal. Looking down your phone and accidentally activate anything it that makes a shutter sound effect. I it. Serenely and comfortable. And it's extremely humbling I. Get a picture you. Or your neighbor. Sorry guys can hit my man. And I. Instead of you said what hit them okay. The only treatment of his jacket that was me. Is that you're not supposes it you're in math and right does it but a public bathroom and and you waited now. Yeah. I think I am back and hit it your. I don't feel OK what us. And Idaho. I was actually opening and amp. That it wasn't the exact camera sound but it was close and doesn't have a day like you're taking a picture. The most human. Jan but he got. It. Seriously there's too few she sent me a picture on on Saturday of all the kids in the park staff and that this is so drastically different from my life I almost I was sitting at like seven friends and we are all so Hannover. And there's like seven kids in this picture and L acute means bright dresses and cute little hat and lolly pops in their hand and can cause about it then there'll out of all of us. Life and now on the porch is struggling my. My favorite had. Birthday weekend snapped editor's note it was the Wendy's late 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon we'd union aunts you're wearing Howell doesn't get. Basically saying it's 3 PM I've yet to but I am. While I guys in Europe are generated a series. Floods so. It felt fresh I got together with a bunch of girlfriends when one of my best friends and I realize that for cars in the moved away to California. Has lost touch with both of us and she's like I just anxious friend anymore. And I think most of the night thinking I'm telling her you know it's really OK she doesn't even imagine there's just animals like in California. And it's okay and she's like no it's not we're gonna test right now so. She made me send our friend in California Texas is to see if she got a response I didn't see it I got a response. Did not get a response all night I hung. I just hunt all night on. But then yesterday I got there really long replies so now I have to go. Back to my friend and Atlanta and say you're right she apparently just doesn't make you antsy I likes me now. I think any little bit of help and you know little friend her attention on how to smooth things over at I think you're exactly right and first place. And text message to. And bad is sixty seconds very I'm more. And I wanna hear this panic. Yeah I wanna hear it along texts and response. Super apologetic about. I just I mean it would mean one of those sex rehab actually scroll it around on. And though it's. Different. Now in fiction or not meet you. I get it when one major step vote went against them yeah I think that if you add it. If clown. Laugh out. 62 story time. I'm. And jumpstart. It before one.