60 Second Story Time 09.19.15

Monday, September 19th


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She I'll sell it. I care about to get in his sixties against story time for what does that. That your finger residue that's wavering at least until. When you have a banana in your lunch annual. Anything in your lunch box here whenever I never assume that people and I just knows this and that is seeming a half billion it. Anyway and make everything else like banana yes the insanity pretzel every year and Allegiant honeybees tees had been in a pretzel. And next and James and. Ben and Jen and I have a pretty bad you could see her having some sort and you audiences have been in Japan told me. A greatest thing now is exiting. I 62 story time. Is exactly what it sounds like reached a sixty seconds that was story something candidates in recent. Memory. While bad stories being told. The storyteller. Has no way. Of knowing how the rest of us react. There's no eye contact right now. Physical cues and smiles no laughter and he often stripped of the story for sixty's how lonely that lonely place. And the only thing that. The storyteller heaters. Well here is. The sound of a buzzer you know if we are sick of our board read this story and you get. Two buzzes. Yes factors mean. Reject it start. Okay. I'm nervous and scared or gay. And that all Minnesota. And I I any action the other thing Daniel here is that they clocked it. Here that popping his and I. Do we have music. Dance and music. GPA erratic. Ready yours sixty seconds. Begins now. Some guys the music midtown over the weekend and it all man people were letting their freak flag fly. I guy walking toward me any reaches out to grab a branch aides tried to rip the leaves off the branch and this seems like a human brunt of sorts of I was like man he must be on something and some are needed to defeat there was amazing and somehow I got on James bays bus. And I know it's not a plus there's a soccer ball on it smelled like Pope Marie I felt like I would like the end be a play any girl that was at that concert and I would go seek pressure. And then somebody was told me a weapon Africa show what I'm doing that and talking about this is this the happily. Person that went a girlfriend I'm not. Shown you any of my stuff and answer winning and I had the guts heart and made a podshow. And then when I was making my punch off I looked like Joseph from the Bible that I had a big bandanna and everybody was make him one of my outfit but you know what. That's how Trisha wanted she wanted people to come out and be a little dirty free issue I think I'll everybody at war. Maybe and a half. Young leading get a segment because you're. Not talk. And lower I want to here about where freak flags for law and I'm out of breath. Of guy why isn't. I've because it didn't seem like one consistent story as much it is seem like a list of things it was more a list that last story. I've. Yeah. You know the government while I was there are so I'm not into. You experience the same thing I jetlag RI I'm not next erratic at. You have to if you think that I didn't expect that. You. I wondered should be able to hear should be able to hear that hockey's very cheap piece of hear the bad social analyst Eric yes you'll hear it again. It's united in Harris. If you darkened. Hello jets and. Jan. A game here. Should we they've what do you just go ahead and give her account down. In social elder and Ayers story in there all by yourself and nobody will be here. Haven't technical difficulties on the order. Budget coming around ever in other irons and I violation. I was gonna say what have we just have her tell her story and while she's throwing her story we all height yeah I'll get up and leave so when you at ten year. Completely gone well. Right OK I do you thumbs you gotta get a count agitate 321. Else. Mike I saved me from losing that diamond out of my age that ring. All must have been OK so here's the story. So all are aren't very first birthday we started tradition and we bought her really nice and the idea is that we're gonna take a photograph of her Hearst and girls every single year. Of her life Carolina and then in the hopes that foundational players and her thing. Or on special occasion of what I and just this here's specialties Hillary so this week and has agreed to a so we went out yet heard the names girls. And while I was there. Jeweler getting her stake of course not exactly. That different from and I was singer and I asked. The jeweler to. If they could check out my ring and they did and two of the prongs on the side of the time men were completely. Lit. And a lady fed basically do not put about on your finger it could all out though I left there and they're picking them out of save me from losing diamond out of my engagement ring. Avoided him Pacman. She then our time was out and empty it you did it. That was that was overtime. All of this status did you ever headphones. You're good barrel rates that you can go like Stephen arts and that David. Hope I get a count down from that as the almighty had so frightening you thought you. He could have lost the diamond out of here. Could have I could have just looked down and it would have been missing completely to all of the prongs on either side work. I had I guess had banged it up enough that they were split. But you couldn't see it and lets you look at it with a jeweler. Magnifying glass and they can look at a hundred times closer something he showed me literally two events. So. Think and you know that happened to. A friend of mine while his here's running with is wife. And that stone fell out somewhere time. Rows and columns strife. In over their rate along the river and some weren Compton this happened years ago. I reached its Madison. Green. He called into the old radio show and told historian and people went accounts are ironies I. Offer reward somebody find me it was insured everything together covered Schneider sentimental value write these I had you know an outlook for. I know I was reminded difference I said that her. Planned her gift to herself every wedding anniversary is to go get her ring inspect it. Honestly great that the current long and he obviously implement. By the time. Story that I'm gonna tell is one from a Las Vegas but it doesn't involve in Charlotte my biggest stories but it is. You guys and women it is all about this idiot perfect if I had lift where that sixty seconds on the clock she. Their talent mine story brings there. So I'm at a blackjack table in Las Vegas. And the woman who is the dealers make him conversation and we asked her about their last 24 hours or 48 hours. And she was bombed because she missed a shift work apparently it where they there. The reason you miss this year in part because her brother and her boyfriend. Where hanging out. And they were daring each other to do different. And one of the bears involved. Putting it gorilla glue it he's. I'm in your hand. And and viewing when he pushed out. And getting off the floor. You don't do to push out fast enough. Tried it before. There she now has a hole in her floor. And she spent half the day before and the emergency room. When her brother. He's award and is. And it's a great game and at the same time it's like the worst and best game ever had gathered data. That any of a hard right there. Yeah. The errors were there they would they would come up with their arms and aid. I'll put gorilla glue your hand and do whatever the number one when he pushed and if you him. I'd news at the touch. I didn't do. Literally and exercise. So it was her house. They'll earn a void. In her apartment. Or figured you. Cut. There. I'd HE RE them I'm ready guys out one. Of sadness. And at 32. Rules of wind that got. A face on Sunday we got rain at a music is down had a little delay there someone back to them led by house and if you're on the lead spotted. It is my wolf pack of strong independent beautiful lesbians and hang out in midtown Atlanta alum so much. And I found out that one of them her name is Erica has a pet squirrel not only to their have a pet squirrel she sets up a little. Like settings like report that slash a little top cap on the squirrel and a little flag and put on hold backdrop behind it. Surveys actors you weakens again she set up a DJ sat and had a life as actually girl her famous francs. And had her like scratching and they DJs that. It was so awesome I told her about it and they're gonna sat on upper. The jet engines down and this little girl get a mile radiate need to paper today. Analysts those semis and out at terrified aussies in the bathroom Kelsey jump out from behind the shower curtain and scared me while I was midstream. Out there crying lesbians are hilarious that's only I mean and it sounded a bit. It's. Score she dresses up like a bar they thought he dresses frank and everything that she actually Ximian video before placement her. And a great message to all of us. And the squirrels like spin and I thought she found this on the Internet. Now Carl Edwards has and we are all talking and she brought apartments or all and I am. Immediately stop the entire conversations and he didn't kindness and nine the golden treasure chest of the Internet you create. And then that brought out the conversation of her pet squirrel. And now she's shown on the video the July 4 picture. Is that it does this coral have an answer Graham accounts on the air and it is America with McCain in senate and Tennessee in America underscore to you. And the squirrels names franks and franks needs her own he had francs Cheney's head. I'm at in Amsterdam yeah franks is on talent now I'll show you some pictures this franks is that. And franks needs to take requests I have a candidate citizenship do you. Odds that a cabbage dish is just a way to tell quick stories and the radio but it wasn't counted it and I'd that he Hewitt one thing. Let us in Atlanta and by the way kudos to me please. For making a comment or not making a comment about the world being the only thing that. Star in 941.