60 Second Story Game

Tuesday, September 6th


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And she I'll star for all. Right here's our big guys together and execute here on the radio. Now. Does seem to work. Or stay back from a long weekend. I'll probably are full of stories. FL's fifth Al. It's illegal for eleventh beat tells stories. Right. Through enthusiasm anyway and yeah. And right now. You're silent on what he could violence happening acts so here's the thing. On the line Jeffs may ideas. From. I hear there's usually say that is in Atlanta a Q&A copy hey here's the thing well I think we all need to make sure our story telling. Skills are on point and sell. My thought is this we Alltel a 62 story from a three day weekend by the way Jeff had three days to come up with. All of us have had I've meant. Stories you tell that to you tell the story and that's it succeeds against a can add is a couple's west. I twist number wine. Is yet to get up and leave our studio and you go to Al in the other studio says. In your headphones you won't be will be year. Our eyes are reactionary and like that and be completely here our responding to the top right. The only thing you'll be able to hear is this. Here's Arian and I ankle and and here's a veil if you get two of them is and yet the staffers. That means 50% of accusers five of us there's. We're all too polite. There's. JP Ginny I love you guys just you know. Head. Now HE is Jenn hobby myself and means one of this gives me the Roman tells the story can't there's four of us remaining in a 50% of background. Votes against. Spain. And a feature of urged OK you know thing and a conciliatory there put the headphones on you'll be able to hear any thing. And says JP Wu will give you a count down as he gets you through the window I've repeat to Wendy's story. What you'll and you'll hear this at the end it. I mean you got ten seconds around and a tense tag him at the end of 64 seconds. That's taken an avid and plant some room. LA again I can't tell us. Good night and it made her way over to the the studio. You're very excited about this idea right now yeah. He has now. And that's studio. That's studio you can hear us and that one. Some stuff that over time repeat though we might even at the buzzer we just pointy yeah. A camp area and she came here where we're sane right time. Like hey Kelly can you hear us. She can't she can't she zoned out if share and shares had sometimes she does okay. So I Britney every JP yes again I RA as an art now yeah I am an enemy regaining accurate count them five or. Three cute one. At case it set up I'm blind date this weekend by my friends and it lists hair while. On the dates this guy who has a redhead he's super cute. Told me that he p.s on his porch. And as poured in Atlanta in that the stories. And Atlanta and we EP off your porch at eleven story has generated. He said not copy off my porch IP on my porch and after a couple days it's smells so bad that I then have to believe it's. My porch and I select. I've visited within ten minutes of meetings total stranger in this terrible happens Sosa about it. An ever. Yeah here's anything. Yeah. You know what she did you hear this on the news and. I. I Cinderella it. And again it. Applause hike. Poise against it early. Not that great and party second the talent. You were it was wrecked our it was a great story ahead Uga and it's when he sank in depth at the end. In feel like. That's funny things is needed people apparently think well as a this mandolin it's on the EP eat off his colors and then not only half but on it it. Why. It. Is Eddie eased ahead even as yeah. Just get a home any dishonor of Keon airport telling now I'd I don't and our lines of pee on my import and not just that like you live on the eleventh hour. The eleventh floor really yapping about neighbors and I just pee on the porch and kind of leave it there. Yeah I'm not aiming Cain is is not a joke business and and ten minutes of meeting a total stranger I'm like what do my friends think about me sent you an update I can. I feel so. I mean we are he had one beer and appear silver fish yeah. And well well I've dreamed of for the date that he manner pre game. Even if you do that you campaigned like you noted that this drawback in my apartment. Up in Vietnam or the smell of days old year and. INS. And make it thirteen year ago. Technology. Company. I. And they must many action any minute sleeping and sat at. And universities. In the morning. A Williams and then. House Al's been here for Tony Brown straight. I think there needs to be some things here as recently said for using the full sixty cents. Extra points. Our maker competition. Now it's a story telling it Steve an idea of the I did and I asked how. I maybe ready ahead CNN finds out she's in the ready ago accurate count down at five. Or 321. Okay so another new noses but I am hard cores Sims player. But I am a building site build on these houses are the departments of when it's been architect for a while I do everything don't Austria. About designing houses native racing landscaping expert at. And I computer this weekend wasn't working. Down there I don't like. At least it. Well I've spent six hours factories. At hand goes on I'll read them everything that I wanted to keep. It everything it took for aberrant did all of this like ability and it's amazing part. Dale. And I noticed that like this is my Friday spent seven from the computer trying to figure out how to play without my computer. And then eventually every I've been playing and everything got deleted names like 150 hours of building but got up and a I like at the end. All right I buzz during the beginning only because is. We've got a little game. Even I've got to gamers I gave either by as the beginning. I didn't need it. Anybody could make my. Children looking cooler. I don't got rest. I gagged. I. It's a game. We do. Allard yet late listeners camp. Buzz that the anti spam and senate. As the American way and there and I give her account and full hour three Su on the air. So I thought about coming in here and telling you all a big Ole lie about why I'm limping today after my weekend has. I thought well meaning. I can tell the story about going out with my husband and on a date night and we ran into the Brady Bunch family. Where they were all celebrating their daughters when he first birthday and everybody was against it gently except mom and mama Hogan on each other. And I thought well maybe I'd say we joined after handling and that's how I injured my. Toe with some drunk injury but then. I was like now I can't do that so. I'll tell you exactly why. I injured might have over the weekend is really kind of theme but. I. Actually is carrying weight too much stuff coming back from apple with my kids and walked into my house and was putting at all on. Then washing machine and I just proud and I. I'd. Like Oprah. And yeah. I don't know the name. Pitcher. If you do this for a living I JP got a story ready yes. You're sixty seconds starts in 543210. When playing corn hole goes wrong so I was playing corn holed my girlfriend Heidi in a party this weekend. And we won a lot of games in a row and we heard drinking about it and beer every two games so one about 1112 games in a row. And then it something happened where. I was learning through a laugh with my girlfriend rather than last at her so overthrown a bags were win in. And inevitably we lost so we've lost she comes up so I mean she's got. Bottom lip out and she she's like bay. Is sucked. In she's got kind of tears in her eyes a little bit unlike you and suck. She's like but she said I sucked. I'm like I say it is any of that she's like yeah a bit she said it with your baby sis and Coke. Say something with your payments but nothing came out of my mouth at all but I gave her a big hug and everything was OK okay and we all live. Happily ever after a. Nice work now that time. I gave the buzz just as I network. Understandable. Six longtime pollster it's just that he's going into the isolation it. And I. It's better you. And the yeah I don't go hole I expect it doesn't throughout the whole story I read it debuted in a given the countdown there yet here ago okay. Five. All agreed to Yugo. Friday at LA did not start out there because. I almost killed. My past. Here's the situation. We will have to the lake it was raining it was the leftovers there hurricane it was kinda cold chilly. We decided not to do anything. And sensor to peek through class says oh we headed out and about. We went over to a bar on the lake called the lighthouse we had dinner. We have some drinks. In and that we headed. On the way back there was not another soul on the late it was perfectly flat perfectly and the a perfect time to take the boat wide open. It's asks is it logo. And game spinning in open air. I spotted a little too hard. Best friend wasn't holding on across the boat hit my chair. Now. Jeb sounds like one of the people who reads like story books aloud when he tells the story you know and idea. It's whether discussion. It. I'm on there I don't like OK the rain and clouds. Is there audio book and and it's story analyst and you've really want to it and knocked Emery mine. Well cal announced that test you're going to pass it in key Verizon has it back him up and it's. It's the UN and the next is trying to be a champion these basement. Downstairs as Micah. If you feel like yeah I was just happy. And I. Woke up about it does and all the great and he reaches for his coffee and I hope. It. That was I think you should look like he. All. We. May actually. Wanna. 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