5th Grade Graduation

Wednesday, May 24th

Should Chad attend his daughter's 5th grade graduation? He really doesn't think he should. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Jen what environs CIT listeners who needs a hands. His name is Chad and we welcome him to the show today because his wife is opposed him. When the challenge OK if he. Can convince both the UN guy to agree with him. That his daughter's fifth grade to graduation ceremony is a ridiculous waste of bedouin style a they and he does not have to attend it into this instead. Go to his office and celebrate the with the rest of his coworkers and a great quarter that they had earlier in the show. Chad welcome to the jet engine. I don't learn a series I don't know. Hey Chad. I so what's gone on its egg it's graduation time every race get excited about the caps in the town councils turn and from one side to the other in the robes. Yeah moment. Yeah I wish you war against. Yeah that's right and he looked. OK sign. Yes great that's all fine this I've already been to red line and look at regents. I had zero are wrong day okay. I just came from kindergarten graduation. And that's your excuse. It's fine excuse I get it and then now it's also brutal rape kit grade graduation. As well okay. Lisa and develop now preschool move on a middle school lets big stuff. It. Is mentally I'm gonna make this easier for you Chad automate this so easy story. I'm already at your side I think it's ridiculous and you have Marty can pay you 50% of the panel. It. It'll really make those swimmers make a little person. I don't think that you get pass for the vote that's now what his waist and his wife said if you can convince the jet engine channel which consists of Jeff I'm REM team Chad in Jan. Who is stubborn because many activities something it can interest. The efforts. I don't censors anything. I just think that if this is important to your tenure all. You gotta be. Didn't see that that's important issue that supply actually accept. It is not important that they kicked the kid doesn't care. Just like to speak actions were adults. In their career at the adults. EL and address a little kid in high heels and make a lot but that's not the case it is for the adults and it's wrong. Do you remember Chad grown up did you have and it's great graduation ceremony. I didn't you're expected. To graduate. It was like warriors are taking about it on hallmark whatever engine we are expected to its satellite which you know celebrate. Chad it is the end of a chapter of being an elementary school. And starting a new chapter or being in middle school so I see why they honor it with a ceremony. I mean it may be but it don't you think of students towards. Aren't other parents now are you the are you going to be the only dad not there. I'll who's gonna book. Oh. Yeah he's not only on land. And I didn't go wouldn't matter. Yes I mean my point and get acknowledged not. I've got a hand Ted Laurent in tennis. As some insight because she is a teacher so this will lend some credibility to your argument and attack if she's on our. If she's an okay that's. And hey. So I'm a teacher and we get our current chairman yesterday. Only trying to picture it's something every picture on our well we do not have an grade graduation. Rate is ever since. Average kids should not be celebrated. Work. You actually go to school for a great number here. And law are a lot you have to be educated church are numbered year. Kids who graduate from high school screwed and they cared they had actually gone to the prospect they should never regulation. Limit gardeners should have a ceremony should not have a graduation. In what about screeners consensus on this and it's not. I mean seriously you have to go to cash great places. Is that he. The odds there yeah. Kittens multiply. It's reveal whether they're having their graduation or not they're having it he's just not gonna attack and so this is child is going to be the one without that dad there because it's dumb you know the graduation ceremonies being held in downtown. OK but downtown. Already decided to have the graduation ceremony right outside the debate it's whether or not he can attendant and dad is standing last year in dad is standing up for being Smart because he lives and Smart bill. But at the detriment of his shock golden out of the detriment of the channeled a little girl little boy. Little girl okay so your daughter. Is gonna be like why didn't my daddy come everybody else's daddy came. You won't even notice you know she's going to be London where it's a graduation ceremony should be hammered on the kids I mean I. So I'm not sensing how. Time we got marketing. We got we got people colonized to defend your position gen we'll take this phone calls here and that this government today. Are. Star in 941. Hey Chad welcome back to the channel. I I just give us they got 22 recap from the dilemma you find yourself and. A poll basically. IE I'd rather go to work and a war of an 11100. I I have to also. Probably go to re Al well sort of not grosjean who might think Graham's. Child's graduation. So. My heart told me if I can colleague and Giguere. Now it's stupid. And I can't happen. So you had me at big Alabama is very graduate Cornelius and I are on the same page a Cornelius. Yeah yeah we're on the same page with this. The program and market it certainly is great. At the Sheraton here. Like high school look it's so. Nobody does Mitt nobody does this study Cornelius. Wherever did you if you read you know late led led business magazines it says. People who have bachelor's degrees may two and a half times much more than people who just every school diploma people who get high school diplomas make twice as my people who never Fredricka yeah master's degrees our Richard out of you. Nobody says. People who graduate it's great make a lot more. Who lead by Texas this lucky. Apple did say that daughters and the support of both parents did better in self esteem all. All loud loud blah. Kerry and Noonan. You're darn right he made it an important I can not Obey an important daddy daughter blocked. I'm a bit tired at great kid had parked it right paramedic Greg who like an Arab man. I carry them out and then I trowel. More and play tennis you know I want to bring in elementary school. Yeah she can't get a real issue either pregnant or any day. They strolled into a lot to see it in that lumber mount out. She. Integrity and went out patent on and he abandoned children pop. Edited and I think how that Donna on. Later on and not bother her not up later on down and I am liquid kindergarten guys. Yeah they hit the Panama appeared bright red light. It is cannot tell her and generally agree can carry and that gives him the opportunity to sit down with his daughter and talk about. Let's try your priorities. And he can explain it thinks she can be honest I. High winds and carry and he can say I went to the kindergarten graduation and realized. It can take our imaginations are stupid. And that's why they go to yours because I. Why I'm always learning. You know I I quite had your first child. Decide whether you want to be there or not it's not help and support current. Her family. At CNET better intro and her parents are in her little lock and independent streak and their. And then they they're a reporter for every yeah. If he's actively deciding not to waste of time. Hints right and everybody. There are no they don't yes. We've seen is a lot. Marietta. Miss seeing can't does not agree with her. I agree. This picture. Every grain or. My not. My. Expect not great regulation downloading. Okay that you and your daughter. Are you are saying. Let me ask your question are you imprisoned right now that's a thought I am not great but I say I saw that. She's an adult and still are members Melissa and Maryanne agrees with me that Chad does not have to go to this. Pretty. And that the and I it and we're more Henrik graduated go to rampant Billy Graham Rivera will be. Paired ceremony to be actually. Only eat then all of it and not have to support. Is. Can't bring up grant Rivera because he is not of this earth. How is he is godlike and then clone himself. To go to dom elements and I RE eight I came here. It. Out you're blocking out. First out there on the right can't they are very. Great hey Melissa. Yeah this. Is that her. So right. You sound that. Music right now and so all right Chad I'm sorry I tried. Says yeah yeah yeah it does in you go to that is grade graduation jazz tries so hard lesson. And you tell your life from sending her high fives either in joke. Yes actually sure appreciate. I eat well and fine at this laundry on your face it and ran into treasuries with. I can't I'm sorry. It well you learn on your. Well just see you know Jan I checked in the Electoral College said we won so. And marsh and this is for making this way it's. One star and not before one.