50 Shades of Fail 2

Friday, September 16th


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H and show star in 941. Fifty shades darker. The trailer. Old yeah I get ready for the movie and funny seventeen it was the most watched trailer in the 12114 million people. Watch the trailer coming out this week that I got us thinking about our. Fifty shades of fail each of the announcement that an applicant goofy. Hey Don things on the death contention let's. My remain. It's going to be romantic. Like Lendl. And an end. In a moment and that. In a minute are. You on. I know. Her now yeah your hunger and he went. And you know. On her answer inning and then had to hire out of it yeah. So yeah. I'm think about it and load anything. I might Scotland Yard TOK. Might yet it is shades of sale. Yeah so. The first day with a well. I've met their mutual friend. And I think he told me about credit conversation that she really likes fish that tightly guarded secret. And it turned out that she is the marine biologist. As she actually started crying when she saw somebody caught. It. There's actually quite an. Yeah. I know it's a winner on her I know it would be that is fantastic JP you've got one of these don't you. Yes so I was Texan my girlfriend Els put in the work you know leg I was like OK I'm gonna go home get mood and you know. And get home team she's on the couch and I go to whisper in here. And little visitor are a little doggie fits this. Yeah. We'll doggie it was getting in the way and didn't really have any idea romance and now. Around him maybe romantic for fits but not pan out and it did yeah. Love it I we've got a bad time Obama on this hey daddy isn't on the show. Kagan Hague. So my husband and I were in can't you and our Elaine pictures and where to eat and eat. Like. Knew it was him. And and I don't think the key again and I hand shorts and it was so bad my hands. With and around. Up. And I. It. Like the night I. You say. That. I. Well. I mean he died that only and I. I mean usually I am an and then I knew immediately I only watched that break. And young star and 841.