50 Shades of Fail 1

Friday, September 16th


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We just in June and fun selling 94 line. You know you watched it acts. You know he didn't launch Abbas CX. Fifty shades darker the trailer. It's it's. Yeah. I guess at every point and that got all of us think and about how I know those moments when you try to be snooze in sensual. And it just looking through feeding and fast as telling us that path I don't come as if shades of pale yet we are but have you seen now fifty shades darker movie preview trailer alone. My gosh. It have a hard today. Yeah if you have any EUR. A 114 million other people have I where have you man I must say but if you resoundingly tragedies and move consensual and it just being goofy when I hear your story yeah arrow for. The line at 9400. Hogs were gonna confess some of our. Fifty shades of fame yes they and it Simon let's. Final preview them. No idea what this is going to come. Yeah yeah. PC standing cock. The does say and Eric Young as fifty shades of pale if you had to be all hot. And it just means if I had one of these moments to contest and ams and Yemen is so this act dating days and I. With think him and I was gonna win some undergarments with some enhancements. And who I was going to be who. And that is bra bright red that would just like. In pain. A little accident on an all conference on that I found this thing and you let these things inside it. By the water and thirds yeah. I live and whenever well. Have to lift and so on Sunday that thing lips by itself. Outside of my shirt and I don't. And now on I was sitting there in men with its. He it was like she only it was almost like one and it looked like you have urges companies just like I called in my ticking now and I play. Like sticking literally sticking out. Of nicer when the bath and he didn't think anything's. House that's me and smooth edges and then. All hash tag fifty shades of ago you got one I do I do I was on nom offers stay within Imus 099. You so line. And that I never Wear lipstick but it is the winner times he went has really dark plum purple Lee bright colors. I've really big teeth that you never the current. Really big. And I notice he is really fixated on me and just like watching everything I was saying in your life of this band he lives it is that you are and I I have. Iran him and he is loving this mile lives are lashes yes Carl work and I did the same thing islands in the map room and I realized. Because I never Wear lipstick I had white paint paint the few times I ended my couple times. I looked like somebody had jet's flight literally millions and their whole Diana cry hot and I have days and when I came back at it having any lipstick on and he's only stimulate him. If I don't. So. So that is fifty shades of fan yeah I did you guys sorry to add to analysts we gonna take your calls here. After John Mendez opal. 19400. Intranet he had an eye shades of bail. Yeah that nice on the job intentions and in April. The. Banging. Bone glad things C news from. I know she's a sense that we're paying the BC news. And you could tell me if I'm not a panacea on your face you see that he's going into I. And spend the night and sound its own situation. And anytime you want it stopped. It's that time. It's news. Boom. Sixteen years saying these are you saying it's too. It's news. Anything can mean yeah. You soon. And he can't plan any tags you didn't. So meanwhile. It's daunting can be happier wearing an all over ETA. Jeff finch and Shia ansari no need for a lawyer and. You do you watch it. Shades darker trailer are you one of the 114. Old texting and came out this week. And broke some records there's got us thinking about when we try to be Allison in central business and looking goofy. We're Conant fifty chained. The fail since you've got a story that you're willing to confessed borrow books seven or 19400 we would love to. We just we just confessed a couple of bars where my ticking currently came on my shirt and and totaling. It enhances that I mean. Line one here who's this. They are on the jet engines show what you got picked shades of fail. Our college. Sit out here and her like that are. Know that worried about it at high the end enlighten. And all equal partner and her were caught fire. The law. Hey and then then the older dorm had to be evacuated. US and get and so there. There are gone now we are not now. My guys fantastic Ashland pinky so much right Tara has got one of these take cherish or this year fifty shades of frail. At a picnic and it is now okay. Not the our people is that it like back in the day you know that look like a really cool movie now and I I would like you say that like when they. Bet tiger doesn't want my. Dad and my husband. And a little bit. LA in the movie the saving green because screen doesn't. Not like landing at an angle on my bathroom and I and I end up and it her. Yeah. And showered and it isn't the only god you. Debate. And Nancy thank you to our producers in unions and and you've got on visas well but it wasn't your fifties it now it was the president dating and couple years ago and beyond Q. And to a text there and you you know gimmick and India Q and every single text is as. Spelling mistakes and grandparents ever items like I've really wanna deal does mean this in your boys. But all I see is they and it's and with autocratic. The words used to try to sell the wrong and they just turned into different grip completely like uneven hours ago as. Yeah. Is that 19400 in. May and the on the condensed. Apparently content to Larry in my heart and I actually about the raider anniversary. You are just eating though it probably where by the year ago. And we solidly on check outs a night out there are a lot and you. Are currently at the lake that he'd die. You know an immediate general may scare me that I remind you on our flight 920 pound I'm. Teeny tiny little thing that he'd like Allan Eckert. He picked me out here we locked out you walked toward monetary and ate my head. On the board made it could. And it just wasn't he wasn't quite right for us and great. To see him. I'm going to be so romantic character and that's you see and the with the intention of sending out thank you candy that is totally fifty shades of well. I've got one more here for an Andrea Andrea welcome to show. And he had written by labeling me in my heart part. Of our element it's at that are not going to be your manic and well we'll meet a quiet again it can eat. Happy that it actually well. It cited Agile if I had not had that right there right at the bottom ash heap I stand as it churned and a beer and eat that. Medical issue. YE. Sliding back they're trying to make sure that he would have cable in your not there. End Macs and other interest around that I have my flashlight mumbled. Well you look at it as a whole are. I know they say everything you are right there. Obama has a lot like let me let it on the very. It was definitely a well. Amazing and that is. My favor he had artist and Allan shared in addition to fail borrow for a simpler 19 department will take your calls next to a contentious nominee for a lot. And she I'll still are.