5 Wedding Tips to Avoid Screw Ups

Tuesday, May 17th


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You have this show should really be called the jazz and chanting you shall because we can't do it without you call us from World War II 74. These four Andre thanks for making. Is still not before one that. For the next six weeks R&D at busiest six weeks before weddings. And the entire state of Georgia everybody's going to weddings participating wedding planning weddings. And Jeff if I told you two years ago you would be X so it actually has a fine now have a wedding planner in studio. You would have completely all out right now out of the building that's it it's here the fact that I'm looking forward to this. We your reaction have already played it's going to be difficult for me now to ask her questions. From a year or the next five minute look call you grooms village passion and. When these tens and in studio at that she's been named by boat and Martha Stewart weddings as one of the top ten wedding planners in the world. Here is some advice from Lindsay if you are getting married in the next six weeks we have a wedding anytime in the future grab a pan Arab visa paper. Because Lindsay is going to tell us what's. Lindsay do we need to not screw up. In the last seven days. Before the actual wedding day. Fat last week said everything should be to you wanna be enjoying that the time to gay your nails done your eyebrows waxed or suck spray tan. And just really relaxed now that you know your vendors your team hasn't aisle together. Look that being said there are a lot of things that get left at the last minute minute and there are some things that really have to wait to that we can letting. Its number one would be. Hacking and organizing your stuff so. If you're going to hotel for the bride getting your hair and makeup done. And then you got to sustain the night they're getting everything ready for that your. Wedding night true so I think college. In London handlers here you know your shoes your undergarments here earrings here. Something are suddenly get all that ready I suggest putting everything together and like. Bins and happened in March like what it is to the hotel. What goes to the ceremony what does the reception that that on my dad it's almost like packing a bag if you're having a baby. It isn't any good at the door he had it ready so that Edie got your cake Topper in your cake and I think you're testing forensic evidence reception. That we have a wedding when he can pass on that often and the week of I always recommend waiting a day or two ago when your honeymoon because otherwise on top of all this you're trying to hack for your payment as well if you're leading from the hotel the very next morning. Also reminding your groom to. Make sure his stuff gets to the hotel specifically the bride staying on Friday night a lot of times the grounds forget that they too need to drop off there. Overnight bag so they're not locked doing a lot of stamina tax the next morning checked that hotel again entity that proudly yeah. I do think is that George Clooney on yeah I in my early marriage after. Then it. Getting together against or notes for your bridal party of raping the presidency to making sure there are wrapped and ready to go. I can't tell you how many times a morning at a wedding and that right there in her rent and she's frantically writing. You know notes from honest has mountainous of agreement. Can't play I'm I'm olive exchanger at notes and sell a lot of times. It's either on the hotel stationery that added it's writing the note to the bride and by experts I had a yellow piece in the but paper last weekend so. It's the words that it allows your ranks and yet the meaning the sentiment that at least afford. It the he had it actually doesn't matter but that's just something that you know you can. Not linked to last minute below them more relaxed and just for the record courtyard by Marriott napkins are stationed. Number three is getting all of your final payments together and all of your gratuities so. We put a list together all the suggests gratuities and TU a week in advance. And then collect obelisk RD have bartenders transportation and you know all and what if I'm waiting for my paycheck in order to be about good. That's I'm having a cap and you know a lot of times we are getting those things that day at the wedding that. I'm so those types of things just to sit down and do you know one last. Now slipped to make sure you have everything together on your vendors to paint they're not hunting down on an honest effort check regulatory committee voted on your calendar. Death is near the bus that organized payment person and again perhaps I. I just played an auto pay because number one Bennett forget how much it costs clay yes there I don't have to worry about it sounds like OK well here's when the payments are gonna go out done. Perfect Sotomayor all of that technology and like van Allen says. I'm shocked you know attend though is you can pay babysitters through it got a feeling. Number four is any kind of welcome back welcome box. Amenity for your gas statement town. This is the big one that I find it's left to the very last week in Bryant made note I'm just gonna cost and get some bags and every deal. You'd be surprised how long that takes and how much space it takes you know in your dining room. I had an out of town guests bag nightmare and our house so happens we've had put them all together they weren't these little canvas bags at that cute little ties Zion all the little things for the hotel ram in the gas in the paper and everything and it was all. Fine and it was set up in the living room. Well I decide I was gonna cook something for him tonight. I burned the meat that we were cooking and the whole house filled with smoke. And some cold look at me it was my wedding now that I was like I. Her rock and hysterically. Like I'm not gonna let everybody have that and I. I'll minds over the ads against meg just. Gonna kick. I gotta be out of suited. I've canvas bag the souls like me. How hot topic pretty against them. And the last time this is this kind of silly that something that I also really gets left a last minute. Is talking to your family at Mina outside of the Stanley about formal shot list for the photographer and so on that everybody knows he needs to stay behind you know if you do if you're not doing pictures the forests and be able to a first look and do. All their pictures before. Some people some people downloads commented after back. Not only deciding in typing out a list with names for your wedding planner you don't have a wedding planner for the photographer. Today can see it stay behind and say I need you know uncle died can't see you grandma grandpa. And really help facilitate those pictures that don't have to take a lot of time I think a lot of people are really scared how long can take that if you're organized. Iman and make sure you know. The bright and grammar gonna be in hold different state of mind they're not gonna remember if they got a picture with Graham are not so it's really important have a list and someone checking it costs. My suggestion was just to get a bunch of cardboard cutouts. Just a range and powerfully into the whole thing I'm. Mama like quickness is just aren't cut out. Apple and everybody have an uncle aunt. I don't have that Arafat I guess. What thank you for these suggestions and supermodel on our website awesome started before when Atlanta downtown. In demo put on FaceBook to use the comments to share your own games. With me in any way out Jeff will be taking on the net effect I do every time random weddings that comes up on the show ID to Agnes. How it's done maybe 41.