30 Days Til The Big Day CALLS

Thursday, September 22nd


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Are making this wedge to the Jesse James shall turn eight Aurora. Could possibly go wrong in the last thirty days before your wedding to have. Possibly bent. If you're a little bit of warning. You think. Paid Michelle thanks for on the jet engine show. K I get more writing and not just scared that much but a leak for all our wedding we got a frantic call from murkier. That all of let me turn you hundred people have been delivered a week early edge she didn't have any placed the dollar at legitimate you had to. She's running if you had a freezer at a hundred pounds of meat. Security. So why did you throw out all your popsicle for the parent of a. Should we can't have that leakage. We did not we kind of called Irene knew that that had to play at then there are people that where we found. Like it they can't factory in Saint. Paul. I'm missiles that can. Figured out. That. Last crisis is a thing he did you said it was in daycare I hope hopefully they sent a memo to everyone in the morning for your current home. We run and race today. Don't. The columns county. They Abby. I get Maureen dying. In the week before our wedding or whatever reason and the photographer to accept and cancel that out that hit calendar. And I opted cannot happen at any other fertig has a photographer was great. And though picketers happens. And Alice we're the bad thing and how are what the wedding we're sitting there and not uncommon Wikipedia. Heartland and Hewitt are yet another venue and taking pictures. A video of the Ohio. I had no idea I have no idea and I called a few weeks before you know that's what all the vendors to verify everybody would act. And we worked on my calendar at sometime the week before the week we got ample and well written over her. I. You know aids as a function from your way we. Well we had come out sunshine thankfully my brother who about the officiating a wedding but also our partner turns. So he kept a lot of that. NN. Like after the ceremony was over that it's harder or shut up out over compensated and took like 3000. The good people you know. Now. After week we didn't get a lot of shots we line and. Matter anything kicked around. There's. The winning the main guy and we shall die. And savvy age Tracey. What could go wrong it's one month. In seven days before the wedding they announced that a hurricane could actually hit you more Alan. I secure wedding insurance because benders can ou might have problems. That Jabari chairs don't get shipped and that Danielle. It is. Really important to elect that I want it. Standards and comforting the gas. Exactly to get have to be able to that we're right they belt it out eating there. Port where the Al yen and down on. The best at what one of my heart is bad trend. One of the men of honor leapt to his cute in Birmingham. And didn't realize it until he got cute new Orlando and after Larry enjoying that break is. I can find the only option and had to buy it in shoot for the wedding at Wal-Mart. No fault. And you know what is that it goes wrong with you're grooms men. Tallies gonna blame us. Why because they're your group so you're supposed to be in charge them and now I'm programs woman's gambling you be examined me focused and love that they. A. The reason I think everybody at the resort tired at this is because my wedding is actually. One month from now. We have time former all we care okay you got sucked at it. And another avid. Abby to be the last column the my thought I leading up to my wedding tell me that thing can go wrong. Everything is perfect and tell the night before where when I was going to get my hair done the free wedding hair. Make sure you had the hair exactly how was supposed to be the next day. And hairdressers blow dryer catches on fire. Or on court just locked become killing blind study where. She eats are nice dinner or higher with a hair dry air. I wish my hair and she still charge to be sorted you know. My. And new Q that are powered radio ads off a line of lane which drier air. Well the amount of care straightaway and you just get trapped for a wedding and then upload drag it gets. Plot for a long I hit the ball beautiful hair. What did you do that. Did you just a weird hail on your stubs. Should basically I had premed while the hair and it was just long. Believe. Like the I did not like to do more littered budgeted capitals to save often directs you for sure it was horrible. You hate your wedding pictures now. Absolutely. Hate that they are horrible I would give it about a quick. Well. You Wayne. Not political. Alone. So sick and don't hold ground while we get it you know there's times and I alone. Iraq one month from today now thinking over. And jump start before one.