30 Days Til The Big Day

Thursday, September 22nd


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Star in 941. That. No I'm marina is playing this music right now. The final countdown. I think he should perhaps sound that's a terrible yeah. This trick gamblers that your up. I. That's already been. You might add that I thought it and a though is warned to mind. From today. He eggs. Amen Jeff Alley get married if you can believe. A lot of chat one month from today. We will be. You're Mary. And you tell everybody about how laid back cool bride and groom are now feel the pressure. Just takes everybody else he stressed out planning their wedding feel normal and so mellow this old time. It was so mellow until like. Two nights ago and I took joy in your melt haunt him and every photo that we both had a meltdown. Overt some things that in the end of the day is fairly insignificant. But it was just it was a Q a miscommunication. That. Only would erupt in high stress that you are only wide escalate. Rather in high stress situation if it wasn't like planning a wedding it wages the wind either because it. I wish you had because I wouldn't and that's a I'd say about that. And then the new removed and they were whereas the offing opportunity right. Usually we Rosenberg noted but it wasn't it was like four dollars and act. But other than that it really has been smooth sailing. And so I made a comment to somebody's the united I'm like you know. Thursday news one month away and once we act. Walking go wrong. And she just gave mile line. That you really just say that this fifth at. And jinx and yourself Mario and I was that we what he's not gonna. And she's I. This is the month where everything ago. In and she says yeah actually this is exactly what she says. When he talked about and your little radio shock. That was condescending or anything that you catch and you your head might it all radio show markets and about an old radio shows. So that's what we're doing race. 4047419400. Kelly can't listen right now she's at war. And advantage she is in the TV's the go away from radios back and alarmed her and I can ache I will listen to this in. And is now. It won't instill in Europe and it'll give me like a checklist that checked and double checked into is that preventative right segments. I tell Jeff Kelly what could go wrong in the last thirty what could possibly go wrong in the last thirty days. Wedding. 40474194. Here's one they can actually go wrong at the way. This I've played this for a moment. No that's sound is. That's the sound of an ambitious groom hiring an apple. You fly the rings the front of the church. And the towel flying directly Enid to a window. Yet. That can go wrong we kill Al. In the dog's take that rings down. I know I your dogs involved and letting it out there and there and the only reason there's going to be the deal out there and did they may now. It won't do anything. But that reason that dogs are involved as it is Lilly's lunatic. Sadie would beef. Exe would just feel it was juniors here we realized that we can put the brings honor. You know I mean she'd be she'd be equal season blew it of course. You can't have been Lily Allen and lilies and lunatic I can't have legally be part in the that's. It no picking a favorite child even you have that tell me and times I tell everyone that nothing is gonna go wrong in the last month. Look at possibly go wrong. And could possibly go wrong that. It. The week before my wedding. My hadn't car got broken into. And they've but now all the windows downtown Atlanta. I didn't break it on my partly to drive it it saw a little chill guys this 3800 dollar with a damaged. My best friend of the car accident we'll see what do you enable all walked down the aisle we had in a wheelchair. All in one of my land my husband that's when they cannot save the earthly confinement where every year and that liquidity. Wow you thinking god used in hindsight. I know. And he's still married to this guy I. Mean. When he. Does he ran well. All is to prevent acute in. A car and our car broken into our disappearing right does. And there's just happened. 4047419400. Give us a call I won't tell you two quick stories one in rural coworker. I Tracy yeah very good at the other station. You remember that her car. Was parked in front of our house in net before her wedding total. Lee amendment was a drunk driver in Maryland and is he here are the night before the wedding and it was an endorsement IR. As to meet all means at and and you help me navigate something with trees and now about it. I'll turn it conduct its. It was he able to hide it from I think we had it right that we had the dealership used in the endorsement I would off the street in and Nazis and will be. I get regular era right now is one and then the other one that I Africa about is am I carry it would connect yesterday. At least a month before Jessica welcome of the jet engines. What can possibly go. Aren't enough that getting married not when I'm home I don't why are you got it I feel like. Yeah that not one hand you might wonder though. We are here or are you why you hope I hope that. Can get it and I feel bad. Only knew he hasn't even when you're lending to each each week when nobody on our. Yeah I'm worried that their vendors are out on an Oscar RET last month. Or eat out. So that's just about you said you can handle that decades though she says it. Anderson yeah. Just 4047419. Star in 941.