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Hi, I’m Ron, hence “The Ron Show.” I’m Georgia-born, but it’s been a few years since I could call myself a “Georgia resident,” so I’m super-excited to be living in Atlanta, now! Before coming to Star 94.1, I spent the last 10+ years in Myrtle Beach, SC collecting cheap t-shirts and beach towels; I also met my better half there and adopted two cats, so there’s that). Here, you’ll find me staring across I-75 wishing I were at SunTrust Park, or actually AT SunTrust Park during baseball season, losing my voice Sundays cheering on our Falcons (Rise Up!) or heading to the hedges to bark on my Dawgs on Saturdays in the fall. Oh, sidenote: I’m technically a 25th year sophomore at UGA. I think. I was born in Augusta back when TV’s were huge pieces of furniture and us kids were the “channel changers.”

Outside of that, I enjoy concerts & movies. I’ll ALWAYS be at the theater the MINUTE a new ‘Star Trek’ flick drops. My favorite TV shows are: Modern Family, This Is Us, The Last Ship (seasons 1,2 and 4, anyhow), Ozark, Lost In Space and The Walking Dead. I’m also binge-watching my way through Scandal on Netflix.

Everybody always asks us radio folks “who’s your favorite musician/band?” First, let me say I REALLY regret having not seen a Prince concert, but I was a fan. Still am. R.E.M., Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles are/were fantastic, too. Current Star 94.1 artists I’m digging include The Weeknd, Bruno Mars (DO see him in concert!), Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, and Charlie Puth. Some other contemporary artists I’m a fan of include NF, Bazzi, and Kendrick Lamar. Oh, and check out Sweet Sweet, a band from Myrtle Beach I saw live a few times; they played at Bonnaroo in 2017, for what it’s worth.

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