Amanda Kelly

Amanda Kelly

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I'm originally from Hiram, GA and graduated from Kennesaw State University. I started with Star 94.1 as an intern and slowly grew from there to promotions to producing the morning show to on-air now!

I love traveling, road trips especially.

I also really love going out in Atlanta, you can usually find me at any rooftop bar on the weekends... probably with a glass of champagne in my hand.

I live on social media and can also promise I'll be blunt and honest with you at any time.

Things I dislike:

  • people who clap at the end of movies
  • loud typing
  • people who shuffle their feet when they walk

Those are huge pet peeves.

I wake up suuuupppper early to work with the morning show but am SO PUMPED to tell you all about the newest rosé​ to hit the shelves during my mid-day shift!


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