Monday, August 7th

What's got you feeling grateful today? 


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For goodness yeah. On star now before want to. But a positive energy says starts your week. Share with us why you are hash tag last 404263094. Line could be year. Maybe you just as your last chemo treatment last week you're gonna beat cancer or it can be tiny flakes. You got your favorite peanut butter in the cabinet for your school. And today there's matter how big or small 4042630941. We went here what's making you feel good today here. KK and L a YUS senate blasts. And I really really really great. So what happened over this weekend has he's thinking about love. Yeah. I don't like to but it yes. The simple fact today he is sunny it narrowly it it it it. It's great I can hear you smiling through the found that seventy years this is. And rat out. Okay got it pretty well good. Well enjoy haired and guys thank you heard Fred Carl on the damp and then John Thomas reiter asked at last thank you have a good day. And brown and the rebels and welcome to the jet engine share wire you fast eyeglass. Groups I am. Eastern Europe but she tricked pants and blue didn't just left has her a part of our social networking world. Possibly hear from you replica email list to tell us about how they had struggled with infertility for a long time and it went through journey through Foster care. And your daughter is officially adopted now. Seen it doesn't July 18 that's incredible I can hear your tears no I didn't. So I felt like she'd actually. Q my third about it and and nine month. Wow amazing. Oh my gosh that is so incredible law saves picture is just too too sweet and now she's forever yours so when hello yeah Anderson's training these idiots third down option in nine months. That's sweet sound of Q&A half years really doctor king and queen concentrate James has. And I only sponsor with a private agency being a message ten pounds and are. Just had to general refrigerator and are you older boy in our allies in eight NI agent at and then eight and is. He passed and have them turn out a little over eighteen years glory and I scared on that aspect has. I've been busy year for you know can't. And howled as baby faith. I'm dating fatal meeting times at the end of this month and that's RE drive her home from the hospital are extremely well. I want those kids are really the ones there ashtray blessed that sounds right. 08 Q you're welcome thanks give thanks Brad. You don't. Please just think it's very hard and in town and people again I doubt. Incredible Freddie he's amazing. That all local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.