UPDATE: Stop Coddling The Kids

Monday, August 7th

Social media blew up this weekend, and now everyone agrees with Kim


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Okay Terna Nande. And yeah shell ol' ball this woman Champloo during this time Friday survey lapse of emotion I. She may be so Matt. If you are listening this is what it sounded like when cam just calling to explain it that you should not in any way. Giving inaccurate complements to a seven year olds. So okay. So yeah I was Q and also how from my daughter. And it's basically. Third grade teacher. Just go right now about. I know just not pleased. I mean I could just please. Coddling you know armed. You can mean you know all the curls altered there's so beautiful. And all the police official hand some. Even their fair Juno only not there are a little ice sheet. There. Did know wouldn't even little improvement basically right that is held if they could eat. CRE eight and just so. We're all on the same page you're talking about people who were seven or eight years old right. Yes. Yes. I don't know how would sound I'm just. Not my problem is I don't like when people you know if you want to compliment if she wanted to tell you know to tell you care about and text. That's fine but don't be so wildly in answering that you know you're making them think appears. No room for improvement there there are things that could be battering about themselves for example telling them you know what gear would. You know what we're hearing is you know so let me being in its specific thing about a quote when he clearly didn't try very hard to that day maybe their parents just you know they're being lazy to do something on them and it's not a compliment about what they're wearing. And hit it you know was getting conversations with them and tell them how great competition there can. I know played well spoken they are even though some of them were not very bloody. And not well spoken at all frankly lake sounds. Almost illiterate. And you know. Advanced power went out. I am being mad all over again that teachers just trying to build of the self esteem of his kids coming in this classroom. I the first cold boot. Tiger the first Cisco's like today it's the meet the teachers nights OK okay now this is when that they he's got to make these kids be excited during the clash. Here's Jan it's gonna blow your mind is a lot of people a 100% lower at her love including John and Atlanta. Good morning Seoul. Yes and thank god. Somebody finally said it it's all on and do a whole group think of the woman analyst CD you know the future and everybody on the radio show will be all. You know up in arms about it in the exit. Wait hold. Not hold up. This is the very reason yet why you are so successful. When you're out. The dial on the another show that by the way you've got just too cool rushed and I deleted. We think everybody made on. Some ups I'm a call to let teach should be. I Jana well I wanted to because you rate there to let you know that no matter what you say I agree was. Clearly. Very very Smart kids. There's no let up on top of the topic here is a generation don't know makes portable it's like they think I'm in each. And we're like oh my god and Ted patrol beat generation blob blob you know what. It could be code exactly what that little shape when he explored in elementary school. They should look like everybody has to look at everybody saw it like you know what I was raised by single parent and Detroit. Quite successful another billionaire but I'm very comfortable the reality of it is because I wasn't afraid. Of screwing up in my neighborhood and having the guys on the street come. Biting your down my mother's car was played by the time I got my mother she's gonna do. Or when you were picked featured plenty described what. Happened there at. I was just gonna say I think the they concern is engine you can correct me if I'm rockets and jet you get sick as we re playing Tim Jamison. As soon county. I honestly don't live there would be very angry at age seven Maine for the first day of school all the teachers goal is to get educated. I'm his side to give the kid or her side every teacher is and you you look at. There are 200 way to do that without outline how right Lanny do these kids. Good sense at home. John that's here's my guys. Indication to me is the age of the kid. OK I mean these are small children who need that boost of self is seems that they have the confidence coming continued crack classroom. And number two he wasn't saying anything that was like. Based in fact OK so kids failed the test and then you tell their super Smart. OK again I understand what you're saying what I agree that you can't do that is the first is how. It's like. Everyone is taking it to articulate and the caller hey I mean yeah and so everybody thinking that may be a little context because. I would have a conversation that we're all having pizza and beer bottle like you the guy who got toasted. And had a good first date with Kim I would bet. That she would say hey look you guys taken the same way out of context the fact of the matter is that I called in the 'cause I've had a knocks we're hearing could I'd get myself to do what my daughter and what about now. Don't know Monaco my daughter might go to the back. Seventeen you're flat straight now and singer songwriter she lives melody machines. And one of the kids that was always on top of her game. Could never pull any punches what are my life didn't eat there one totals saying that you say. Even led ably and even at age seven time. Absolutely and I recession started in entertainment he justified model. Loud and that pleasure to work hard and you what did you tell her oh honey looks so pretty say. Even if it wasn't her top ten today. Yeah yeah and you're actually on percent correct I wouldn't and I. And it hasn't may hurt as tough as nails and she is not like one at least you know. When a China shop is seeded German guy at heart she loves everyone and everybody loves her. The fact my big Jake you know who she is in the last but that's a whole other conversation. I just say I did you do understand there another very musical talent agencies like how to get involved. Jazz thank you they travel man and the guys and lower confidence and they can swing change you John absolutely or doesn't awesome comment any tableau of the passion but. I I own FaceBook is also a little bit I and John side we need here's some of these comments and you got the steam is coming many years already. Just wait it out that's why they bug and he fired up next. Star in 941. Can't. Woods on the show on Friday saying how upset she was away at her daughter's teacher for coddling the kids during open house because the teacher was doling out compliments like she and Simon pretty. For kids that were overweight or out of shape. Why saying how Smart they where when they work very well spoken she's sedated this is a problem in society where coddling these kids. And basically that the teachers should not be so sweet and complementary and this has everybody. Outraged. Or 1000%. Agreeing with. Can't actually and grace and you agree with cam keep those seven year olds and Jack. And flight hundred are mighty kids living situation. Liked. It's not nearly the caliber and you try to turn it on anyone had dug a little bit of a card and I zapped. Most of my rights you don't agree with. I blame my. 7 year old am I want to thank my kid or an error. Look I sound like I would article you might bright future it. Thank you Cassidy and either seven years old you can look at the merry go come on I'm. I'm mama I'm glad I represent this family mom. Xperia. Cassie Collins. Not that he played like you it. Doesn't. By the late Tom thanks. Albert. Right. What is it a 180 degrees in the other direction and the teacher is just brutally honest I hate educated in agony supplements when he's in this class is. Yeah our teacher of all T yeah unknown known about the and I don't know at all why do you think this close match stayed out but from there you go home home home home okay. Aggregate coordinated. Our face footage and you got the Siemens cavalier attitude for the kill a sampling of some of the FaceBook comments from over the weekend tally. An earlier people on her side they were telling us so we miss her points so Lucy said that she's right and she's a well spoken and what she said. We miss the point and she made an excellent point Matt said again that we menaces the womanizing I purposely tell kids straight to their face and their fat. But she has good intentions maybe she is insane and a way that we would understand. And men that Jennifer said that she's a hundred and tempers are signed and see things that every parent should be worried because this teachers sounds. I Hewitt Connell all kids on the islands on like that happens he got to trust your instincts and that's not right says seriously and that door or warnings only this guy like yours same and it appears to be afraid to have kids and their class. Here's why. I'm Jen you earn a place for you can make change you've got to get to your husband okay columnists are hired some boot camp instructors. This is really honest teachers well here's the thing. I don't mind if they're brutally honest after test scores or asked her. Yet their performance nodding and to speed in the classroom I don't want my kid to be coddled in that way. You're saying I. But I think just. Being cheerful and welcoming your kids to a third grade classroom is a totally different seeing it in coddling them after not doing well on the subject aren't as. Gentlemen this right how about this series for this can be less. If you. Write were able to sign this teacher. It would actually affects the way grant dresses your daughter. Is he wouldn't want her to get police Jen yet to think the big picture why. Yes you know. Following you yeah he throws and the random northwestern they liked here near Kenya where it doesn't even match I know is he knew that she was gonna get bullied by her teacher he might step up his bat. I look at that as bizarre. I can't make judgments or huge is that you have two hours early and make sure the clothes are clean and pressure kids every single day 2 AM. 2 AM wake of well. I don't want the teacher to be brutally honest about my kids appearances now. I would not let me ask not what if for no it's mean. The face for prose is still alive. Fifa dot com slash Chechens and show if you don't wait and try to convince Jan. Of your side of things. Connolly in third grade took. Them all like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.