Stop Coddling The Kids

Friday, August 4th

Kim thinks her kid's teacher needs to stop telling kids they're smart or handsome when they're 'stupid and fat'.


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Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion Shenzhen one star not before one and. We have got to talk wind Kim who was sent a message to Janet and I am kind caseloads. Are complaining. About her child's third grade teacher. Schools starting to open houses are happening here meeting that he shares. And him already and it's not like. Diversity is gonna be wins. A clear sign your daughter cam fast. Followed a daughter and I do person who is going to be teaching her daughter. All screwy or what is your problem and bad outing an astronomer outrage now 4042630941. Can they think some people are gonna have opinions. And what you're gonna share that's the go ahead camp. Oh Sharon thanks to us. OK. So yeah I went to an open house from my daughter and it basically. Third grade teacher. Just go right now about I know just not who used to. If I had I knew I could discuss these. Coddling you know won't come. Easy handling you know all the curls of they're they're so beautiful. And the police official hints from. Even if there can hole lead. Not scared a little ice sheet. There of you know wouldn't need a little improvement basically right that's helped is they could eat. CRE eight and just so. We're all on the same page you're talking about people who are seven or eight years old right. Yes. Yes. I don't know how would sound I'm just. Not my problem is I don't like when people you know if you wanna complement each one and held you know kick you feel about and had. That's fine but don't be so why won't be in actually fact you know you're making them think appears. No room for improvement there there are things that they could be bad feeling about themselves. For example telling them you know what gear you know we're hearing is you know so let me being in it and think specific things about equality when they clearly didn't try very hard to get gate maybe their parents just you know they're being easy to lose something on them and to deny all the compliments about what they're wearing it and hit it you know we're getting conversations with them and tell them how great conversation is in. I hope play well spoken they are even though some of them were not very bright. And not well spoken at all frankly they sound. Almost obliterated. And you know lately that kind of sound like they need certain you know I'm not saying column only you're stupid but you so much immediate. I think that I just think there's no need to tell them they're a well spoken when they're not because they're gonna call him thinking that. You know they don't need. A better you don't you don't you don't wanna tell a seven year olds. That they are. You don't wanna give them a false compliments you don't want to tell a seven year old that yet you know yes handsome young man. If he's overweight or your beautiful young lady if her hair solemn mass in you don't want to do halls say somebody's well spoken if if at seven years old they don't have the language skills that you expect them. Tax bracket I'm late I'm not you know laid the ground it's just I may have yet where we heard I'm just making sure that I understand correctly before we take these uncles. Yes and I lay come appeared so you know here you know and area to hit you know yeah. Do you think there's like plenty of kids you're can be mean to each other so I teacher refinancing into. CNN has coddling this month just let me boost your confidence coming out on the playground and I mean kids out there aren't. This I guess that's an easy treat your job tonight build confidence in the classroom. Kim isn't does that open house. So it's the teachers first impression with his new classroom. And the kids first impression when the teacher I'm not and he's never meant these kids before. Yeah and he's gonna be building a relationship with them all yearlong Friday. Yes why this sound positive notes. I'm not saying don't be positive I'm saying there are plenty of it seems to compliment. But don't lie. Sunday the way to the teacher any other secret. Did you say something to him to the teacher. I was really can't figure that I was uncomfortable. And that. And it basically Terry gave remarks cracked and I. I don't know how to approach saying something like this guy I. Just feel like there's so many other things going for a child if they need improvement in that specific area be don't. Hold on Bay Area and look and see things that you know. You're all for a couple of you're offered complementing the kids you just don't want to call mom. And unattractive seven year old handsome young man. You would rather find something else about him. Exactly but I don't acting like Arnold goalie you're cool you're right lateral ugly Latimer you know it's hey Katie welcomed the shaft. Our. My right. Actually if you're absolutely. Creepy. I think we already have this completely. Surprised about. People being different than it not being okay and look I have BLO. Did they can't. Do you putted hit it hit a picture of each knew nothing about blossom had a negative just gonna get. One genetic until 1000. And I come together not only in the morning what I emotional health and my mother and I must forty year old and you know Mike we brought it I'm sure. Cordial and also keeping her current absolutely gorgeous collected years old. Katie can you can you send us a picture of your four year old so we can last Jim decides to hop and whether or not. It's attractive old buddy and. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so this teacher's saying and you look so isn't. You know pretty yeah that's what he thinks you asked what he told me well that's when he only. Incident. What do you believe about it and so worried his talent that he's my own. I'm just saying like it there's a reason why people are getting warmed Volcker has like ten years I want. Where coddling we're telling you bother amazing when they're not figured there's room for improvement kids are growing up thinking that air perfect and I think it due to do saying and or minds you know teacher and my parents will be a bit from that and I know everybody can strive to be better I'm not insult them and saying much you know wage if everybody is it to stick you know we're happy the PR which lately and I think. These kids should be sliding could be better and do better and they're not because they're being wrecked in a tangle the alternate. All right hold on can't if you're just joining us and you're just coming in right now our camp that thinks that her child's third grade teacher. Is to free flowing with the compliments. He was too generous I think his kids were attractive and well spoke again and just doling out compliments during open house for email to us actually said. Don't call a Childs. Beautiful or handsome if they are fatty. Iron Man. World war 26309010. You're gonna talk directly to. And then she I'll still aren't. If you are just joining evidence that we're talking to Kim whose daughter just sort of third straight to a to open house and she has an issue. This teacher already Kim can you tell everybody and a couple of sentences for what your issue is. Sounds yeah I see old ones teachers caught only not kids anymore I think next excessive and an app. After it compliments. To them you know like oh you're so do you look forward to your beards you know little things like he's so handsome win here you know and so we need your help each. Things like that you know only telling you know well spoken and they clearly. Are not those kind of things I think it's unnecessary and it teaches them not to strive to be better. You hear her own words in the message to us are quote he basically would lie to some of the kids. I'm not saying he should say your fat but he shouldn't collar fatty handsome when they're not physically attractive and that healthy more importantly not health UP they should not telling Demi their well spoken when they aren't because then they will never tragedy that. A few people fired up this morning hi Aaron welcome to the show. I aren't. You don't write it straight into account I'd like to buy. Seen it yet but it completely work it out rhetoric. You still aren't counting your dollars are issued and turn out in the issued a contract adding that string a kid I got it strapped her part and not I had an. Cam is does your daughter excel and all of those areas like you she. Sounds so ridiculous to say about a sudden you have alternate world but is your daughter in shape. Yeah in some quarters. I wouldn't. I wouldn't say you know like it that's my point is I'm a parent I need to make sure that my daughter is healthy I made sure she you know learning what she should be learning how he's. Well spoken the. I was I mean there's other kids aren't in charge of their meals are not in charge of what they eat they're not I mean there's seven or eight years old. Isn't there. Anderson I understand I'm not putting blame on their kids aren't just saying it's sticky shirt and the parents and all of these you know authority figures it's up patent to look you know make sure kids are learning and easing the way things should be and not being lied Q if they're not you know there's the need improvement you know what you have to say lets you know just Saturn you do need to dress very you need to be you know battered broken but I'm saying there's no need to continue to push this idea of -- then there are many things. We got to hope we only got it. Generally an Atlanta talk to him. Tired you're judgment opens the garbage. You are I you know I don't have seen you know you're simply are not ever made its bigger kid. I'm right I don't portray how many more do you make them all how would never let my four year broke out there. Thank you that the staple in her quiet. At school. You know any bank beautiful. She would get in trouble if you come home it's. You and your Mac until site. Wouldn't I wouldn't say these things to let it actually you're not understanding this is pork to. You and I didn't. I hit the teacher and decided to other prior to come ready that side. Our expert and I aren't. They and they can who's a fan of yours. And I don't think we have to take any other calls cam because. Is this if Europe. Trying to see if you can find anybody on your side we have been unable to do that thus far in the lines have been locked up since the minute you open your mouth. It's time and it's an unpopular opinion but it doesn't mean that is not true. So. Do you think there's anybody out there that actually heard her I was like yeah I guess I agree there. Possible there are only a means there are they can do is they can have over our FaceBook page is Kelly said that chase was already blowing up. I must say that most that you are and the and that's such a great point like you don't know and I can't go through outside a school. This could be the only compliment and only positive reinforcement they get throughout today. So does that does that sound beautiful a year or they don't sound Smart he doesn't mean they don't have potential and they aren't beautiful you really could be. I got a guy he's got a compliment something else might just be accurate don't lie here and loan from. I thank you cam. Day to day. Any incoming and and I you do not disagree with her. Right. Don't this agreement can't panic either act sooner or later she didn't do I have a. At a year old an eleven year old and I failed lawyer if you count the overall rate cut out. I thought I'd be born you have. I'll go back during your wild legal aspects. Politically it. And a lot of the debate is about Spock com. Or acting that we should verdict with each so unleashed me no not in her body. Can you look great equipment at the road. They're good they are accurate there are important at or you're very welcome to all but 200. Or Randy I'm not gonna are your account I'm Larry look at the situation and I'll do well. There aren't very many bring that you're at our Beck will try to Alex and I got started to eat let. I'm. Actually what she had about. Here at rhetoric or you will focus on about it but you're really trying surely beat verbiage to beat. Explode under and hopefully opt out but so I don't think it'll help. Any way to say that you were your teacher. Well I don't carry. And I do believe that onion is a good eight. Glad to be an area I think it'll look at don't. He got paid and yet and actually I think you can accomplish current that. Not everybody. Maybe it yeah well I can play Aaron and I thank you. Write a exam I. The people who are in favor of honesty very long wind it parents have them both very wrong. Both of them and I base for attacks hound slash Jeff's engine showed the head is all lit up. No matter how good is conceding fan at. All like to share that conversation continues lead jet engine on FaceBook.