All the Feels

Friday, August 4th

Good news stories to get you in a great mood. 


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Star in 941. It's great stories to push you and Aaron great mood if we college all the fields and I will start today. With a guy whose quotes in the end of this story will make it obvious. Why choose this one. Pays 28 years old and he was skateboarding back in 2012. When he was in college. He fell and hit. Curb this and this. Obviously that hurt. I used to have to be any medically induced coma for two and a half weeks they did take out part of his skull because the swelling was so bad and at one point he only had a 10% chance of surviving it. Viable once he got out of the woods he committed themselves to doing it double the physical there they had to do every day. He had to work on his memory. But. About a year later doctors say you made it pretty much a full recovering files. Is now a gym teachers so he's teaching physical education and it just finished his very first Iron Man race a week and a half ago. Oh narrowed so that incredible dad just Leno and an Iron Man is obviously a triathlon minutes and vee triathlon. You have to ride a bike a 112 miles. After swimming. Two and a half miles in the ocean and then when you know there's two things you run a full marathon. 26 miles. He he finished the race and says he is quoted as he never looks back or asks why this is the journey that he's done. He says I just keep moving forward and I never take a single day from granite. I love that I am. And I sort of paid him to. I just can't get to the thought bags from the brain injury. And Iron Man James I get so there's that you're Iron Man is great you know I wish I had the time to run a 35 minutes I can't. The five flights of stairs. LA here Iron Man is great but I can tie both of my issues without getting wind. I'm gonna tell you out at a cool kid then that I found he's eight years old isn't hairs and holds and he's hanging around explaining the artist and I know in the mask hanging and in the radio like weekend thing with the family of how bush and his dad was a lawn are open now barn in the backyard and enterprises back garage and a few minutes later they're in the house and innocent or smoke everywhere and something happen in and aren't caught on fire. And Harris and eight years old and not only calls 911 can say is totally chill all time also adds his eleven month year old our eleven month your eleven month old sister are runs out of the house owned by their safety spot for fires under emergency meeting spot. Say on the phone with 91 the entire time and instead set the entire time he's standing there as cool as the other side of the pillow just. Chatting in Illinois 911 in the hunt. Like an eight year old hangs on the column on one and he's got all the knowledge of where he lives what's happening and is also taking care of his infant sister at the same time. So can't okay yeah I think it is any hairs and hold I think that source I'm pretty narrow right now. I love in this story about this man who gave so much kindness to strangers OK he's 77 years old guy who lives in Maine. And Bakken well he lottery he won two million bucks in the lottery. So. And he was like a test my luck again so just recently he bought 56. Lottery tickets with the same three numbers on. All of them and he won again nest so he hit. The second time and each one of those tickets was worth 420 bucks and that it's even money as they get. He went to his favorite restaurant and handed out two handed out winning lottery tickets to everybody that worked there. Went to local gas station where he goes every day and his local grocery store and gave out. All of these 56 winning lottery tickets are some people from the restaurant Georgia's own practice and. I sent us a good number I just bothered a number of times and sure enough the way. I think he's very good. He took care such good care for and it's just small restaurant are all very close and I know that. They're they're such hard workers. Apparently this guy did this a lot and give out money strangers even before he won the lottery illustrates. It pays well he's got such a big guy. Everybody at the restaurant levs is I think Clinton. Your actions and says Harold. You're good and how hot I can't but I'm. As you just hear this we tried when he tried to do you're Australian line. I'm on May get an Australian maximum singing songs like missile like right now idea French one Null let's them online gaming and I can't. Food. We winds yours stories. And gains judgment. Yeah I love all the local all the feel stories so hit this upstart I'm the one. At NN dot com need to be featured on future episode that was Kevin can show Kelly especially loves it. On the field stories because then there's no chance that we'll make sure you. In home. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.