Jeff's Old 'Friend' Wants to Visit

Thursday, August 3rd

Jeff got a HUGE compliment from someone...but then realized it's the same person who shut the door in his face years ago. How should we reply?


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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah shell ol' ball if you are. A person who loves Tommy bahama shirt you're not gonna find any in Atlanta this weekend because there's a big radio convention and I you mean they've all been purchased they've all been purchased. Today and sandals. And card assures all gone is because every morning radio DJ in the country is in Atlanta this week for an event called morning show boot can't you just finding just the dudes in radio because I would say the women in radio no Barack. Rocket so there's a guy gathering in town of of people who are. I have worked in currently working in order aspired to work in. Personality. Rate. And the convention actually starts today. And it's cool being with the event being in Atlanta have because we're all getting text messages and notes from people that we. Now from the industry who are in town. It's nice to show off round and so all I got one of those emails so Jen I would like you to read this scene now. OK in vain everyone in the room and everyone listening is gonna help me craft the perfect there's. It says hi Jeff I was given your name and personal email address from a blank. I believe that you sort together he has a great deal of respect for what you enjoy and have accomplished since starting your own show and also gives you both credit for the success of your former shout out. In addition I entered. The end. The letter continues I spoke with a blank. Who said that you enjoy and have better radio chemistry and all than any other partnership he's heard and that the Japanese and show as one of the top three shows in its format in the whole country. Room. Yeah this is the ninth this. I hate it is own my own good it's okay. I hope of bad better deal enough with these compliments of that you'll say yes and I asked to come in and observe your show. The working in radio for about 25 years now including the tears and mornings I'm trying to put together personality driven show for afternoon try and trying to learn from the best in the business. You engender certainly at the top of that list all this I ever read you newsletter again. No let me know if this is possible. What day would work for you promise not to be too much of a nuisance during a visit thanks black. I just blanked out the names that are right I Celeste Katz I just need yeah regularly you're Cinderella well. Once my hands and roll out the red part of this person's right let's work and the response what should the first line last night this is Trent yeah. No males is feeling that well hello Angel we just kind. Until I should sorry you can't just give. The first line but it was your first Scion response that. Thank you from the compliments. Thanks for saying I would read back while I'm flattered I'm flattered OK now before we continue. I'm area here is here comes the but OK yeah his name is very familiar. Very very familiar. Like I am I know that so I did again. Dell admitted. Try to find behind them. In sometimes. I have this weird thing where I a cheat. Stuck negative stuff. As motivation. Let's just hated to be your motivate us yes so if you get a nasty email from listener you just file it away yep. Can't I here's an email that I received. In a period of time that will call the AOL days. Loop which is free 2000 so you gotta dial a desk pretty much yes it says here Hotmail you've got mail. That old school ways and your talent census I'm on AOL now. God forbid. Read it found hanging. I'm a guy had an email exchange with this person the same exact person. I obviously. Had hit him up for some guidance. In my career uh oh. Here's the here's here's his response. From about seventeen years. I've received all your messages and wanted to let you know that I will not be able to help you. However they semi limited interaction that we have had opened for him to seize your messages to me in conversation and dimension clothes from sees. I will tell you the you don't seem to understand how to respect the time of people who were more successful than you. Who if I was to spare just fifteen minutes for everyone who wants and quote career pointers and quote late you have repeatedly asked for. I would have no time left for what this job actually requires me to do. I wish you the best of luck and suggest you consider if radio is the right path for you as it actually requires work. And now a chance to quote making connections lie. Hooked. Time out of his day to not help you but to be a jerk. For a four. X ray all. Ryan you know you have to do. Bring it you don't value. Not rated team you tolerating email soap star right Kelly the first line is I'm flattered at your kind words what's the next time. The pace is holding my. That currency area well that's pretty dead yeah copy impaired heading quotations girls your young feisty. And technology wise man once told me and then you upload it and you've got its OK are we gonna we gonna dig a little bit more is he slammed that door in your faith he did. Yet. 4042630941. Yet all are raiding the email yeah. As before we need your help would this college or 04 C 6309 for a one B your line in the letter. NHL all star. I'd if you're just coming into this show here's what we're in the middle and here's what you can help us win I've received an email. This had so many super complimentary things about this show. Advance you can't help but he's flattered order double the great lines. Well I said. Somebody in the and he told the person who wrote a letter that we've got veteran radio chemistry that any part. Partnership he's heard it doesn't gentlemen atop TV shows and its format in the whole country. All these really great compliments he's basically as he wouldn't say he ran. So I he's basically saying he's been an industry for a 25 years. And is trying to put together a personality driven after new show in another market wanted to come in and sit in a harsh out. Because we're so talented according to what geezer that's very flattering letter. Just realized that this letter came from somebody who had slammed that door in his eighth how many years. Measurement between 1990 and 2001. He wrote to me I received your messages while you know I'm not able to help you. And then he goes on to explain that I don't respect the time of people more successful than I am because he doesn't have fifteen minutes to spare for everybody who asks him for a career pointers. And he wished me the best of luck and wants me to consider if radio is the right path for me. Is it actually requires work and matches quote making connections. I'm letting you all will write a response to him to save what's up. What is going on people. Ally and I am in great. Yeah yeah it has been doing well but just look I know you're a good kind hearted guy but I would copy paste it email. A look at a couple of Geneen Mo he did back then I looked good and this is your inspiration for me eighteen years ago. A guy out. I can and let it. And if I. There's really hold on I can just reach forward from I AOL account but then I'm afraid that I will gate. Twenty CDs. A week in the match home inviting me to sign up for sale. There aren't as CDs that and they paid Victoria. What's gonna I'm. Any. I would bet I would dearly love the opportunity to help might well. Okay and people on the radio but in caves not create. Alley and to marry at that your thoughts and how to respond. I mean they email owns that the one at a botnet at IE. Irons. Lululemon. Really did paralegal out. I think this six. Stephanie. Never miss out. Another much less what they turn it what I bet a lot of how does a little bit and then proceeded. That's inaction and and tell him that ballot unless the EU to treat people how you want to be treated and you treat people the way. That they want to be treated and that's why it showed that the at all. Oh that's so good and it's still in Miami used the golden rule against. JP using it you had a line for a Freddie and admit I don't know just like. I'll be an exploding diarrhea forever. CK eat bacon anymore. The red wine on all your white clothes. Jodi and Atlanta what's going on. Much I'm so happy agitated directory and writing and and then and then there are even though they're. It email Jody that is like next level karma stuff right there that's damage that is. He's so nice to have you in here please read this email I. So I responds to him with a kind of like what's the first violate thank you for your kindness and thank you for the count. That's a flattering and thank you for your bladder and of course we have an open door policy anybody like sure man in the blue didn't he. Can command and then it do we make him read it on the air urge you I just leave that on the chair that he says. But just have it sitting there. Cut it there all making my Sammy turned the match. He played in here that after even if you give them a letter and he reads the letter on the air and it's like. I'm glad that what are we DOJ is indeed impressed them brownie. Possibly dream. Three yards and what's what's beyond what's the movie you're Smart you his kind and at the answer makes the pie is that the hell yeah. Mesa. And Mickey and how. Across any guy I've ever did frightening me home Mickey and noon then. Hi good morning dad. Your stocks leads. I actually really getting out of conscience say that each hit and it smelled the import flatter age and there a link on our. Lu ya I think here's some kind of taken on yeah he's so nervous I. Again today. And I give me I had comments I think I am I wanna target overly Jen on the air but I think. In biting him in just waiting you do get a guy I want them to work that day tomorrow. A little worse it's tomorrow here for the convention and I'll I'll. I was gonna say I'll have grit coming informing. Any confrontation situations we have to handle and a marriage unlike you do it well. It's ours is school so let's turn his first week you can't come in and learn its kind of busy all right let's let's this guy's. I would think and I don't let that guide them to go out. Star in 941. If you're just ahead this morning hey ray industry diet to lose since Jack aimed. Really crappy email seventeen years ago now has requested to come in and observe our shadows so we're helping him to craft a response to that. Suggestions are. Awesome for a fourteen to three on 941 as an American. You're lying that really stands out is seventeen years ago you wrote to me if I was despair just fifteen minutes for every man who wants some career planners like you've repeatedly suggested I would have no time left for what this job actually requires. And now he is asking us for career points. So I think we're at the point now where. That all the suggestions coming in are urged I'm. Have him come in Syria now and eyes and make it my stomach turn and so a lot of hard mission that made him read the email. That's their right. Coming into their on chanting. So let's let's just as. Hurting after a pace that we I haven't men you know about it. I. It. And what if I I live a little free cash balance that nearly went vote I want him Jim yeah. Yeah it's very mentality not bring women. And Jenny that we recommend. And even elements is coming out here physically hear the question. I OK do we invite somebody invite him and tomorrow. OK okay I'm getting here at seven. And that technology now whatever now we have to decide one of tea bags. Do we just leave the email out they confront him with that on the air war. Do Regis do you really really crappy radio to make him think attach how to do it like to I turn the microphone off and screaming you. Know a lot. Let you do if you don't want to give an email just the best way I'm really messed and his hand is so light use those sentences that he had his emails somehow throughout our entire shows and he's like you know working men you know were comment. And Sam almost see him you know they and it's just like a mental torture. And a major event and look I feel like you're getting doesn't have a little he wrote you that response however many years ago and at the end I make him read it. On the radio yes they like Cheryl joked back yeah bring this. I got an idea OK so. It's he needs a late may be practices radio voice there's a sheet of paper to read to practices radio voice. It read this for you may read it only you will Geddes flattery to you've got a great radio voice and once you do you press yes you had. I should get that Jodie that you do called up in the original suggestion I should add him call and be like hey here I don't forget to have that every dead thing. Oh yeah. But haven't after I still I don't want to just dog early and yet. I we get a table this for NRA but he has definitely coming in tomorrow morning okay 100%. RE store and inviting him a day 7 o'clock tomorrow. Get a little you know it's composed the email we've for the images show you. And then. I can't keep rest you rest. All learn to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.