Confess Your Crush: India and Troy

Thursday, August 3rd

She's got a thing for her bartender! But he thinks it's somebody else...


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Thanks for making us less. In the chest congestion. One start now before want to talk about a hundred we have Indiana holds its let me love you don't know. I hate India and welcome to confess your press on Jackson's and shout. Hey how are yeah are you feeling really confident and braves today how are you is the question. It not really they had the current ads in the ninth and sent. Tell us why you decided to confess your crash line and the airwaves. Part of it is Fran had completely urge you guys. South wind and I just want Jeter Alex having a really. I am right there working after I got off I went she bar actually our way which I usually do not tubes. I'm I'm a social drinker or not really the one shot at the Bartlett lashed out but. It was a day so I wasn't. In that the bartender there you look attractive which initially I didn't think much our track and good chance of remaining here at an entire time I was there we just wanted to talk about my patient and Shanley and and call. Colvin was going through wish actually you send it out and a bad mood GE. Just kind. Bartender and and the things we talked about I didn't feel like what are generally what a barge and we discussed let's let H and am about a time I left my mood would completely different got a hole. It was just amazing I laughed and went so white bearded so happy and I literally felt like I had to kind that would play my best try to. Wow wow OK did you say how. Long ago this happened. They then about a month ago. All right so. How many times in the past thirty days have you thought about this bartender. Every single day yeah. Yes and I continue to go back and I'd become quite irregular and in short amount of time. And he felt I understand that he blew it a mile and a lot and give me a hug. Talk and the that we had literally feel like. We're building a friendship and I'm really starting to feel something for him so slight air at all it's sent out but I can't tell. It sounds like you guys are one of those matches that people that. You feel like he's known him forever even Asia's Matt leg. Exactly. Exactly that's exactly outfield so I got some clever it's literally like our ballots like Los Angeles and it's such a great times we Ali Latino experience as it's great. And you're sure this isn't just like the bartenders like a rule of being flirtatious 'cause he's a bartender and means good tips. And until that way but at that class act of Kabul who really. Yeah it's really getting serious at my end. So India you told us he's got an amazing spirit and he's kind of what else about him makes Democrats. Absolutely gorgeous. I don't know more about him and in his. Golden laurel you know it's I really like I met him and I each. How can honey from that family I hit such an amazing part of how well. Man it certainly mask a technical question. Absolutely certain percentage rise how many drinks are you paying for success after. Always done a dancer a simple. And it lives 08 paying little or could it. I never paid more than 60% of what actually act he always being nice and I tried armadillo. And how are you win the gratuity or you generous. Oh absolutely absolutely. And they're but he did more than that of course you have to be. Able to air the Taliban court that I'm excited to play. Showed just imagine if he's getting more than 20% from every woman who comes into his via. That's it you want to find out right. So I want to find out it's as a teacher and or does he feel something go. I we will give him a column. And find out one every single soon as he wants to fight out of his crashes. And if the answer to both of those is yes you'll get to come on the radio fans confess your crash. To him. It. Gaga is down in three minutes he said his name is try right. Sorry it's sort of night and you are now via I'm and we'll see if there is a love matches you can ask your impression I am. And examine just in Shenzhen. Star in 941. Did viewers just joining as you come along the perfect time because it's about to get awkward here and the Japanese and shadowed by. Arson there isn't exciting because we had vowed to called Choi and tell him that somebody's got a big old crush on him. And find out if we can unite them play here on the radio and they don't pressure a huge crime. I mean easier did you hear India. Gay delaying the seat back. Yes she hasn't she's only known him for one month and he's the. Hard Tenaris so it's like anti flag whenever tips surge is do they have a real connection and yeah she's where she's like a man. No I am I patient or is there some then more going on here are is just one cited so. Let's call Troy and find out if he is even available to entering into relationship. And if he wants an own. Who wears the end. Just the. Luckily so yeah. You can lose the name's try shimmering lone team. You must order three safety Troy. As ran a hand Luke. Hey trying instead and doesn't tell you seized from the dozens and Zaria. I'm doing okay area. It Baghdad where college today was a really awesome yeah it's. Okay and this is gonna seem so strange trite but somebody has a crush on you. It went. It's. We're not in middle school. Are we go any further there are we need to know if you were available to dates. Right now are you single. Yeah he's a guy. And that's get and that this president has a question he's an all kinds of awesome and things like. You have an amazing spirit and your kind in your gorgeous and Beatles law and uses beautiful soul and your closer to your family have all these amazing morals. And that's why did you go to Rwanda it. Or triple checked the number because it would be so operatives read it. Or so since your single mistresses and Ali's great things about you try to do you wanna know who's gonna crash sunny. Yeah yeah I guess. Now you've got to say with confidence of San Diego. Or did OK okay hides out now what happens is we will bring your crush her. I and we view and that. Stuck. I didn't ask my question. Yeah I don't even need and I hit skim over Michael thanks in telling C says the question I. Henry's right do you have any guesses on here crest Monday. Yeah. Yeah not really I mean I am now via MES. Oil and yeah Jimmy gas. And and new year and then heard the bar. At tags is see work with yeah. She didn't know cheat sheet from them to regular attack. Anybody else. Yeah I mean. I don't know not that you'll look somewhere in the mid. I don't contain. Anything else you're throwing this fire Cali and her. So anybody else you hope that might be. No. Mound against you know Nolan could become one of my and they get. OK but you want out. Are you ought to know where you can't I. We will all pay you back out here in three minutes and on the phone with us at that time will be your crush earned. And she will identify herself to use a hole on forest just a couple of minutes we'll come right back and neither side trying. Older. Her big serving game trying can I should trashy continues. Stream as from right now on the Jetsons and cast. You can jump start at 410. Wow yeah. Our guys that I confess your press is continuing here. We just a Detroit components again he said that he does want to know. Who's got a crush on him and pressure is about to reveal herself I'm Dave but before that Kelly who was rising gas fiesta Jennifer at the Barnes and that's who he flirts with the most. And night time. I tried this in the moment of truth are here today. Yes I am. I had to re air re connecting the crusher. She is on the lying. And the airwaves of stern any 41 pressure. Are all you'll learn is. I'm trying. To. Currently. Indiana and cool calm in the mix. On these I I can't believe undoing. Yeah. Hi. Okay caddie who. I have ailments obviously. And god in coming. Your arms for the past month. After Internet content laughed all the current. Yeah I really enjoy. Talking to you and getting to know you and think about even outside as you being the bartender. And I feel. Like I'm starting to feel something crew and I can't. We re Carol if you're and I can you bar. A minute hospital and you are because it's your job or she showed something to. So. I. Here we are. We are. Yeah yeah and then. Yeah opening how could the I don't discuss the other. Until probably didn't really. More orphans there's been a symptom of its focus shirt I. Thanks that's a good thing then I think. The main thing. So. Jennifer. Dell. Is and it's yeah. It is when you probably heard heard you know long time I listen to me because then the pop in the red. Let's try is single and alone and ready giving a absolutely both sides are now there has started this so I think it's so so what is the extent San Diego and and then and I went to a working again soon trying. Actually I worked so we're low so any are you going to become thirsty later. A bit. Actually licensed and time each or outsider your entire. Yeah I would do it. Yeah first. I Troy or Europe every giving you your phone number. Absolutely it. Call some weeks I would like CNN and I. Couldn't let it I got my. Trying. But I lived. Okay you were. Yeah. I mean it was like a 100% like homer in the butt. This is just heard early get a kick her out of the bar do you have any. If you've got to go out. Do you have any idea who Jennifer is. I don't. I'm going to remind in the short time I've been there has I think that one day she's terrible she's always. Always there has always allow other's idea how many of these days yeah. I had to do it may be higher than the woman that looks like they knowingly. Are they can beat her. Sailor who's hotter you or Jennifer. India of course it's our I had Davis press about us now I just thank you. I don't think you know what I can get blood and bright and so well. How do we really feel about and old school. And you just have fun means single NN. Without about the Jennifer she was sloppy six games before the first thing even happens rule. Schools can't again. I was trying to think I was trying to be so optimistic and it could Rolen in the public's and all you want is a smaller spot. Tell us all they have are stupid fruit flavors yeah. Whatever at least pop. I can't really just compare it to and I always the 4042630941. I would love it if somebody on my side. Do you think it's just sloppy seconds. 100%. It's obvious it. 404263094. Line if you agree. Would love to talk to you in three minutes. Starry night before one. We just have to confess your trash with India food. As a big low pressure on her bartender new friend Troy a fully active and we've got a crush on me said Jennifer so just question is. Did I did it's she just sloppy seconds chief Rockies and for a any and hey if you're one half of those cashing tickets we will have a employees here engines is second with promissory were running so late cash your can't wait via webcam as her presidency and this conversation got. I have be Marietta what's out. Okay. Great wit you'd yeah I. Beat act and I don't let alone what a bit and but what are the court now I thought it. Involved in the heartland of them had actually I actually think you were upbeat guy in and yet sniping again ground but I definitely think you'll sloppy again. I seriously don't got no Trace in tennis. Yes I agree a hundred would you do that she is sloppy seconds. Thirds sorts sit Bart and crowded while. You know see that the definition of it EHC. Let's it DA offered an insurgent designated hitter in baseball hitter in baseball. I remember is a picture. And idiot is the designated hitter commandant in the printer did not bite when he came in which he's done yet he can't seek to have yeah you have. And housing authority he likes he knows how wild west. I want to ask and has. Donna what's going on. I am I not know about me and there. You are encouraged to age I would buy it on much to call it stupid it. Interdisciplinary if you can be no. Oh yeah yeah yeah Donna what do you have lowered. I feel to believe. I don't lose. I. It just took the last time I should've had a string coming into their courage eager to show us. Are any. Here's what I love about confession cracks this whole segment there's there is bill radio dimension into our rights as always if we're learning how to do radio what do they say it. You don't you don't want to add. Marry guy. I have that I never have to ask you who what when there's five seconds of silence after she has how are you feeling. There's nothing that five seconds and there is the most beautiful song and then he outcomes in width that you know the words he says the words I felt positively what they hear is this. Lee and Covington. Well OK and I totally disagree with that whole thing. I didn't at all. I hate. To use it again or did she cross tomorrow got hurt hanging out at first joint. Sounds. You can get into your dinner like. Madonna there'd I'm. It's easy and I didn't have at times now. He just didn't realize the Indian head moves install. The power of the clean I think so yeah I. One last college and pass through my favorite Jesus. Let's agree that she's bringing indicator welcome to the show. And Indiana. So and then. Don't. Limit the bench he would've actually read or heard. Back my golden girl. Guy. But he didn't. And it's so cool and she sounds like such earning his time. It is India and she is confident that yeah I just think she should maybe pass I'm a new bar. 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