Stuck in Your Clothes

Wednesday, August 2nd

Ever try on something, and get helplessly stuck trying to get it off? It's a feeling women know all too well...


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For goodness it's yeah. OnStar and not before one. First of all thank you do everybody who just tuned to aim at this hour and a poor one. I had a bunch of people. I'm bored just in the past couple minutes so thank you for joining us I secondly here's a topic of conversation the you can import. Apparently. We mean getting stuck in their clothes is not an uncommon things. It's very comment I am surprised years of practice and I am. Oh yeah. I imagine yeah. I theirs. To this by watching alleged creepy old man and women's underwear. I cannot explain yourself. Dig getting thirty seconds here and I'll explain what I'm talking about Monica and Douglas veiled women getting stuck in their clothes this common hound. I said. A million. I actually got trapped in a bachelor and now my mom out there. You had to call your mom to come to the dressing. Yeah I try to win and that's door and tried on a gentle very. But I could tell extra 100 occurring and I got cold and on. Scott McCain and I'm good to lock it we can't wait again. I would like oh my god and you immediately got heated demonstrations rookie. Yeah. And then these are some way he actually and that makes it learners and constantly. I like I don't know I don't know that people serum like when I walk out dredged from the subject skirt on like she didn't help kick the ball. I called the how some way would she. And blush I didn't you hire until a minute I'll. Hi you have and also and I salute and what I'm not I'm not as. I little little. And my diet. Brag on where I went and I don't. The reason I'm I'm bringing this that is because we have ITV's in the studio would they were monitored via a morning TV and staff and there's a commercial that runs. Like during Good Morning America or UNH Atlanta or whatever we have on all the time in it makes me laugh. NAFTA is it's a woman with a dress. All over her head in address Sunday. Yet and then all of her friends are coming and I think they're trying and the wedding dresses are bridesmaids dresses and they all laughed at her and and I'd never hear it with the sound down. For whatever reason and makes me laugh and she stuck. And judge finally admitted him to see you guys know the reason I'm watching that underwear commercial for women because they think it's funny now Kazan perjury and in Cali does they had respecting those people are. Oh and like every woman can relate to that commercial and I LA's. I went. You if Simon dress right and it's as if Bryant on the back. But you don't have a friend is if you so you put it on with a zipper all the land currently CM Poland on monk it's nice and sunny and fancy yacht this is great. But you can only get as if burned down just our. Sending you got to chime pull up over you need to do. Yellow legal hull earned his first cut your hair a vessel or has that we're only half ripping out chunks of your hair to his cot in the zipper that's halfway down a little bit down. The alerts. I can't believe that the Macy's when they sell us so harrowing free offshoot. Boards for all that's always seem tight they've put on eminence is like I'm never gonna get in my arms out how to. And best ever my elbows and he constantly chatting and like I'm gonna have to label literally squeeze my shoulders together yeah. If this works for all over my head really get Chris Andrews special agent and Arizona thank you wanted to say thank you yeah. Is Ariana. Yeah act Arianna and our campaign will exact. Yet and I cut our might need you in the L boss. So. You have one here on a play aren't you know I did and wreck my mirror and I drink in. Delegate good amount of cash and I had big Mac and I. Got caught. Rolled up to get ready. Yeah. But he's terrible and you can help change and you can't call nine and one for that's no that's how I. Ever collect. I like how are in pain in my right and anchor. And I'm still. At a little bit. Well I get older and down easy yeah get a look like normal. School there because jeans shirts are totally come back and you get home skinny. An assurance I ides and you haven't soldiers Syria and having it might have been when I was in Las Vegas for a big time awards show by myself I won't get jams sorry and then we'll talk do Olivier and Griffin who almost Peters out and addressing. I am right after her right after Julie Michaels Hensley on many issues and he's what I applies. Its NC I'll still are. If you just don't. And doesn't get into this morning and we are in lightning Jack and all demand listening about how come the the problem it is. For women to get stuck in their clothes class tennis or invade Vegas strip. And that we are gonna here so let me his story sue hey Olivia and Greg and welcome to jet engine south. Yeah. Oh my my. I heard it and and acting Guerrero while we were trying to hijack Ed. Or my brother's wedding because I convinced her that she could totally. And I did that and did not exactly and the guy yeah yeah I didn't. Get its man. And Demi did rocker and going to be mad at your lap older and less than south Ohio. Yeah and why it took. Selling it eat it stopped making her last. Bout. An important point at acted like how it all. It. And the wind and I got quite a little strange but I'm not and it cannot. China I think there's like. His unit is geared around trying to tell wet your pants and top. I'm Ted I think. On the ground as as well Hampton Iowa they're cashing tickets here in just a second I sat in and jazz and in Las Vegas I had gone out there this is an I was working in country radio and then gone out there to cover the academy of country musical Jackson says so excited for the red carpet interview everybody was when this fancy dress for right well I had. Had a zipper that went all the way from the bottom all the way up to that up the back. I come to the center so when I got dressed that afternoon before going to work the red carpet. I actually had to ask one of the cleaning ladies of the hotel is at Mia track nobody around it's issues like. It was really sweet about it whatever what I did not factory at that time is that I would be working all night staying out late everything else I becoming bad. I myself and there'd be nobody in the hallway day you don't wanna find somebody in Vegas hotel hallway to AMs and they can you give any help me take my address out exactly so I was so stuck in my address that I was literally trying to rip it over my head with a zipper still on I was doing that that whole little dance with your. Arms behind your head. I couldn't get anywhere. I almost plugged and it but it was so uncomfortable on just wanted to get out of it that I went to the elevators and I waited for some need to get off the elevator and asked a one another woman to unzip it about six inches down to where I can reach it. So awful hey man no idea women's shows how. You wanna share a story. We've got this up on our FaceBook page I jet engines on FaceBook. All learn to share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.