Wedding Invite Dilemma

Wednesday, August 2nd

Her invite to the wedding came with a sticky-note that really shouldn't have been left on it. What should she do now?


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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah yeah shell hole. What can be a tricky thing especially when it comes to the gas life. Because. It's have you got to make sure that your significant others got all the people that they love the most and you've got all the people that you love the lows. Most and it's expensive for all of those people. Should invite and your wedding feed them. Allow them to have their over bar and all that stuff so there's quite a negotiation that goes on who's invited and who's not and there is I'm elitists. And an accurate. It is a common thing because if you send out to shift. A list invites those of the must invites and if you get some of those back of people who can't be there. Then that opens populist to go to the next round did you have to do pretty close together so that B list people don't know that they were on the B list but the. Problem is if Kabila strained his friends and within a list francs. We sitting under a panic JK sorry no we didn't Exxon anybody off are wanting list I did aren't. I'm not everybody in another Italian people there and I don't Anadarko apartment complex is gonna be there who think the fact that everybody is richly URG but usually. Don't people once a fuel send back our CP that hey we can't come then you send them the invite says the people like Kabila's side. He blew one in Tampa here's he had parity people before. Right now here's the problem. If these blisters friends and A Lister you know zones JP did his and waves right and Kelly cheese came in when there was a bag I mean invite. Right and then we're like I'll call Jen and I chaparral. Check amount turnaround nothing happens and then three weeks later we get married my inside we know that we're idealist yes I've got to do it tight. And I well here's the problem that this one woman. Has ands. She doesn't know what to use so if you. Can guide her through this wedding etiquette issue we need you to call us. She received. Her wedding invite. Who is what she assumes is a about two weeks after her. Our co workers and makes her OK so loses says that co worker friend of hers getting married. I it's I don't know what her relationship is to the bright side OK what I know that people in her office got an invite a couple weeks ago. And then she got an invite. Over the past weekend here's the problem. There is a post it. Stuck to the inside envelope of the info I seen those fancy wedding invites got a letter envelopes and weird cards and all the staff. I'm gonna return card in the main card in that tissue paper and all that so the post it stuck to the inside envelope. Said. And handwriting and handwritten she's awesome slash. Boyfriend obnoxious. Slash and then the letter B huh. I'm a non so what everybody's history. Campaign news. Is that the US invades valid that's an ordinary shares and down of Alaska and she's she's great JP did at the dance. Far he's awesome he's on the Larry's got to come jab at June and is gonna bring freak and Lauren. Since they put a post it on there and great great woman. Daughter's gonna crusted chicken finger bar can afford it. B list. He never stood. He forgot the post it note on there and send it to her so she has any insight in her hand for her and aghast. It's says she's awesome. Boyfriend obnoxious. And in the letter B she doesn't know what to do. Break over the bush and the media stuff well. Lucy has options and here's our farmer swirl floor. 2630941. And I'll give you a couple things to think about always there to answer these calls a guy Laura Schwartz he's 630941. If you have that the perfect solution to that. Kazaa a so much smarter than and we. But here's the thing is her debate is issued pretense she is didn't see the post it and go to the wedding and hope. That her boyfriend doesn't do anything considerably prisoner and eating and not just while he's there. To issue respond for her only. Like you know they're. It'll go by herself to the planning go by herself because she does acknowledge that her boyfriend can be a little intense OK or is she so offended that should be treated that way it used as a go. Or does she tell the bracket. Hey I got the invite and Jesse knows this was honest I have 404263094. Aligning your opinions. And the answers next. Star in 941. If you're just joining us live if you got up on this story there's men who got an inner life to a co workers of wedding but there was an. Posted a note on the inside that envelope and on the post it notes at red. She's awesome. Boyfriend obnoxious. And the letter beat. So she knows she was on the do you ice B list for the invites but now what does she do we're taking your calls here and just a second for a 42630941. Are a few minutes left it's a text in to win if you could use an extra thousand dollars. Text the word serve as CUR aft. To seven to eight anyone that right now he's on Texan dressed in a message there is to apply but it's surged to seven to 81 could quite van. Crisp clean new 100 dollar bills in your pocket by the end of the day. Ten day. Ashton and Douglas L welcome to the Jetsons and show what you should it. I think it depends on their relation I think it go to her boyfriend. Turned out crazy. Says the troika. Canada. You don't boyfriends and see should be the obnoxious one while Graeme Boyd practicing want to give it though not. I got it so just a great and so the next wedding invite that goes out it says she's in Natchez boyfriends obnoxious. C list. Totally in Athens you've got some advice. I. Grant said Harris you concerns DP RNC LA Bruins and I Picard encrypt the guys that now. That's. Against passive aggressive as much as it is just aggressive. I am a little bedroom full moon. I thought. I aids my tax and Lawrence. Hi I eating a bride belt. I think Mac GDP. A partner Brad that how the bride to seal our Wyatt back and because at this situation and good and zero. On and what. They. Maybe they're a lot going on it and you are right certain thing they don't mean to hurt anybody the only diet. In art make a budget that didn't and being in order Charlotte that same ballot they're close at eight teller. If not then that it didn't really hurt may. While they're not that close because if you're that close the obnoxious level of the boyfriend doesn't matter right leg. And ended B list as a matter you still get invited and paid in there. I would feel so uncomfortable bringing the voice friends down here I wanna know you we do. I this is thus let's go back a few years UN grant aren't married yeah. You guys are just dating right right again invite to a party and you learn that host Barney. Thinks that he's not. Sean he's good idea you'd hear my main person and he he's he's so he's your boyfriend to the point where. UN rights. Where that you know that they're ready and I guess yeah contribute just new dating somebody or I don't get any as a. Now are you don't even get the plus one I don't think I'd go. And all I don't think I go to the wedding even if it's a co worker you'd see in office innuendo and I think I'd make him an excuse that I couldn't be there because it can't. I'm is your saying. Is this you know even given an obnoxious excuse and I'll send me your boyfriend's CNN. I can't make can't I just went out I think I would be like never. You're out here are some analysts are you need to you know like him you don't like me which you can feel like the raspberry. Passive aggressive about India like I'm okay well we're going to some he'll be heard about knocks fast. As happens in Nash drill every weekend at your wedding and so were going to if if if I MacKenzie welcome news channel. I'm okay what. I'm saying that he just didn't do. Amber and her boyfriend. Say it again and that they just got it. My daddy dollars so pass and I had so. Wig me in Smyrna what's out. I'll pose only later that morning okay since it started to keep it right and then you go to court. In order to make to lend it to us when I'm not going to plant. Now that it originally and come back and I'll ask or. All of. Well I just your pets so genius maybe it is she said picture online that will go viral. So fast yeah there's so passive aggressive OK hey Zain Angela and why. It's. Eight passive aggressive response noted we'll pass them along to. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.