Ghosthunting: with Leigh and Caitlyn

Tuesday, August 1st

Leigh slept with Caitlyn's boyfriend 15 years ago, but she's ready to apologize. Will Caitlyn hear her out?


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all now. Believe did something Caitlin fifteen years ago and they haven't spoken since it says she wants us to go those sensing. We'll do here in just seconds from the jet engine shafts technically she gets on the kids boys and. We'll we'll hear about it here. Let people who have no Steve you. Janice say hello to. Lee who would like Jessica gross earnings. For her train okay. So we are going to go looking for a friend from high school. Yeah. Hi all. As well and installing now see is I get personal reasons. We have falling out I just turned on her. And just am I really hate America at times and it's summer and she had a boyfriend. Then. I don't know anger I heard that I decided she used to gain him in and. Yeah. Everything you can imagine then that was. And do what I did attend. I make sure everybody knew about it you know and they wished her way to get back in her. It's how I was less severe eating fast how I'm black how long ago was this. Fifteen years ago and it was this summer raid after high school. Yeah. So why you wanna go fire area and a few words that. We're eventual. I think I just changed as a person and should. I can do on a fat. Gone to meet at NATO attack her her and that bothers me every game and I I really wish that. You know how she could come out when I'm so sort of more involved and current I am. And the Al entered into people's feelings and. I. I really wanna make things gray and I kept that a lot of friends. So I literally get friendly. That was my question what are you guys think. High school best tease. We know about that he's rallying around the circle I'm sure you're very sweet person and then oops. Now I I feel terrible though about the way treated parents. So can I ask let it did she do that was so bad that you have won and treat her halfway and you 'cause I mean that's. I mean hotel somebody's boyfriend and then bragging about it I'm that's obviously intentionally set it was intentional Lacey do. Actually started Guerrero about being cheap. You know and it sounds like. I I. Have got quit about two people on. The right. Appropriations language about. Pure eyelashes and that started everywhere basically there is played current giants. And so to disarm now rumored news site with her boyfriend asked yeah makes sense now that that's that's a guy I am brands. And they have some yeah that a rumor that I'm a criminal I am now gonna go rob a bank and outlawed sick. Are you think I'm a thieves tend to be right back to doing it. We know it only carries this many years he later. It seems saudis so such old news is why is it coming up for you again now. I. Thought well I really heard her hands. Loose. I can and can't change it a one gripe from zoom in so. Let them bring you her and apologizing to her is really more for years than it is for her. If not I mean I'd like you I. I'd like to patch things up and hopefully like oh per copy and and that know each other again and you know. Did have you made any attempts to reach her before calling us. I look turn it I even a small amount a asked for and and no one well he didn't leave on her arms around. Well I can't find her anywhere. I won't will do say the next 24 hours and decent detective work and see if we can find there and that we. Have pretty good luck so at this time tomorrow. You'll listen in while we call her and find out her level of interest in re connecting with the today I certainly do think she's gonna remember who you. Sure okay thank you ally Terry appreciate yeah. I'd this time tomorrow we go go standing on the jet engine champs and. And she I'll still are. Now it is time. To send tanks. Lets people Louisville's Steve you'll. Coming up on. And they Jesse James and show. Free weekends and people who. Out of your life and we are going to do that for the leaf foods told us that. High school friends is someone who deserves an apology from her and she wanted deliver that apology. Hi Lee says in that game was the summer after high school I did she deliberately no doubt we've stayed friends boyfriends. And then tell everybody about it and told everybody about it biggest cable is spreading rumors that he was from a spirit. It was funny and Lee wants us to call came in so she can apologize a decade and a half later. Lee we have found Caitlin. Really yet which actually down. And she has promised our son she has promised to answer the phone. As we call her right now. It's. Been OK let me any nerve CN okay. I mean yeah I merit but now. And I should get the car that parking Amy after all these years yeah I'm nervous sorry. I what we do is we put you on hold Lee you'll get to hear the entire conversation. You never get to talk to Kate when that Jen works her magic with that. And then well welcome back to you after we get off the phone with Caitlin okay. I and the line and we are calling Caitlin while you listen. Steps. I. And I. Kind. Caitlin. Her paint Palin aides Jen and jazz from the sentence and Johnson and 41 thanks for talking with us today. Yeah aren't sure. So. We do a segment of our show called goes sensing where we track down people who have disappeared and reunite them with the person that's looking for them. And it that you are the ghost today my dear so we've tracked you down and we want to reunite you with somebody who has been missing you in their life. You can. Area so Caitlin it's believed from high school that is actually looking for a year. Cocaine. One. Do you wanna reconnect with mark. Really have an interest in talking her to quit on us. CK I thought that was going to be the case has come on the scene where you stood with everything and honestly I'm looking error your very real opinion of how you feel towards that situation that I feel some title ignores that and I'm sure you do. He well I mean it's an out yeah Caroline you know ensure that they reduced to two years ago. You know back when I wouldn't let. And there shouldn't really horrible thing to me and I'm sure she told hero and I understand. You know she hadn't. Seen just. I'm console that and I just it's. Really don't eatery hash something from you know to have garbage terrible person. Then. Now I'm I'm I'm not about the whole cheating thing and had to stand. You know quite frankly a pretty ever so. Says he wouldn't be open and see how. Having a conversation with her so she could apologize to you know that's really what she wants to you know. Well you know I mean she deserves a little time guilt what she did was terrible on you know I. I moved on and I need I don't need to make her skills I learned she should feel guilty she should she'll really terrible crush and so. So you can say that say one last seen her and never talks are again well that last thing me. Good luck and then you know pass and let her beat I'm sure it contracted. I can't teach a lot. Notes is it okay ends this in the past fifteen years haven't done anything to say it dilutes. He had no idea. Larry I did I really yeah she's she's all right apparently linked. I'm having interest in encouraging her or and not so I'm sorry. Don't apologize we appreciate you coming on with us and and being a finance analyst at least to take our phone call about it she's gone. As you know are about to say things or even a real glad. That that's how she kept Iran at the end of the gunman kept that I really or else. I'd three minutes from now than we did have the phone and holds onto his lead right doesn't. Well that would lead and sit on she gets here that we'll find out her thoughts aren't. Star in 941. Coming on the Jeff contention. More or Caitlin on behalf of clean today we want us to track down her high school friend K Johnson should apologize to where we didn't close that movie. Message to Caitlin and just talk to her and she's like. And sorry no I text me Nene Nene. In an main man and not all about it and she threw some serious shale in the form of turkeys came back. And missing out on us energy and so we're going to get ugly here and get her thoughts on and the conversation. And elite. Hey Tim goes away. Now. Speculated the plane while. And actor probably geared. She would have been to prepare to get him interred and are becoming at all that I act again she still stuck in that plane. Yeah yeah. I think using fat. Well obviously you heard her terribly. Gather at fifteen years ago we were chants. Yeah but still she's married now she tried never ringer has been around GAO. Real. Well I mean I'm a different person and I dropped then I'd gotten help you know he's had it yeah and then some therapy and now I'm an emotionally mature adult now and that's why I'm trying to apologize. And that's disappointing aspect. You know and as a one man that he she wants to stay back in the past. I don't know the you can really put that on her reality. Yeah and all you did you say your intentions were to hurt her and the long term and that's they did and and now you're sadly your own intentions of sounds like so I feel like this apology evil selfish. I recognize that she didn't get hurt and then someone that I Hurley apparently and I think that don't make. And then put your talks in right and you can move forward and I mean she's not perfect teacher and she. Started a rumor about mean it was not fair. And. Dad's dad's fifteen years ago when you're not allowed to bring that out because you just ahead you've moved fast boom bow. Sat yeah does that anger it's commerce it's. Well I think I'm running my party and then mainly Shia and her apart and then and then when she had she lived. You know tomorrow then but instead she goes through and childish insult I mean sound. And guess what Percy got. I'm. Thank you may. Thank you guys really dig deeper. Tracking it can't get to have some closure and she knows RE. Scored thank you being here. Think yeah it's you. Here and then you see everything during the end yeah. And the sick and hit you don't have any comments of course. The conversation always continues on FaceBook sometime for a one Helena or Jeff engines show. All load all share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.