A Ghosthunting Request: Leigh and Caitlyn

Monday, July 31st

Leigh and Caitlyn were besties in high school until some serious drama broke their friendship up. 15 years later and Leigh wants to reconnect!


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And young star already forewarned. Believe did something Caitlin fifteen years ago and they haven't spoken since says she wants us to go ghost sensing. We'll do here in just seconds on the jet engine shafts technically she did some McCain's boys and we'll. We'll hear about it here. The people who have no Steve you. Janice say hello to from. Lee and blew it by Jessica I was signing. For her frame it. So we you're going goes Ding floor and found his home. Yeah. It was. Hi all. As well as have falling out all see. As I did personal reasons. We have falling out I just turned on her. And just I I really hate America time's hands. It's summer so you haven't toy brands. Then. I'm. Anger her that I decided she used to gave him again it's. Yeah. Everything you can imagine then that was. I do what I did attend. I make sure everybody knew about it here oh and they wished her way to get back in her. It's is less severe eating fast how I'm Iraq how long ago was this. Strip near and it was this summer raid after high school. Yeah. So why you wanna go find Ariana few words that. We're eventual. I'd I'd just change has occurred ten and should. I can do on a set. So hunt mean and I get back to her and that bothers me every game and I I really wish that. You know she could no means out one and some sort of more involved and current I am. And and the Al entered into people's feelings then. I. I really wanna make things right and I get sad that a lot of friends. She's totally different. That was my question what are you guys leg. High school best tease. We heard that that you know how members insert Garland. She is very true person and then oops. Now I I feel terrible though about the way it treated parents. So I ask what it did she do that was so bad that you have won and treat her plan that you 'cause I mean that's. I mean hotel somebody's boyfriend and then bragging about it I'm that's obviously intentionally set it was intentional Lacey do. She started Guerrero about being cheap. Yeah account and it downlink. I I. How exactly are about to peak pollen and Blake. You can create your language about. Pure eyelashes and that started everywhere basically that it played current giants. And so to disarm now rumored news site with her boyfriend asking yeah makes sense now that that's that's a guy I am bands. Executive summary there that are rumor that I'm a criminal I am now gonna go rob a bank and outlawed so yeah. How are you think mammoth did stand to be right back to doing it are. You know if only carries this many years he later. It's chizik saudis sell such old news is why is coming up for you again now. I. Thought well I really hurt her hands. I'm loose. I can and can't change it one gripe from zoo opening so. Let them bring you her and apologizing to her is really more for years than it is for her. Not I mean I'd like you I. I'd like to patch thing about the helpfully they're like oh per copy and and that know each other again and on top. You know. Good to have you made any attempts to reach her before calling us. I would turn it but I even a small amount RA. Our friends and now I know me she didn't leave on her sound. Well I can't find her anywhere. I won't will do is take the next 24 hours and decent detective work and see if we can find there and that we. Have pretty good luck so at this time tomorrow. Yo listened in while we call her and find out her level of interest in re connecting with the today I certainly do think she's gonna remember who you want. Spanish okay thank you ally Terry appreciate Leon. I'd this time tomorrow we go go standing on the jets and Jan Chan. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.