Spelling BB&T

Thursday, July 27th

In honor of the BB&T Atlanta Open we give you: The funniest tennis spelling bee you'll ever hear. 


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The jet engines show every. Need BB and C Atlanta over Manhattan sad Atlantic station has been happening Emeka is. I today and then as through the weekend and we have got a pair of tickets for today's festivities. And I would love to give them to tell you. And welcome to show Kelly. I think yeah I. I'm excited beyond now. We're so excited to have you line I was created a game called the spelling BB NT proof. Because tennis players have I unique. Unique means. Some of them are very simple play. Jack sock. Thank you say and I. He is a guy in tennis player he's got a Wimbledon crown in his trophy case. He is just too much chives reset everything and will be participating in the I'm beating the Atlanta opened Jana how would you use mass. Well Jack sock. CK. Yeah and then last name as OCK perfect and you would just went eight freight you've got all the letters and is incorrect OK you are winner. Negative comments that can. In May that it. If so what are your name what their job Kelly. Is we're gonna go around the room and everybody in the room is gonna get a chance to spell. A tennis player's name your job is to simply guess how many letters in the name they will get right. So Jack sock like I would say I'm gonna ask you spelled Jack's back. Jack sock and use say. And I tell you there's eight letters yeah that's an easy game they're gonna go paid for it. I think that you can't Coke and sell and then for those of you here in the room as we go around the room after you spell the name. You need to I'll give a good tennis serve ground. OK can we test and I tennis serves yeah we have a kind of asthma cancer. While the baby food cook. Big day Monday. Obama. I like everybody's doing hand lotion. Are always prescient enough and mountains we actually got to do it with I champion. I quickly around the room in my time. Time Kelly needs to work and the word quickly let's try again Jan. And at. Apologies to all of you try that in the current cup right I the the first name who is. Okay the first name which Jane you get to spell. There's nine letters in this named Kelly how many letters that well Jen get right. It defending champion. John Isner. So he's entangling. She's gonna go on nine for nine Chad I don't mind okay. John is. And there with a. OK I am gonna go with the traditional spelling of John but that's only part and if he's not so I'm gonna go. I and C and ER. When Martin. Sun has more of your little yeah. We will stick kind of an snakes. It's getting out all the energy they can't. I and John Isner is spelled exactly he's he's by the oh man. And came. Jeanne we take you next so I intend and this year's distinct feel the becomes even more cutthroat with the addition of one of the most improved players on the ATP world tour Wimbledon doubles champion. That's sick. Post this'll. Vast sick. Hospital. Bassett hospital. He's a 23 year old Canadian and it's his first time visiting the BB NT Atlanta opened their thirteen letters in the name of ethic. Post the soul and yeah yeah. Well. Massive coast to so that their posters of those thirteen though thirteen matters how many do you think should Jerry Kelly. I think so don't eat right. 813 and I'd hygiene massacre post the song. And dump it and it with your serve. My guess is fourteen letters that's halfback pass. This. Let's just let's hosts missile associates with Bruce to seal. Seal it. I won't do it that's it could be a SY UK. Plus plus plus the feel. POS. IA and celery. With a grip with a serve I have. Honor on us. Can you listen tenants can't. There's a VA SE KYKICBASYKPOSPI. Asked Al east is always say look. Okay in your ground please. She actually did a better than Kelley expect. It's a win for Kelly yeah. Today the proper name is VA SE KE. PA DOS. PI SIL. Is the right guy. Yeah yeah. He writes. Telling hang on the line for. Or is how we got to get away Edwards for that thousand dollars and that will come back and see allies JC and Philly cheese there would there. The Stevens came on the radio. You know maybe if he isn't I challenge you to bounce around on the radio stations and see if there's any good. And dumber this defense. Star in 941. Carrying a 10% at CS administrator on the radio anywhere and right now since he's spelling BB NT Atlanta. You are. Are about to win this tickets to go hang out there today. All you have to do is. Correctly predicts. How many letters. I Kelly season JP will get in this spelling of these tennis player name. I feel very erratic I have read at IJ AP this to be yours is an eye sees you on for an. I they're ten letters in this name I don't forget JT have to spell it and then end it with your best tennis front. Offense and guy Kelly you have to guess how many of the ten letters you'll get right. In the name. Sam and queries he is a former touch when he player from California and is seen lanky six foot six inch tall player. He's got a whole bunch of ATP world tour titles Sam queries. Ten letters and ten letters he said. You can use a double land for samples. I how many letters you think he will get right. I'm aren't the only time he's got hi I. Shoot. 55. San wary. SA and the if it QUE. RE lie. Tennis strategy and that's my female grunt Kelly. You save nine he got nine exactly what. Neat. None that I ever doubted you can't even that was grain is actually get to ours in his last name QU ER are. You yeah. I'd Kelly that's three for three C you've got the tickets congratulations. Good. Today I just refined Kelly she's IU. I get to spell. 830 Euro this guy is at thirty years old he turned pro in 2001. Man. He. I mean his maiden ATP final appearance in Auckland. Before losing to John Isner in the final OK I'm Hank he is from our China. I'm quite say it means easy and I nine letters his name his name is yen. Some. The. Yeah and that son Luke none letters and his name also there's Croatia and. But instead of using inflation and making use tennis serve it's half half. I days yeah and the sun not lit. And I think counting as a letter I did not count knife in his own tech mentality there and I'm gonna go Lance. Come. Yeah I'm gonna go live and you we're gonna go until it faulty love. It will play how many does killing team and you're right that matter shared with a ticket so lost so resume in this humiliate music. President so I'm going to go plans please quiet time high and plus Kelly she can't sell a law. I. I and that YEE. And time and see UN GLU. There are brand and it. Yeah T get right now. All of and a half at banks and all I eat and time and this. I think it's time. Yet at times and moving around half naked and lying. Eat and not have time this neat. There is filing hairs on the kinda and is in Vera I think. So I am also as an instant amnesty for anybody who wants so watching millionaires out or IE. And time CA. Why he and her fifth. You were on the utter. And I hung up okay and and in the coming Chinese bella. I may so. YE. And aides. And ex EU. And valued. NC Atlanta over and that Atlantic station thank you Kelly for a ban on baby Kelly James and it's gone on all weekend again. Is gone out its meager time. Star in 941.