The Most Brilliant Boyfriend

Wednesday, July 26th

This guy knew EXACTLY how to trick his snooping girlfriend.


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Sorry not before one okay turn it up. And Jesse James shell hole now. Generally there are alassane ahead is a fantastic story. Analysts in it decided to go through her boyfriend's frown she decided this new. Placido mentally prepare hope pins coming sometime. It's an invitation just to take the heat I will amount Connie around them by show of hands ladies in the studio food his snooped through. A man's found. My energy and I. Look if someone says messages that come up on the home screen so you never picked out commands found. And scroll through it now ever. Got around you it. I haven't. I really haven't I swear I would tell you guys there's no reason why why would act and. The sniping now if you take someone's song without them knowing it and just let Janet. Well yes and home I'll accidentally grab my husband's rather than mind thinking minutes and you only got one on the home screen where I Todd in the pop up. Went outside and marriage Garrard has and we're talking like acrid aiding and staff didn't yeah. Jenny I believe you I have an I had a really bad experience with my boyfriend's friends going through his phone down and it was awful. And I was like him who just never never do that it is. Alison what prompted you. To go through to want to go through your boyfriend's found was there once something is or send that specific or was it just there are calling to you. Not only. Employed strip a couple weekends ago. And I don't know I know what I should listen and say I'm man about it but I don't sound a little bit. They're half. I will listen serious. And her boyfriend might be the most brilliant man on planet earth. Because he created the most glorious track. For you so he baited her into let us now I don't need you now beat her into any of the found he. Created a trap that he would immediately now if she did look it is a tank. You and it's. And and he prayed and the weakness of moments ago I had thousand tell the story. So I was sitting next to him watching him play into that and then they take that mentally of what and Blaine bearish. Clinton just sound in the. And really there with a phone number intelligence passcode like this and that number has to do it and them. Just on and I ended up not finding any pain at all and there are none thing. I had mentally and what I have is. Prepared contact slipped from number oh and the Canberra. Listened extra friendly sound Embraer which mainly go curry be digging like what I'm saying is it's bad bad number area and then pat. Which then. I ended up having to talk to him about it because of how much. All. Day. And there and he told you the reason that his ex girlfriend's phone number was the password was because. An email that I would Jamie opinion that I I would end. Passes you can add to go and I'm. Gentlemen. I the most brilliant man alive. That's. I wanna play teams like that. Playing games. Talking about tennis yeah. Speaking is like I can out sneaky ill. Say mainland side. An email that I don't end up having to contend. Around. Jeanne brilliance. Since it. Isn't the most brilliant thing you've ever heard his brilliant. All right Maggie brilliance yes rob and yes probably should've had magic and turn round effects. What chamber you've got to give him respect. Yeah a little bad tying blue. Are you glad he's you know women maybe it'd be like and I he's doing and I wish I ZZM. And coach them room. After. Her every time did you try to like fight him again since you try to be like oh so you think about her every time you appear on. I know it's irrational but yeah I didn't want maybe it'll go really. Yeah I mean it is all about and did. Ten occasions. I thank you for sharing that story I feel I field and back irate there. The most brilliant man alive deserve their time. And as I am analyzed that Gary they're deserves public recognition I think he doesn't always drink just psyches. Lead as he doesn't win his ex girlfriend's. We have a priority caller. We here ever priority daughter. I ladies and gentlemen. Please say hello to you Jason and this smartest man on planet earth. Below Jason Odom and Asia. They get a good day and we are floated you do. Including the women's studio. Out of view for that trap you assess your girlfriend Allison. Bank scandal really that I got credit for little. Did you get so. Hey did you know she and crazy tendencies because in our current and put those things together and actually both. My eyes your password out noticed that it's the same length of a phone hammer and then goes through every single one of your contacts to match up that phone number. Listen acts. Like you know she's got secular tendencies deviant. We. It's a little bit but I didn't really expect I had acquired an appropriate that you wouldn't do it. Volunteers like I knew I didn't get kind of do a little bit deep down you won't believe it. If you are a little things are just a couple minutes ago Allison called us out to tell us that her boyfriend's. She went through her boyfriend's phone and found absolutely nothing because Jason and only is the smartest man I. But he's also the most trustworthy and loyal man. She found nothing in his house. Except for the fact that the password he used and his found as his ex girlfriend's phone number. And it's rove Allison so not that she had to admit to Jason that she went through is well. And I think that is brilliance this. And Jason Hurd as Saudi about it and is calling out to receive the accolades that he doesn't. Giving him a trophy. Fists typically men can't outsmart women at this time he did that lives. O'Brien Jason. They don't you love coming into all the men listening right now currently changing the passers in your found. Don't do I tip my hat to you. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before want to.