Bathroom Etiquette

Wednesday, July 26th

How do you not get blamed for someone else's...uh...lasting bathroom presence?


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I love to know the answer every question asked of proud who pride myself on either being able to answer is fake it. It's Jim threw one and the other day that plagued me in the past. Everybody. You are at your workplace and me you've got to get used restroom and you walk in to us. Disaster. And you just go follow gore race so whoever comes after is gonna think this was me but it's not many. Jensen is what is the property. Procedure to let everybody know I didn't do that and high tides. No answer. Isn't so we need we need your health from Fiji has 404263094. Line. You use the restroom at work you already committed once the doors opening year and right yeah party committee go when you do your business while breathing through your mouth. Whatever and just trying not to breathe and then you come out in somebody's in the already there and they're about to go in there and you feel like you have to say they lost. Wasn't I. Camilo guilty for saying it was the earth because I. I was so sure. I bills on the channel that maybe should give up very. Hold your breath the whole time yeah I'll take an elite then they around Tate says yeah Richard T shirt over and knows well. Then you also feel like you walk out there might be a cloud of their. Stink around June that you've been tainted from day. And it's following you laid back character I'm on the peanuts cartoon. Against the big bad is the cloud. Well once I'm Megan and where exactly she thinks there's room. Well I understand there are called Cooper is what I won't. Not if a group worried you are getting called out. That's a layer. So has anybody been called out for not using their Cooper in your office. About and I'm the first one called them I had a back door open and I get an ankle where you are on call. Love us so grassy playing downwind from the back. I was more humid Saturday. Lula. Battier and Ariana. Well I did you like Garrett because it. At some point I mean he didn't tell I don't think you. Are about. Bridget kids if you didn't do it you don't do that. I mean yeah did. It I would be everybody does it on time. Khalid how am I not been the site. I let and eighty and I honestly yesterday I had a back and mark I want and it would obviously out and I. Wonder your eyes but I didn't write about whatever people I would be here nobody. Yeah it better than women. I will say that number two means less once you have kids because it is all offend somebody else's all the time now. Have a higher tolerance yeah. Fire science foray you do because you know I mean. And I can just sort of I went putts and does your kids let's again. You know he's sign up for that you get pregnant you get all excited your show announcing indeed being general no guess what it should all be proud. Big blue doesn't matter it's all brown. Andrea in order for us since. Yeah I would just couldn don't even bother trying to go. There's no point sleeves. Definitely I would just go waiter my lunch break true and I had a break shouldn't you go tomorrow and I actually worked which one underground obvious so no good. And I don't want an awkward. Tension. Yeah. I heard the outer mark remind our attention. And don't let it every single. And the child's play through our chats where it was every day at 9:30 I am somebody's schedule. Is like to. What can Howard earlier and not come. Also there was the wind and it was in the women's room and so the women. That that I work but we'll come back to the studio literally. We infringed their tips and it's hot hot hot on their and their clothes and in their clothes are damn place. Paying. If this move had scheduled back to your own. It's at it's like yeah that's your own thrown. Yeah. Inflation gear rule. If you can't go to that floor. Anybody else little confidence. And really that's in hobby lady comes down to floor every day. Just paints are off it's. Here's the problem I have a little PT ST DK did you down one time I got trapped on the other floor because it was good yeah. That was my big clam the elevators were off and so they would so no you couldn't column there and and that the words. Like. We hurt ourselves nobody say they had to go reminds Lauren bang and the dorm like he. Or I I did all the way out of the basement like walking in the days man come up near the dumpsters I. Is democracy Amer I can yeah. It was. We just.