Hank Denson Reviews The Bachelorette

Tuesday, July 25th

The funniest Bachelorette review on radio is back!


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I think she and show. Arnold for. Against them under the shadow mornings and ordinarily come back so we are day. Except a little bit tired because I stayed up late to watch Rachel had to watch it twice twice was something about vis a moon. I had to get to. K I. Bonds from what I see here a high. They had this lady was stone face Guzman was that this is Rachel's mom snow and rain and raise a take Rachel found she wasn't given not thin. I missed apparently her grilling Bryant says in oh. Asked at slice and dice I never heard this morning she just totally. Grills. Brian this is the racial lines and the table. Mom is there meant a white guy in the room I. Got somebody has not think OK some of these spasms here. I was like so Rachel's mom is she married ideals we mom and had a forum. Bad divorce new wife on the side south sonet I was. I thought so he he's divorce battles the wife OK and then that was assist her husband. And then there was one sister did and have known as it was could resist such a bad episode is everybody going to be is that Rachel's Pamela everybody is going to visit Rachel's family and getting grilled by originals my real low acted here's Brian Gay and toasted. Mention your calls him mother when. In a marriage when you're life and you're not. It's whereas like on. And she would get. My life and that's something. Heads it's a situation where I'm. Where is the power of where should be. See me. Death and don't talk about Saddam had the same problem in my wife and my mom. Bump heads oh really and so as I get a felt right houses like. He played a mom too much you simply have your mom so much when you talk with some answers moral commitment. Sounds inviting my. And not ask initially had assistance it Negron. I went out I do you stand now. Six times the only mini Al manic young. Left left shouldn't be and we needed a job W do. And ray grizzled momma is not a dividend CNN mama did you. No one aside to be in love. I think you're comfortable. Question love really in this so it can amount of time so I'm really uncomfortable. With the word love at this point. You can't you know the little things as fans you know I want to get to know this person more now. They love. In two months no days he's a loving two months no. Relating little horse and buggy was important. Is rest until any and. Does she wasn't OK I think she was feeling in the area Erick Erickson not feeling. All right and it's how awkward is geared in a myth that you would invent. It was off shall we knew it was like you gotta marry this girl. Which one is Eric again marries them and the flow. I have got there he he says he's never been in love before but no last night when he was mayor of Baltimore. In the heathen by. Well like this he couldn't count okay he couldn't Somalia outs left a lot of it but I never did. Lets you see on national TV all right so he's like I've never been in love you in a physical trainer a UN really. A lot of bodies me and oh yeah. On Sloan I. No Bluetooth. All your hide I can't do it I'm not a love she had a her faith in K town. It gave her to hang in last club Peter was lie young scared or nervous dome. I did understand how these dudes is beer Fallujah myriad like. Do you marry Jeff rent is all it is such a rough. Do you love ball love balls aren't you just like it if it takes you wind what you gotta be like. Our proven. Yeah this is your first you're watching the show where it's not really about. Of not about ratings yeah. But it's about trying to find somebody the year compatible enough with the you can have a show business future wave right. Anglo oh compatibility only last until you actually sleep in a row within the wake I wouldn't compatibility starts when the cameras off. Okay you can't you just you could say. Compatibility. Right compatible reds to a certain extent let's start traveled disliked this. That's. Why you recommend going to have you ever do it at all those editorials. You would do you work woody glides it in jails army in. They are fat and really shouldn't be a fantasy too sweet lady really trying to find. Compatibility it should be a road trip. Yes maybe yes it should be you have to drive in a hurry yes right there are comfortable nothing high here every little bit. My hundred dollars dollar treat doctor Richard let's you have to drive from here to Detroit. Don't get the beer I. And you all think you can eat and you get a budget for fast food along the way and that's it. On the red dead that's tests so they got last night Jeb. I'm not ready yet engaged CEO he's. Are you going to want only unlike you I'm date Q he told. Commentator. Caution at the end of this year. Although Intel she either push for the ring or did producers are pushing her to push for the rain. I don't like she got a Peabody the facade of the show that some is inning giving gays can marry because she's like well I want Allen again. I want some fun. Journal says you look around everybody was there you look at their sisters and their Rosemary everybody was in the is more. That's a hard thing says she doesn't wanna be the bachelorette and failed by not giving aid season. And Moyer CC cents a pretty sickening surge Cheever yes of this is where I want to me and owls with the kids. Dog and this is Zairean next week here's what next is tell often alone. You have many sell well and an uncanny and what's the little twit from Nashville. Long and yet all they will and they name with the spiky hair that was so I. I share a common name correctly then I come back and fight for your reasons singer he's saying is either Wu I guy in order none out now while boom in a lot cleaner hit this guy he got into would you and he was like Jean king he's aggressive. Yeah. Hang do you believe this is your life right now. Yeah this. We're back. But got the got to hear this from Boston was here we're seeing now is not answer differently from if you can't yeah. This area really liked me get dead best ring announcer last. Thanks for making this wedge. Indigestion gen job on star not before one and it.