Who's Really In The Wrong?

Monday, July 24th

Is Mary in the wrong for being with an engaged man? Dara says nope!


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Steele is laughing real. Syngenta chili's on. That's the bachelor party does say at the bachelor party we learned as we heard from Mary in Norcross who told us she was in Vegas. Met a massive party and meta groomed. And their relationships started a magazine has continued till now where he's potentially call off his way. So. Her story sure there I mean a couple of girlfriends and today it. And that little guy games and were in the Nantucket and I'm not sure sure I have. And I am here are nothing crazy. And we had been talking ever since. Every day and on the track I don't try very Garrett every way. I hope I mean heck. Oh I was saying well how long you know how long ago was this trip. I am last week in the and iron and said last week about you can beat Carolina aren't they are cutting and and he'd learned and kidnapping and and what she did out I don't eat. And I peek into each and you're attacking me an eight hour. Whoa okay so when he came to see you. Well I happens and we still just talking about our connect. Merriman might add a little easier and more talking. Heat. He won the task but it might act that they are at area because you know I should go into that. Alignment in and it never unruly crowd can be learned in the air trapped. People weren't too happy. I think we is Mary's. Process of finding a man. At home wrecking. OK so let me throw that not admit red. Carpet tomorrow. Good team. Around especially the latest on little. It was Mickey. Kristen and Alpharetta home. Are all essential I don't I don't eat at all on this and a good. He ain't cheating women have bad Lang. I'm sure I'm not at all but that's. Right okay. The and then auntie from Lawrence who don't. Mary had. 010. You're you're she. Keep going and indictment. May be you get your card saying he. Didn't come on eight. I am but not everybody. Finds it Mary's behavior rock. As a matter of fact there are there is a small contingent of women who think that Mary is doing exactly what she should be gone. Really yes hi welcome to the Japanese and shall. I I is it diet is that there are. There yet and we don't need to calm down like traditional age zero Y Sears sock on what Gary's doing. Well. Mean first of all she didn't let and the others single American. To do it in delegate she went how much candidate time and she made it connection with a diet sterile. She doesn't know. Until she knows nothing about you know. There history or what have you and he seemed to want pursuing her so let's look like she did nothing wrong option. And and and what yes I mean I wouldn't let me ask. This guy at her destiny's play and he he clearly is. Colin another girl so there's something going on the where everybody jumping on Turkey should let her culinary life. And they need to calm down which she didn't drinking raw. It hurt. In the in the world say it makes it something that she should be pursuing. Could they made a connection. Can't help make a connection where he's like she she needs just to learn. Yeah I learned. Yes you can and you find a guy is engaged you shut it down my guess it's a real it's disrespectful it's. I mean why would you do that and how do you think that's okay. How many times do you see. The first relationship not work out and eat and then he kind of die. She did terrible on her or they made the decision to do something to help. I can't control could they just how he did not. And then they end up happily ever after. In the second Richard Harris agreed with children and a long term future and help who love. And really connect with at a certain time in the you know Berkshire is obligated to buy a lot of it. You are right. So here. How do you think that Mary. Is actually saving. The other woman from a bad parents. Again I hope you know and good for her into thinking about I want to know. And he just can't help you connect with the university it's not her fault she didn't go out. Oh I want to a bachelor she went out of the time she connection with a I came home and he's still into. If frustrating because they're making so much sense and it does I. It then makes man. She is she is not the only one he thinks there's and called on from out partying at all. Eight martini you. There. I'm. And more all I actually met there's another woman panel I mean that kind of thinking about what they tomorrow. And you only wind and relations section you can only one stepping out on penetration except. So she'd I mean looking woman she greeted you do whatever she wants it to general Casey joining me how often charmed day you know I'm relationship parity. Let's cut the topic and I hit the corner. I can't see between them are Connecticut and I. Yeah I would you worried about all right let's say that you were married in Norcross wouldn't you be worried that. You would just in the future be in the same situation where he'd be looking for something house. I mean. Absolutely absurd and I think it would Wear enjoying the bachelor party urge shirt. I didn't. I think exactly cut and immoral and it will play argue okay awake and machine is okay attack should I really do not. Any future bachelor party this guy has his relationship with with. Britain right now okay yeah he's going to be right. Let's take this isn't nephews and Chucky cheese. And uncover a team party I am wild time bloated era I am blown away at the number of people. Through a 100% agree with you Margaret and alana. I am and current and let other people won't Mac OM I'll look back at last. I support it now. Wow OK so why is there and guess. I. Oh in the net and hope that climate and it. And they need and the tender. I thanks. Satinder back then was it just to dial up telephone. This is outstanding. Cindy and Carter's well. You agree with Dara and withdraw marries doing. I come on the and about it but how did a good friend look at guy. A couple of years just gently French mercenary. And and mind you just about it like that abortion Alice thank you but he's not a bit. Like it never got any time that. Oh yeah angry. Divorce we are greater. Than other retention. And. Nothing happenings at all between the two review that they are not yet not a did not handle known today inside two days after he had divorce. Yeah married loud. That's how you guys are good friends he says. Whether or not he won a beauty Amanda horse. We look at our eye today. And how helped artwork can lash out there it hurts. And not. Everything else and they had iron into how do you protect. I'm white shirts. And then eat so it what I've decided I'm didn't of course and that's married church twenty years. Holy how slow and play some little and somebody in that dictionary are really got to Canada and things. I got a day and age is over for the rest of my life and dare outward trying to find people who disagree with the because they appeared they were really fired up but I. There's so many people comment to agree to the U. It's a minute. Or little in world war 2630941. Is our phone number Derrick can you hang on for a couple minutes because I want you tell us and tell the story. Of your experience in this area. Because my original thought was that she was the other woman I do and attack but she's not. She actually. Got cheated nine and appreciates the fact that happened 10 visits a terror. Oro for blown my mind's on June presenting views. For its own 630941. Going to be a part of this conversation. Thanks for making this list and show. And Mary went in Vegas and met a demand just means they still would check it out even came to visit her. Regularly is the man. He's and he is bad for par. And this. Is now talking about canceling his wedding. Calling up seeing pavement because. Marion nor. I'm. And. The Iranian. Is losing this show and is thinking that this is not a bad thing and people that need to stop him and Mara. Our Mary grief. Because people are coming down hard on Mary saying you've got to step away from that relationship people like Mickey. Home wrecking OK so let me throw that helped you Rip Torn up and actually. I think our. The outcome of the rabbit like he didn't let a little. There are things are buying music come down. And that this is actually got Mary's problem at all yeah she thinks it's totally blaming the groom and Derek thinks that this is helping them achieve their destiny and. Not everybody disagrees with error which is shocking we got a clear through these tar mines. A real quick vote. You'll be chalked it at its and this after about a year and right after we hear from you know we have got your shine Mendez tickets. And backstage passes to go hang out with him this Saturday Jeremy Fredricka these cause tell us why you feel so passionately about this. The trend you know like I said earlier it could be their destiny and dean every time when I. My college sweetheart her church signed years and I. I was home you know. I we we're gonna get married and we're gonna have children and I'm the one and Yunel. Turned out. Find out through patients jerk that he didn't cheating on me. Tired I mean I was devastated into the love of my life now I do data for amber and I couldn't get my blood. Without and moving forward each. It into the day I was so loud I didn't get real picture you know. And I didn't understand that the utility that she'd totally different ideas about what our future but local exchange well yeah they're involves yours. Exactly if. But it turned out. You know if they you know my share was a research and get settled and and have a great future together and now and hit the picture was. Mary didn't control and how to educate and help each. Actually I hope you actually appreciate that fact. That he achieved any. I don't know actually because it turned out you know on seeing ground Mary held such not gently tried children. On and living two doors down from mom and they're small town that AT and Shane. And I seem to eat and don't even try and being happy and military central job. I'm looking church sermon and I think I am much more compatible so what I'm really teach it. What do you not like an idiot if I broke my heart and I I would just under an ill. He cheated on and it wasn't. Wonder intimate account so. He had an Leann in Gainsville. Disagrees with your assessment even after hearing that story ran. More I. You didn't opt. Out I taking out. A couple time. That aren't they quietly he didn't know it. It ain't been back. And here at 88888. At all there are at an order but I. Still hate. Exact look you face animal and be like if you feel a connection here go figure your life you don't. I just first the first phone call we took the data nowhere after he comes over the house and yard work is like either way out and get a divorce does I think were meant to be together Shahzad. Why what's yeah. I alexion town years. And I I do. And I don't let. All. I had her human I'd let everybody hear the play their own possible cut a key. Experience that it does not not right at all. I think you'd have been engaged for years married to a study that appeared. Only invite indicating how he. Acted on the side of the street Harry you know I think on Saturday and everybody to say I own miss and make them shirt that they had their parent or a black man. That you're a baby and how we're gonna feel about your and it bounced. There at the end and whatsoever. What would be hundreds of morning even lying. Undermine another one and it got out of it had a great time. I'd politician is you want us. About yeah I mean it. Used to immediately cut about ten or they're sending a conversation. Heard her and relationship. Really another woman's life and. That's exactly what one diplomat and I really had somebody that Eric. Our thanks I say. And now Alaska Altera marianas. Young lady that just spoke she and I can recruit a lot of what she said thanks you know despite which side understands Sherlund. I think the only option restore to move forward touched it tell this man. You really think and I and the ones create were in danger all beyond it or not. You'd call me when the wedding band called off and then we'll pursue other than man. We don't senate is in it's immoral it's immoral. I completely agree with that you're really interested and you feel that strongly about someone I whether male or feed them refinance monies engaged. Yeah I'm back off and then in that feeling has a real then let it happen when everything's clear and clean and you guys can start off on on him. I'm morally correct fun I don't even know I have a question for Dara and Kelly and anybody else like her. I don't think that rock solid relationships. Don't have room for somebody else to do NN. Like if you were approached Jeff or run. If you were approached training you randomly met somebody you guys are in rock solid relationships right now your head over heels in love. There's no penetrating back kind of a relationship is no window. There's no winner there's no even crack in the foundation so so the fact that he ejected he even started talking her in Vegas org gave her his phone number saying hey let's Texan made up later to meet. That means that relationship that he's in he's about to get married is broken already I completely agree here. About a year supporting what Jerry is saying because now what you're saying is that relationship has broken and that Mary may be the last. I think he's out of it I'm saying she did the right thing I don't think says she did do the right thing by staying in touch it and and coming to visit her all that other stuff yeah. I also don't think that she takes the full blame right it comes out. If not it's not married problem. Another problem she didn't know when she met him a problem. Don't know which humanity he was out. That's the priority and he was gonna littler kids seem yes. Sure he didn't unsure they didn't expect. Can connect what I'm saying is. In do you laugh about rock solid them relationships I think on pitcher terrible. Day you're right and DR. Are not that you are able to rock solid player they wanted but that did not very proud not rational. There's still enough lie to me read but she's saying that that Mary doesn't have the blame it Mary doesn't bear the blame for it and and comes down of the dude having one foot inside the car at one point outside attire and I kind of have to agree with error saying hey is deal. He's messing it up. While this has been asked this question debate we can keep talking about is tightening our I feel like an eye opening bit that we wouldn't be able to give away our Sean and has taken. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.