Confess Your Crush

Friday, July 21st

April's got a thing for her friend's ex! And just you wait, this one gets #AwesomelyAwkward


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Sorry not before one okay turn it up. And Jesse James show all of now. And sexy your crash on the deficit and debt show we try to make the loan. Have been you have to be very brave to come time but I. Although it's better slash feeling stands optimism is awesome it's actually really opera and comfortable. It. We call Jen hobby them. Good cheerleader. And that is why confess your crash. Is her favorite radio segment it requires somebody very grave to jump on the jets and show and and fans there crush on someone. We just try to make love happen and I appreciate your optimism gen BK is this is only works. Twice so far though she. It's a death in normally goes to raise the awkward and that's why I like it and as I can achieve my. I try everybody listens beginning to end. But it's it could make love happen and that's why we have a new crash -- joining the show today hey April Harrier and. I'm banned her here. Tell us until April this could work. There's still work OK tell us about this beautiful man who's in your lives that you won a confession loves to. Only had okay. Pay as I met him on and it can be tracked. And is it. In my friend Maggie had this big huge target casual. Cash campaign yet another burglary eight and then push and check out. And his name there. Yeah and eve. Incredibly. Incredibly high. It's very nice holder Canadian firm it. How different is slightly. I mean I can't either you know. The kind of play action in the really strange that the generic term and I Ichiro and that you know we had. We are at a candy cat and like I have an option. I don't know if I did is the word you wanted to this. I used to describe any humanly he's unique. Or he's in Iraq. Saying in the offbeat you know. Quirky play firm firm against the premier a good thing and I didn't opt out now like that term push out. Yeah I don't know we did you really cracked and I really love is condemned the murder and now and cash so I kind of like act. My friend Blake went. What's the deal on ten and and she would click yeah he actually won the man we turned that list so you know friend without so. Hello I'm okay. Alone. And then there were about everything from now you know either don't make Perry you can editor or let it heat into. Really buried where he's Smart and injured being. But he's often very and take I think out of my league. Zell offer low. That's not true aim high he confide in here's why is it is do you tell. Your friends. Who. You sedate him that you are now interested in Hamlet two she know that. Now Oceanic. And national Internet that season. It's a nice. I suspected that easier like hey what's up with silly again. I mean she might have an idea. That dad he might not like we have it you know I've seen him that unlike potential that it could mean we're at like I have. I can't concurrent social circle side in the event and things happen. Right out and I kind of didn't want to see anything about it and so comparable thing about it I heard it. Figured out what I can do I don't. Why is this a violation. Of girl code yes. Depends now. Because Maggie still is him race she does she talk about and in a way that she still like him or is it just like now we're just friends and Merkel now. I definitely different than they're grown now but also like I know her she is tricky. Territorial about. The people in her late in general. Things late Sheikh territorial about her friend you lake actually. I don't know where her I would. Ever be left where he would I don't know what it's like it was like changing by the president. I guess I don't know I just one of those people who's IYRUT touting how do you two know each other states. It's scary. Well it's a little bit. Well we don't wanna keep asking questions about taxes he certainly don't want you cannot do this sound. Hello this. Use things that are out and are amazing about him. That we can relay to him when we caught him in a couple minutes and ask him if he wants now who has a crush on. Term god okay. Huge. It's really funny one of the funniest people like Matt. And very exciting to be here around. Like you never have never beaten a player or are you into an integrated way only when you that this is no doubt you'll disrespectful or anything. And Isa are really meaningful I mean you can't. Okay. And he said he's Smart he's a filmmaker is at this odds any sense of humor and he's tots. And I incredibly hot and why it's which is the last time you saw him. Look I saw him I think two weeks ago how we relate we've range and. Each other as far Bentley yeah act. He always remembered even not entirely sure he didn't remember my name. Here's how we're we're gonna mad cow love and some some he's gonna crash and then men. It's known a little bit see if he wants to find out who it is and if he says yes and we come back -- oh. You have to confess to you lock. Oh Adam chase and crash or crash. If Roland Julie in addition Evans in three minutes. And Jeff contentious article on the. Confess your trash on the jet engine show we have a new break crash occurred today earnings April and she is got and crash on Julianne so. April if you are still ready to Rolf still feel I'm afraid we're gonna call him. My downtowns and he's gonna crash time. I am ready and I IRS. You just that I get to listen in and the whole first half this conversation that will bring you Ron. The second half and he's ready to do. A lot. Tool. Yeah. Yeah. I. Oh. Julian. Hey this is Jan from the jet engines out power you. Are you doing weird ending Kelly teases here and so is jazz and I'm where Connie was some fun news from our show today. Okay yeah. So Joseph and I'm just gonna get right to it and let you know that. We found out some kind of crash Shania. It really. Yeah somebody's got it like bad for you. Yeah said you're one of them local. He cut describe you as one of the funniest people that she knows describes you as. One of the best looking people in chino. Well okay. NFL says that they immigrate sense of humor. They are trying to have the same sense of humor and that you're trying to write offs and even pass in the good way. All right this is speaking to really get army make you feel that's. It's all right now. I mean. Pena and charm for some. I'm so the question we'd ask you before we go any further it is our use single and available. Ten dates. Right now. Yes very very much. Is there anybody that comes minding your hoping this. Am I mean. And public religion that cheated. Okay all around town not DOD was some names. Amy the names and that's that's the rule anyone NN they are in doubt I guess so is given a million names. Gators. And this girl on the bulletin. That Ahmad. Saying. And then scary. We've been touring pro while there could be could be heard the. I don't know hanging out with Kerry I'm here's a good starting line. Ditch your mind out of the gutter. Oh yeah you bet I'm here's another one wanna see me hit this split. Here's and here's an otherwise is being Rabach got a polish my ball. That got worse man very. Is that opinion your project or he's just happy to see me. Ray. That's when I went when too many. Okay eligibility. You know the person I can think it would be them. And that I could be right now I'm a phone. I live there I am I okay. All right well what we will idea then is. I'll come back here and in three minutes if you can hang nine. And we'll let the person who is sitting on hold pop time and they themselves will confess. Their crash. Ten year and three minutes okay. I will be right back and wrap up confession crash we've Julianne. Who gas to carry on his bowling team or his cats and even. Pressure all find out if she if he's brightened as she confesses her crushed him. Next on the jets and Sanchez parody for one. Yeah. Yeah confessing your crash on the jets can change out so we had a great pressure come on with us this morning explained that. Sheets as a big crash on you yet. Because he's you know super track instead and funny angry since of you learn exciting job and just like really it. Citing energy to be around. And Jillian has some this year is wide open to finding out who has a crush on him. And his guess was carried on the bowling team are stacked. We know it's the cat now. I'm so Gillian are you ready to find out. I absolutely yes. OK so pressure you can review your identity. And I mean Mario world. And I'm Kerry who. Am I am good at. Oh. I am sorry that is so weird him push so this is April. And we met at. When he burst they can't get insurance. That's here remember me we keep running into each other and and then. Short or inherit saying. Yeah. Yeah. I mean. I just. I think you're really crazy and mentally to get any better. Didn't know. If you were injured could clear. Yeah usually you're you're management dramatic in a great. I am a Mac I'm I'm Clayton man's best friend from high school we have. So what are you understand her firm handling our hanging out again all the time and money. And I hit the bar couple weeks ago we talked about. In terms about a newbies. Okay. OK you're it you're going to be eighty who did yeah. Yeah. And the moon ushered out. Yeah. Saudi feel Julianne. You know. I'm saying yeah I just a little. Out of sadness I carried from the bowling team so that's going to be weird but Tom since. Just first try and I'm gonna count to three and you guys both say out loud the name of the bar where you guys were when you ran into each other couple weeks ago. I don't look at it. I don't whine. Sue. Three. Julian does not her. Remembering yeah. And matters Elaine you need to him. And the amount it and I'm not diplomatic trouble this year. From the face by gasoline. And Irish. Although. What are we gonna end okay. Well I didn't. You know I wanted to leg out you. I wanted I wanted to ask you out and I was afraid here and kind side I personally thought it did and we wouldn't give it back out so should. I know you kind of don't remember mean diet we unite to go out for a drink. Line. We have I mean that's just you can you can't really didn't. We need to hear a plan to do that did it do they get mile. I remember anything. We can do that we take care of we have yet we can't. Are okay or didn't do that would be I didn't. I really it. I'm gong was forecast cloudy but okay. Overcast. Yeah and we'll hazy but Cirque. OK I made brilliant thanks so much. Yeah. And it broke and I thank you were a legendary drug gang. OK I thank you and we'll have a did thinking how will have pretty seasoning clients via his number. Okay great okay. Oh. No idea how Julian. I checked I have no clue. You play the only live really well we have. You know what I gonna thing about a ten minute got laid out really well and I'm staying on the urge that he and I told you he. I just sent curiosity Julian before we let you go our way and we will bring and hold seed can text or whatever but. Here's a question who's gonna get the call from Maggie first you or April. And eight I don't I don't know if you don't know openly argued that they would baggy. You know route you know we industry and local police so I mean. How are actually go out to people girl. I unique kind of weird. You do have sat. I mean. Again I wouldn't tell you that. Bet direction until you're ready. To go and we're anxious for it and it is. I would tell it to me. I think you know you know Maggie better so. I was here you know it's weird I'd like to go on record as saying that I said that a while ago and both women and see direct. I think yeah I'll now the dollar life is now that it's out on siders like death toll. That gala where and when Julian OK I did really well let's go appreciate if it's okay do you have done a great day. She'd like to keep it. I am telling you more other ones we have the more I get nervous nobody's ever gonna confess their cars are great yeah. I mean they do think that there is an up and coming radio deejay who just heard that segment and now thinks that the future of broadcasting C is uncomfortable. Causes yeah. Is pro remember me. I we have guys who don't learn we're doing great radio about hey it's table remember me. And that's why you got radio. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion one star not before one and it.