Will JP Get A Queer Eye Makeover?

Thursday, July 20th

JP has some, uh, questionable, fashion. But guess what show is making a comeback in Atlanta? We invited a casting director for the show to come meet JP and see if he can qualify.


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And young star ready for a one. Eye for the straight guy it was a huge show a few years ago. And it is a group of five. Very stylish man. All of them yankees who we'd go into a man's world. And transformed him they would fix this fashion his style his charm with the ladies. Everything about him they would overhaul. Overhaul and make better. I mean solo this. Based on the need fairly accurate stereotype that. Straight man often. Don't know how to put out together gay men often. Beautiful exactly well groomed perfect close great sense of fashion. It's it's a style. And this show is coming back next Netflix is actually bring him back in as soon as we heard about this cannot be told us. A couple weeks ago the minute we heard about this the first thing that popped in in my mind. Was our show director JP. And then JP is neat hair stereotypical. Straight man. Dude he's it's everything would diss the brown he's the he's the most positive broad you'll ever meet he yeah he wears a slight you know inside shower she is that the final sign on scandals. You know comfy jeans and he dresses for comfort. He dresses for comfort not turn fashion right exactly so alone we have Fred we tracked down the casting director Melissa Stamford. Of this new. Round of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy we asked her to come in studio. And meet GP. Right now before we do that Melissa before we get into it JP and thank you for coming in. If there is a woman listening who might have a man in her life. That needs a transformation. That needs an overhaul the way we feel JP needs and overall. We you tell us. What you are looking for is you cast this reincarnation. Of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. So we are looking for a very never seen a fifteen man borderline train wreck nasty guys here have closed you know style they make into exile but. You know the jeans the boots the plaid shirts. Cut dogs. You know we look at them really used I can entice more. Guys it's beards ideally is really were looking for a seat in fearful trends in information from the facial hair to clean cut. And if we and that's in juniors and he is. Now dear sir in those so are you looking for people who have pierced that may be out of control they can. Trimmed down and make look okay or are you are we starting to see a trend toward clean shaven. Let's get it you're going toward clean shaven that's gonna hurt Kelly rate in the heart. He loves the hipster buries a look. I'll loaded be aired an academy while Manning AME didn't like a lot of guys don't really take care of their being is its success in times it's Niles oh Sally beard is hang lights. Oh yeah let's look at England men's beards malveaux. If he ever related hooked up with a guy and then close and then his beer spells. Mean I mean I'm kissing and before I would never hook up when the man whose beard smells Gelman I didn't write you can what's on their faith and be aggressive yeah no but I mean like you get. Close to. Ma'am and I always say you know I quote war I doubt I'm not a remake and how much longer with this other road how well we're kind of confuse it with snarling at below its. Year. Anybody do you try to do if you drive by sniffing yeah it's that serious. And in the mean they did I think yeah. And in a guy's beer and it is only alien Iran playing or if you can smell as they're kissing now. On that I know what fascinated you wish him like a water balloon full Listerine you can just right in the face in early champion yeah. So. So I guess we're looking for people who have smelly Beers so you're a man. Has a beard odor that he's not aware of he did candidate. Somebody's not grooms. And when you say messy do you mean like their apartment is trash OK yellow. How it like you know I think I can sum from work and Elaine has a trail from where he was when he got into the door to that. The couch in the in the refrigerator whenever. Honda Accord Indian big part of the show. And so we're looking for people need revamping in home. I've been AJP's apartment he means everything carefully he lives and how easy. You just insulted his fiancee night and a he had no sign of age and the thing and now I'm not gonna Vatican and in sand there farming communal lunch at night. So we won in Tunisia did JP so we're gonna come back here just a couple of minutes bring JP in the studio and you can tell us he viewed where I would get a scale of one to ten. He was follows a candidate can I do think he has a shot. We're seriously gonna go to the nominee. I'm JT comes in studio here after Bruno. And see if he has what it takes to get made over. And national TV for. Had his tenure as first love yourself you. And JC. There comes the but. Did he is wearing me out. Pulling out. He has appeared that's pretty well. Many cared. There might be Jesse win there though blame him hide to catch you all our kids Kelly will you please get close enough to JP to smell his beard now. Please you just talked about fears that might smell. These fellas here really I think he's and his weird. Come on and we're family. I. I can't. Always get the hygiene hygiene game is I'm all right and. Yes of the Beers dead. Their shirts is. Of blue shirt it's legally. Made says that this guy needs a beer and it's got two thumbs point themselves. And I he's got them pair of dark washed denim jeans on dozens of person and the. The zipper zipped up can I lose one of your new pairs of jeans no this is one of the pair of jeans and Heidi one immediate fix if you look at the back to fit. A season staging I would church home. And one of the ping pong balls at the bars sell on the ground and I went to get the ping pong ball on there is a nail in the pew. And I split the seed in my pants and towns that dot so. Gonna go now things got a back and it's come back pats technical question on how many times did you where there's sheen's. Und repaired before you finally to recommend to somebody to fix them up probably for about two and a half three months and if your fiancee Heidi. Wasn't hounding you would be still be an repaired. Most likely have. And then come up last but not only is this our issues that are balloon polo shower she is. They got to. The area how honest. About a year and a half but they've had a law did you use the question is that how old are in the shower she is the question is JP how old are you come hall. Thirty see going on sixteen. And I think sixteen is probably the acceptable age rush hour she's can be worn outside of the house and lecture at a school not. I look at this whole deal is that I have one life I can show up to work like this. People look at me they know that I'm gonna be a good time a fun time then to be any good mood. And this is how I like to come to work because it makes me happy and I feel like I will be happy on the radio as I am in my real life and any good muscle by five right now. And I think you can't do over the age of sixteen. All right Melissa would you consider JP a favorable candidate for your reality show. So he's got there she is there killing me right now. Oh. Yeah. Here's my thinking because I wanted to nominate him. Because I is I think JP. 32 years old married to getting married to a beautiful woman in like ninety days right. This is the next step this is the adults step of life. And his parents are here they're well dressed they're again they don't have to date they get dressed for comfort but they're dressed for the public. So they get it they understand how works. Which dude you're dad's plane and somebody wearing. All my underwear yeah I I'm wearing underwear that my mom bought me for Valentine's Day it's kind of a tradition for a while that's all reality show. And moms finding out little Valentine's Day hearts on it they do. I view Melissa talk off the air work out all the details let me know what I need to do well we're gonna save you JP. Well we're not a bar to clear guys out but. How did Queer Eye for the Straight Guy winds JP will see if I he has what it takes over the next few weeks if you go through the cast and trousers I it is exciting. And I help yourself and Melissa I wish I could say that JP is exaggerating about his existence but that's the real deal right there. I never sent an excited I think that it isn't again. How can you and young star already forewarned.