Talk Foodie To Me: Cocktails

Thursday, July 20th

Where can you find the best cocktails in Atlanta? Skye has all the info you need.


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A case of picture yourself on. On a sunny patio surround. Goodbye friends everybody's laughing saying you need got an ice cold pack sales. Feel and so refreshing in your hand yeah. Drinking and downs guy from Jason in Atlanta it's gonna take you there with that talk food into me. Coming up here and just seconds with. Don't think demo. Thought Fukudome. Typically this segment makes our mouth water because they're talking about famous guy from Jason Elam is here today to make just thirsty. It might he really early in the morning thanks llamas on middle. I have summer time it just makes you think about those French Rudy. Cocktails and is made by somebody who knows how to put it all together and make yet just magical. Train magic and a cup of ice. So we're gonna start out with some really just these are great bars that know what they're Tulane yanked. There's some words that we may not be familiar way Alan PGA I would disorder or whiskey Coke or something so length. Now I'm trying to be fancy and learn more terminology level loved sky and I know I'm trying to be as sophisticated I promise. And sell non barking at half seven lands not and then Russell read bar section and if it is great day here's a drink and I think it's really Kwan. I guess there are inspired by prints because it's called the raspberry harangued her own fan appeal and this is a tequila cocktail any tequila love us in the room okay. Insurance taxes and scratching his act eyes. Just to kill didn't makes bad things happen. Good things yeah. All depends on perspective and Whaley Japan's. In announcing with tequila rain out at the strength still sounds good to the raspberry beret has raspberry. Lemon. Man it's. And Serrano pap pair flew a little spice to cancel it out I really like spice in my drinks back. I think that's under sounds really refreshing and it's really cold hang. Morning again another great place for cocktails is one capped. And then in the middle of thought ahead and made towns are like milk it our way through town there Margarito is just like the top notch Margarita I that you're not gonna get everywhere you go this is like. Handcrafted they put a lot of time and thought into their margaritas out they start with triple stack. Critically pair pure red paint which is a time listener. Add lime juice. And then Japanese chili lime switch I'm wondering how long it took them to like craft on these ingredients together opponent child and then I lose your home. Yeah you get you know Disney's yeah Japanese linebackers. At gray hair would take this to the next that I was we had to secure us what else we act where you live on Jan in Alpharetta. South main kitchen okay says this line is named the freedom. And it is jammed with lavender infused Jan. Really cool link man and cart pun no Bianca. I went that is I guess it sounds fabulous scenery concert cheers. She opened for Shakira. It can't us. And they also topped it with an affable flower like in or get on top so it looks beautiful. So even if it doesn't taste of bats which I'm sure it dies I'm just not gin drinker at bank. For all you gin drinker is out there this is a really pretty way to get your tanning get a nice summer cocktail at south main kitchen and now for. But if you're not a gender guiding you city and has got that cleaning solution kind of say like I say this man's family in the plans are commercials. It does have a team. Inclusion taste if you don't make it right so when you cut it with lavandera and then you talk a volleys other I mean and that Jim can be. So good gosh yeah. Yeah I own just yeah I definitely a case settled I had that experience and time where I drink like that talk gin and I makes it. This is like a loud without that I mix it with orange and time and it was the worst. Sounds like something you'd find in the try your current way isn't gins and fans. My my dad. That's happened I don't know I union have. We're taking me to the next level winds to blow honey just participated in prime time night at their week insane sprained. They have something called a pineapple Tiki bomb. They use an entire pineapple in Korea now to make this drink them so it really is trading you're gonna start a street because that has a different kind of tucked. And we'll include drag in very run. Triple sat and fresh fruit juice is alongside some pineapple coming. I'm like you know this really cool fancy straws and the little umbrellas NN I could play your hair or even your drain so I'm really excited to try that one. Allan sounds like it's terrible one. Dario and about a long drives and some friends here around you know there is old school Atlantans remember Lou his paycheck. Oh yeah and oh that's a principal today. Ads that's been like a fancier version of that and I think he's so much we're gonna put all of these summer cocktails and online at and they dot com slash Evans and show sky from Jason Alina thank you so much for being. Yeah. Star in 941.