Ghosthunting With Melanie and James

Wednesday, July 19th

Are we insensitive? Or did we get played? Who's in the right here?!


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Goes Channing way that Melanie is she is on hold US crowd James. Three days to win games and then he vanished she wants to know why it's always awkward and uncomfortable listen to which is why you don't want to miss a minute. Ghost town and when. People who go stiff you on. Hey Melanie its jazz and inferred jammed Kelly she's. Melanie okay Luoyang. Pins are you ready year for us to go go setting on your behalf its findings James. Yes please and these folks here's who I normally. Since the start sold so we had anything else for a little while you didn't really is she serious. But after a couple days I decided to have immediately make pretty good friends got that far. You know I didn't think it was a big deal throwing in an apparent verbal or. And my friend is actually an excellent so there was some pretty close obviously don't look up anymore I backed. Hillary scientists. But after hanging out with them. James stopped calling our Internet attacks so I'm like it's just freaked out that in transit and I expect Eugene but generally I generally back a little. One and get involved it's anti cupid challenged that hasn't let me just wanted to know. Why can't. Calling so do you want to rekindle a relationship. With them or do you just want the answer so you know for future reference. That can rekindle. Or call eight and Martin. Did he mention anything when he met your friends. And Garcia had concerns about anybody else I might have been their two that it might have been off playing for him. No he didn't like. Saying anything that would make anybody sick of are you. Is trying to hear anything that Cyrus sometimes or stock car. Was your ex school like on the mat was he. Was the only pleasant an ear and it was a weird like norm flirty or there is no weird tension there. You know I mean I don't think so. I don't think I'm clarity that ten. You know well that's not to I don't think is not a senator. Right so and my credit mess I'm asking a lot of questions I'm just really entry that exit exit answer Travis you've felon for Jenna. Chief interrogator exactly so did you tell them before you met friends say you're gonna be. Like today your friends are the exit you kind of prepare him for Saturday you tell me afterwards like can I gotta you just a cancer that's that's my next. And yet he found that after any time before him but yeah like the conversation. And I'm glad you mean yeah it's. A long time since backstage at night I didn't even think that it you know watching them against what's a long time. Eight years. To seriously I would have appreciated extra. My dad doesn't matter telling him. Not telling him in advance is. He had a like a clown and our dad like somebody in the room knew more than he David Livingston new relationship to him I'd be like and any deal on this right. Adults all had more right. And while I was insane that's just my opinion which for the most part is worthless. So you give us 24 hours we can pick up the phone. Convinced him to come on that's an edit this time tomorrow you'll get to listen man as we ask James. Why he goes to you after how many days was it again. World. I'd say it's three successful day it's something where we are at the fourth when he disappeared. It means right. I'd give us 24 hours to get James and and we will go go signing free and Melanie tomorrow morning and this time on the Jeff and Jen champ. Eat eat and and young star Eddie for a one. Trust me if you do isn't a wind part of the deadly game show this morning and listens and then say. I promise you won't regret. Look people who have bills did you want. Yesterday morning at this time we have. Melanie and she wanted us to go good setting forward James yes you can learn James and. Full day advanced on an end to meet her friends from the man and current. Was okay she is saying. I had cheese in the held chain about the end after he met when you were thinking and maybe there is one eligible. Guy's point of view you never whines and eight cents. So it's indicative ran a red. Mom we did find him I'm Melanie it was not her. Our Nadal and he is. Agreed to mama this so are you ready to listen in as we make the call. Being nervous or yeah a little bit and I know. Protection. Sounded as. Kelly cheese of course would do all the talking. He instance and eight years for an average and have initiatives called. You know ACC. Cynical about it. Don't. Long weird ring. And I don't. Pay is James. Oh hey James this is Kelly from being jettisoned and John billing and searching and today. I don't. And the world to. Surprised you when you're calling me. While we and did I can use. I'm married these are now so we did this I James Carey. And Mario and. I'm would be inappropriate to ask how old you are. Well I'm old enough to drink. And and your female. So. I am. A man and maybe with jeans. OK so James. Movie I heard this is the most confusing thing. Matt and we are goes hunting. Four or someone will always is that we do here on the show when someone has disappeared out of your life and you aren't that yes. And now. James. Who swears he timing and meg James I'm gonna ask you about not funny dear member Melanie. Did you hear I gear member Melanie. OK so it Kenya helpless. With a story that has Melanie. Said that he has an and a couple dates. You have met her friends after meeting her friend Lucy haven't heard from her sense. Well. Yeah let them a couple of weeks saying. It shouldn't really great person. And it really injured dancers great guy and I am aged but. But the more things went. Yeah. Do you swear to god the unit that this is a man named James. Have you ever been told you have and feminine voice. I mean like all through school on kind of you mean neutral about. This whole conversation I've had this conversation turned many can Camilo thanks to. I want to hear balance I got. Need to. Hey Melanie got a couple questions. Law is that the guy James that you're not worth. And now some sort. On is. Oh. All right. Sorry about that James welcome. This should slow technical glitch where I'll get okay and Jack Kelly or you say. Yeah so Melanie said the men are friends and ever since then you have gusted so what's the deal what happened. Honestly I mean just understanding of the cemetery and her friends and all that I realized I'm not actually need. Ready here are looking for her actually relationship and it certainly it cannot traction and it's so I got it carries that. I aims so distracted by your voice and sea levels. One because you sound so much cycle amendment to in my you're almost like you and your hot ease on a hot girl yeah. Ottawa it's a really confusing me. Ash I leaned. Might situation really cheap foreign I'm a man I haven't let it play sex. Yeah I'm really work their voices every day so generally or forget about sounds and things like that we had to ask line because we are served mania had a girl answering the phone I'm just I'm fascinated you have a beautiful voice. It's in Iraq okay cell bounces called testing ban because. It way it was just so there was an inning in another relationship because Melanie is also kind of worried that pays you met her accent she thought maybe that had something to do with it. It really isn't anything. That you know complicated. Figure. You know 11. From one friend friend injection and buried so you know where I swear to god. There I can't do this. I can't do this. Well I mean you called me I never actually trying Abner comic shelves it. You're having a night and we I have to ask. I. And so I just survey wasn't cracks and all there was anything I got. Well oh it really went there it. Anything complicated like Edison is my opinion that. You know we're happy actually where we were meeting friend and I realized oh I actually am not pointing to that kind of capping credit at all. Okay so well it isn't you don't text America. It's right well I texted her back how are you having a conversation with him. The exact com design is that doozy just. And I can't stress and I'm Marianne president. I mean. I have men who have feminine features but I never met a man who has such a feminine south bullies. I think it's great I think he and a beautiful voice. A match I mean yeah and that I swear to god I'm not trying to be out of line or disrespectful to you heard anyone who's listened to this right now so were you born a man. I train really over having that conversation melee. And you guys called me I'm not actually trying tablet coming in here you're having a hard time having the courage I can end this call. I feel like them as I'd. I am very interested in this conversation because it's so that toll to return. Immediately dropped and the fact that this is my boy. I do right and you're going to drop the call. I slow do you dude dude you're the ghosts and had nothing to do that France he has decided meted out to dinner anymore. Great an apex figures. You know that she's an option girl and that you know I really like being prepared to I'm not sure yet. I'm. And couldn't eat Egypt actually and checking into action game and like you haven't actually. Stopped anything. So I'm not exactly sure. How much more attacks in Paris and her. Young man I'd thank you. Can do accountancy. Come on the show ansari Schoen. And sat. Thank sound really appreciate it seeing. Him play in this games. I'm Lindsay yeah. And there. Oh. I don't know. And welcome back to mention they got Johnny. Am proud to have this week's episode goes on the ground. It's just enjoy the show every. Just a few minutes ago we thank you wins games. Who is playing bad he did not Scarlett Melanie or simply because she behind him working. Hey Melanie welcome back to dish out. And I holed it's. Yeah it's fascinating to you what is soundly in person. I mean it. It sounds basically sustained intentionally or even the hurt by that can't see them they'll probably at Oakland looks like that in her. That was fascinating to me and I feel bad. That I insulted. But I couldn't get past anyways. He just dumped because he wasn't any. Yeah blown a local guy a leader and a sound. Even then turned and let me know I thank you. Enron thing you know he said he tech city and and it. He's had a lower I didn't get it. Yeah keep trying to have this conversation you wanna say she. Because and that voices so feminine. I thank you Melanie. Thank you and Aaron Kelly and Athens welcome to the show. Al. There are not and then ornate in his world that would make an airline back and I mean. I believe Allah that end. I mean we asked Melanie as he leaves so we asked her is this. OK and any day on that and it is our way it's. A no idea what happens in court he welcomed the show. Yeah I mean and murdered. I don't want to add I can bury that are all pretty okay how much on not when he clearly uncomfortable. Sounds you could cause I'm you know right. I mean I guess because I grew up in and actually I can I do need immediate economic and actually not somebody or Garnett and I. The order. Courtney a couple things one we have no idea if he's. I am under a member of that community number one. Number two I was uncomfortable as an ebony know how else to say it's an. Not enough and I'm just saying I am so what are not you know that would not Mac outward appearance to thank you make. I. Enjoy it and then we'll know especially number I'm transgender I. Wouldn't. Barney and and. But that's a I think I don't know I don't. And I'm ecstatic feeling you know he and I don't mind. They're much art and under the weight and not what effect would actually. I know. So in radio that's what we deal it is voices so that's I told him I was like that's nice is throwing passes because. Generally it's one of those things that we can prepare for and hearing that I honestly thought a female answered his phone and was that a I'm James his girlfriend leave me alone like I honestly thought it was. So I mess Owen thank you. Ernie and I'm sorry I really an iPad. In China means I'm due to. His. Love of all he has to commodity this but he did agree sent her own home forehands Jenny in Athens. I'm so I basically called a bit and think Corning it. So that's way too much honest police. Clearly. Doesn't take a whole lot of confidence to figure out that that person who has transgender. And went on comfortable being out especially on the radio. Sometimes you gotta be a little bit more sense it's. I guess and my I didn't swear to diamond mine didn't even go there now let me ask you this question would be insensitive. Jennie. Sue. Follow wins Mallon the would Melanie know that. You probably know that sushi yes they never got together and me and he did not the gold that about what else can. Something I think we're running out you know all it absolutely does the and in their courage and had no option but out themselves. In that situation but I'm glad they're going to somebody that. Can't Gortat somebody else that. At it and what they want. To write about it this year and very personable. Certain personal and they don't like talk about it let's also just their friends. Yeah and now we're being now what if he's now transgender and now. Oh yeah we're we're doing this having this hope I product that says things could be listening to me I know I grew up with a female voice and all he has just assuming I'm transgender and putting me in the community which is rated let's also to the transit transgendered community that people would just make assumptions because you've got a female voice. They're transitioning because. I mean I trust me like I just. I wouldn't have gone there I really wouldn't have let it yes the police are less Beverly incoming welcomed in the shadow. Do you according to shut her pie albeit with outplay you Whitewater or that or. Believe that. They begin Iron Man record issued a standard. Help. Or maybe he didn't quiet. Couldn't let it out and they line yeah. That would I am. Arms. Is it to her. Or to re welcome to the show. Carried handyman and assume. Oh I'm not. And I'm disappointing you got him. Angry wolf well. And it's definitely not an apology saying that it isn't. Possible to have a more intimate than employee. Grew up with mine and it over the ball a lot of people think Powell is the golden. How did that man. And actually I was born with a partial match. Or thanks. See so what if engineer if we had icu. Are you surely there are not talking Josie now looks as you've gone and then people are assuming that your trans gender play how to cut that in June. Personally I would say only because I've I've gotten so much going to. So right. And that's a James and today was like I've been dealing with this my whole life. So green that I don't care. I grew ideology right so I don't think it just caught at much offense couldn't. I'm seeing. Out of the plane you guys that like it's. Always have we're very satisfying to for very disappointing we dissuade people every day so codes that. Tied at two RA thank you for listening to ship and things out. I don't think today so I if you did not hear what all the drama is about feel free to. Pop over to our FaceBook page. Listen to the phone calling James. It's a working. Your share of. I we're twenty minutes later and now more incentives are coming up and I just got a clear these phone lines outs if you do you have to say you just sent off there. Well Jim we just a ghost town and with Melanie and James in James sounded like a woman's right. During the course of that conversation I had a hard time getting past email he sounded. On the front and later I was shocked I even asked the question where you born a man well in retrospect. If he is a nude. A person who is transitioning. From one gender to another and that's an offensive question and that's what everybody is saying right now like hey. This but here's think. What do these now. Everybody is just assuming this man is transit are this Forman was just born with the voice of a beautiful one main. Any easier to deal would this is entire life. It has nothing to do we gave. He injured transition paying or how he identifies or anything like that what is just he's got a woman's voice. They are saying what we just got played yeah that's a planner has blown up thing and move I Dana in Duluth. Day. And Jamie. And I never Belmont and why not only she Abu Domenica. Thank you how many. A lot of it now is an honest and saying a lot. And I'm right at Torrey. Olympic GAAP Ukraine. Had girl. And I think me. And asked the boy I'm Eric. You and I didn't elect. A board that it now. Thank you Dana I after seeing gains are welcome to the Jeffords and show. I I need to act and behave like respectful adult towards. A variety of people on my professional than radioed a completely different diligent and that they are intact male. Addition to being questioned further than that. And if they're gonna bid to cool. And that that president. Individuality that you adding on radio and as professional kitchen and our bank well WellPoint. You excited by now glancing at it I can't duplicate that this well Europe professional on the radio stations and able to do it. Highly disrespectful. Lot of things. Thank you to see well. Rory is generally come out and now I disappoint a lot of people that get cut out a million many years. Apparently. Now I don't know my behavior and saying at this man I don't know why I. It was not intentional that's the thing I can't really threw our game mine we don't normally people get us a heads apple learn you know sons and glad that loses like well maybe this is his girlfriend answering and now believed in Atlanta very Matt. I won't be a matter of weeks I do plan and log into the shallow. Hey Jack I I'm I'm mad. I didn't happen again at an 88 about a man oh man got into an actual gap. Rarely attend a ballot you did the matter back. You know it is super fashion you're job it that I told you guys do to avoid all of that I am I'm. Now some I'm not really been about I think what you tried it it. And make sure they weren't in and not some management plan a joke on yes I think. Possible but I here's what I feel bad about an out of James is just a dude. Aid and an invoice and there's no transitioning there's no identification and there's no I. I gain isn't involved in anything he's just a man wither of feminine voice. Like he he's this is Dennis occurs that's every time you call Domino's they in the Collins RB and thirty minister yes less ma'am. And then you college is your your cable goes out there and service persons that we can ever take X-Men averaging two on Forman. Like that's a person now I feel bad that everybody is now making it. After being about something bigger when maybe he's just got a few out exactly thank you for the defense there. We got to move on the will keep this conversation. Going at FaceBook dot com slash Jennifer ginger because I'm sure people have comments and I will not pretends to know anything about your gender based on your name or your picture or anything else that might be obvious I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut. For the rest of segments like that's okay I'm. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.