Monday, July 17th

Everyone's got at least one thing to be grateful for, so share it with us and spread gratitude!


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Sorry not before one okay turn it up. And Jesse James show all of now. And now it is time to move. Around what is fantastic. And in the world. Is that indicator it sounds simple. Why are you in a great mood and grateful this morning. And that's wonderful I am white I. Who's your favorite family matter us I have to try and actually zero dollar and look at your old guys wrong one of their names. Collection and Enrique who might constitute grain hanging with. Hey you're not down my sides regularly. Take you diet. Reggae in the air that would Zack why you hash tag last. Much as my way prince can't I can't for the first time this can't Saturday. This is my thirtieth birthday in Italy amazing. How long view the boys Herman together. About senator from what three most nervous about this team. The two clans meaning. Well if students are wonderful and I can't charge you if that weren't actually a little bit old so. Yes. Thank you relax enjoy and softness great. Sonics as exciting thing gradually and then happy thirtieth birthday. Saying yes. JP has a marriage related hashed a blessed for this Wii and I've tried my parents came to Atlanta Georgia to visit me and my fiance Heidi we're looking at places to possibly do the rehearsal dinner for upcoming whining so. Were mulling it over and some drinks some places ask some questions that I feel very loves. Awesome that's exciting I love you know. I had about their blessing. Misty in Camden why you have save us. I can play CK I had the most amazing thing and moral and blue RL I am happy like 889. Eat rats and they can use they know I know you don't even on anything yet and. Hi you can't do that. I think right now. Lincoln if they even issued an amber and one that it was really nice. Okay well. That values the Barack France and I don't know. As he dragged please are you know. Am I even do a little surprised yeah. Any minute didn't you don't say they animate it I'm OK on it won't ruin his ticket I double what it. Let's play at eight McCain I think in other. Johnson so I think I men's. Well congratulations missy. Thank you and I and we need to use them pregnancy says he should tell him how great I 94 warnings. That no idea okay nannies and went to meet my. I can't Donna did go to lunch got diverted and you keep working on MS NE LOP. And Cynthia and director why you hash tag last. When your good name and that got a heart transplant blueberry plants that is so cool that's amazing and housing and day and it. Is doing well ain't so I lyric every bit and an irritation is that they otherwise if they're great guys. I don't what's his name's Cynthia. For naming eight it'll I Dave keep keep bonds beaten. Daily. NC thanks again. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.