Lie Like A Guy

Friday, July 14th

Yesterday's game wasn't enough! We're back with more attempts at lying like a guy would. 


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Special skills and he's really to a minute. And the glory of wiggling out and thinking situation. Heidi holiday gifts gen nano scale and say it's a gift it's been just go to time man they can think on their feet a little bit faster and. Lied to get themselves out of situations. And we all try to do it just like them which are. New game show. Is that things can you explain it by saying that guys can think on their feet faster. But that's just it. There's no thinking involved. Sees women try to move ahead legacy of chess match up until I move my bishops here where's the road gonna go. Guys like this. I mean trot. Those aren't the why did this odd when lipstick bit about me. North restraint and that. An Olympic Games. Good they've alleged that when sloppy you can. And remembrance it and it's just so out there you believe yeah. So what we do I. I'm the chair we've got to the past couple days because. We had an abject. Lying guy's story being catch up with the time I just jealous side. What we do is. We're presented. Wii is a scenario by JP and now. Women on the show can take it a shot at flying like you guys. And then I'll explain how to. The worst at this Kelly get out of it yeah I'm pretty and because like the brother thing and the fact that artists data on visas. I didn't channel I am. Producers Nieminen check this out to LA yeah I had one good line. The floors now. We got pretty pumped we had a listener earlier this week named Danielle who was rushing and I'm honored her name is Daniel and she just went. Ask her she was so good she's like yeah I was married to one. JJ get a scenario number one and as we lie like a guy okay. Your girlfriend asked you wires spending so much time with the girl named Michelle you're sure your girlfriend that Michelle is just your best friend. Nothing more. Then girlfriend sees you hugging Michelle and bikini on FaceBook the truth and then doing a body shot off Michelle. Simply put it is time to live like you guys. Let me if I'm. I know. Oh that I was Tagamet basement so many but that is not merely that is that back and somebody else's bed. And my tongue licking the bodies shot nothing else I mean. And he got me like it's a videos just like union for Enron. Laid out eyes again acts like I have got brand. Hit it whenever heads of hours' time. It's a good angle to tell you Griese just bring up some rain and oh yeah I really remember eleven years ago. And is robbed Rania idea doesn't think it girl move down and time eleven years ago that I don't know I don't remember but I'm gonna brain up anyway. 'cause that got her legs. She's. I feel that they know because she's hiding eggs are parents are like Italy did so hope you'll never knows that she's trying to extreme but like I'm just there for her. And I'm so go ahead. Yeah I know it's not a guy when that goes there because there's provable. When he came out here that just programs and amp you guys ready for the right answer and as Hank Damien name for the wife is amenities that. Only Shelby yeah Shelby. Oh my god are you serious you say OK look Michelle broke up with her boyfriend. And check. Really really mean things error. About now is she's you're either gonna date won't guy's gonna will be interesting use your bat so I say you know we need to do. We need to show us your bikini body and make him think you already have a boyfriend. I can help you out. Now we're actually an elaborate it's OK yeah I would believe that but yeah. Things. Give us an energetic. Okay. You told your wife to the bachelor party was lame in you've basically got the groom drunk at a steakhouse. And then everybody Newburgh home in the restaurant closed. And now she's asking you why you had glitter in your hair. Think quicken line like a guy. And I think at this so when I dot com I. Oh just at all is like crazy energy so I cleaned up the kid's room and the paint things that you know the reason the other day to make finger paints and glitter. Now my hair Ozzy isn't his walk into the kids room to see the lion. Second unit guy. As there's an easy we do you girls usually do and put on lay eggs and like and yet and dressed that's like that I mean stricker. Under you know. Now tuning my grandmother and your hair ONG San snow like I don't know I felt. I found Andrews they just found news I really got me then someone threw it well maybe they hit pretty restaurant. The steakhouse. Pick. Jerky Hal's hope. I'm Mike glitter bonus as a joke that's great. You're getting close. We write and we wait until bones for a big steak dinner yeah. And there's this old woman who's always there her name is Esther and she's decked out in big fancy sparkly things in costume jewelry and glitter sweaters and stuff when she saw that we had a bachelor there she came right and ours and. If I'm Kelly I would be scared. Delay to get it not if you would like to try this will do a one or two more. 40426309. For one just for fun. We'll play a couple more rounds after James. Nobody can lie quite likely that. But we are gonna try I can. 170 and that is gonna join us for this round and tried to laugh like a guy. We need to bet here engines on center. I don't let them know. Home. Like a guy. Stepping backwards we got a game marks the idea yeah I haven't China's. Okay. Your girlfriend sees attacks come through on your phone. The name popped up is simply the letter asks and that text is just a winking face moldaschi. And there are no other tanks in the combo. She looks right at you and says bullies ass. Now it's time a lot like a guy. Isn't okay and it's so easy how appropriate that the letter is asked. Because I got my eye and you Stephanie. Yeah he got. We wouldn't. See it I think this is part of slam like the guy you calamity I gotta get your feet. The main title. I'll. Let us your cousin Samantha why he's earning your wing keep saying is what kind of weird family didn't. And an able lawyer like I. Staff and nothing I. Male and a figure Samad yeah this is surprised she they don't worry about it. Optimize. Its pages through Saturday and. She's got a chance. Stephanie you and Trevor some revenge we got time for one more. And the bad empire he got everything that everyday or every at bat to let party it's like they're everywhere now. Stephanie it's an. Well they're good guys back in time you gotta be able looked into your feet so pay attention here really yeah here's your one shot at redemption here ready seven. GOP get it's are okay. You text your life I'll be home and a bit babe. She has dinner duty with her two twin toddlers and puts on the bed waiting for. That's afforded to AM you walk through the door bell reeking of whiskey. It's time to lie like a guy. I know how I am shred an egg quality that he is out at a lot of the Americans eat. Are you can't talk without belly that it is a bad I had pick up a tank and get pregnant back about. Dude that's so good. Join us. Dad where's the line it crucial. Part of the missing. Well. It's. My phone it died in the media never charger at the bar. Yeah it died tricky so again yeah he got all of her wet on and you go or your body lives in a part of town where you don't recover. I had to bet that it better. Thanks for went on for making this way it's just it's one star not before one and.