Is Jenn Getting A Puppy!?

Friday, July 14th

We sure hope so! Her husband isn't on board (yet) but this little guy needs a home and Jenn knows her daughter would love it.


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Thank means. And that hobby households TP PP. Jen told us after the show yesterday. Her. Baby Reese. Lorraine. Doctor grant Rivera. Thinking about giving themselves. A puppy. She is then. Every parent is looking around I wish kids. Is it because Bob Michel. Yeah man. Yeah. Here is a gentle dogs on. I. Seeking lol I'm gearing down. Commercial on the no denying any sentiments Jenkins right. Yeah up all the puppies. Well JP right so this. It begins okay it begins with furniture shopping so we're trying to buy a little in new catalyst for our house. So we chasing kids from the shopping and that's the worst idea ever on the planet and their. Attacking all of these beautiful lamps they're jumping on every bad possible I mean it's like a sales persons worst nightmare is my kids walking into their source of my. My husband Hammond and pine about what comes. You know cushions he wants and like I'm taking them out here so I take out on the sidewalk if you're the salesperson if you like to have restated it happened UC toddlers. Family and Kate asks you look at the other cells it automatic and yet totally totally soaked. I might get them out here so we're on on the sidewalk outside and dissenting Kennesaw and were NYC right down there's a pet lions. Says pat and we'll go look at the rabbits in the term so what fish. Battle entertain while they get closer it's called pet land puppies. O line lol my goodness were enforced so we go again. And there's puppies. Everywhere and people everywhere and every one apparently this is a thing you go in there and you hold puppies and it makes you happy and went so I stuck literally stumble upon it. So Lauren is holding a little too while in there and I thought. Mommy I love it it's on its lead. And everything else but I really believe in adopting animals are isn't buying them and it felt a little weird and I don't know me. I don't know where they get their hobbies or whatever but I wouldn't want us and support from emails or whatever I don't know about all that's not my lane. And understand Jane Jane is. Protests. And just is the one who's really taught me about that because your super animal supporter. There's just so many. Whatever sort of animal you lied that could use a home that. You don't have to get from pet store puppy Moehler tonight I've read or what others say so many great rescue organizations are you to pick a creditor. And find when that that just needs and the loving arms of Lauren repair. Exactly so my husband after Eminem on over the couch comes down the block him text animal like here's where you are he wants and he's like why are you. Know yeah yeah. The. And being here and he's like let's get out here quite music. And night trying to distract him so we leave. That's that and I'm like bullet she brings up again maybe we can talk about it so the next day Lawrence like. Let me know the most well I was full of mostly coming out I love and example that. Remember little to Iran is holding time. Miss him although Paul we've kind of like playing to deceit. Fast forward a week later and I get a text message from my mother in mock the most adorable picture. Of this little your cheek and she says does Lauren is still want a pop pocket. And I'm like yeah. There was little that she's as well my neighbor found him after fourth of July and we can't find the owner's home now and and it ran away from my fire ran away because of the fireworks they said the vet says he's not micro chant it's a two year old little York me now there's now. I wrote in a little smuggler but chic they're in the neighbor can't keep the dog because her dog doesn't like. So they're not getting you know hurt her pet isn't really getting along with his little jerky. And she's posted posters everywhere impose itself with the bat but she doesn't wanna give it to people who have called because it's like this little. Toy teacup dog and it apparently she told me a lot of people calling claimants than they can go sell. And so she has said I'll meet you ActiveX. Tell me where UN vets office as an army in there because if you it's your job big and I. I have the record of exactly. Brilliant yeah that's really Smart so she's she's an animal lover and she doesn't wanna give this little George keeps it. Not the right person says she's a lot of people called it can't find the owner. I Jan homeland taken out so you accidentally stumble. Into a pet store has Andrew Lorraine did say hankering for a party yes van your neighbor. My mother in law's neighbor finds a two year old pub to use our Ernie house broken a little smuggler a tiny little toddler sized dog right. He's nine pounds look at that all my. Hoses on basement and I just asked people they think issued a puppy it's going to be yes and I put a little IA and rampant and my husband's in hate and he's like. The other. Now we haven't yeah. Why can't they get lending it to myself. Let me put I'm OK and they'd just let's just play well let's bring a little this little guy needs a home that they can you find the owner I really wish that we. I mean owner luck. He's skinny and very well manicured. That is then very cute things Chad affirm hobby Rivera and I do miss. Whatever. This and then me. Go get that now I. Q saying you can look on her face and think Kelly is innocent and then when she sent me a couple of other pictures that path. That the neighbor gave your high bella faces looking into the camera in my early sweetie she and here's the other thing is our dog Carolina really like small dogs. Because one of my best friend's little teacup saying it. And it was like Carolina's best friend for awhile like when we live next to each other like. They were best buddies so I know my dog will love a little small dog. Yeah no less. While we are you have listeners posting pictures of their own puppies teeth in and out from them tea. You're gonna have a pentagon and the that's always Jane one of those external. Like you all want and they just wanted it and I can't convince. I think maybe I can convince them on the soggy but as a lesson and we today and he was like no end in discussion. Listen Jane I'm just gonna bite he's a logical man it right he's very help me into this he's very successful in his career because. He just can expand its aid to be to see today any men's and happened so grant this enemy one. Lawrence stumbled across not a pet store that had was showcasing. Puppies we took her mind off the cats which you eight trip to a few days later your mom's name her. Finds a lost dog and that is are already house broke and it is a perfect size for Lauren in reasons. Gets along with your god. And does tons of research to try to find that dog's owners and can't find that dog's owners. Three your mother in law your mother grant knows that Lauren is it got a hankering for a puppy right now. So she calls you to see if it's an option we're gonna post this picture on our face but there's a chance. That the owner. We'll see this picture Janet and reach out your mother in las neighbor as possible. If they don't grant listen to me if they don't. It's. This job. Wizard may. Listen if we can just keep it for the weekend. They come stay with us has different. Holidays and he's like. Hey you know what you're saying he's got these are you lobby day as a punching the steering wheel pretending as Jack right now. Automatic you know. He's aids is all an act. I notice posted on basements and he has kind of see it as. Then again so sorry man. On how well and I will tell you that the puppy was lost from the west Cobb area okay so I. Because I would love to get this party back to their original owner and you just got scared in the fireworks and ran away. I was found at a cross section pages on this this lady founded at the street corner. And now. Hasn't been able to find no home no tags no microchip well. If it's if it's if we are not able to find it using our social media resource is. His brand doesn't like to get it I'm gonna call him next school year during every important means an enemy answers on gonna use this system. Congratulations and you need. Dungy and. Yeah and then. Answer. Hoisting his. As early teens. If Kelly's this thing right now she's already making her way to catch sort of makes you welcome. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.