Helping Neighbors With Purposity

Friday, July 14th

Purposity is changing lives, and you can be a part of it. Helping your neighbor, and your entire community, with only few clicks!


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Star in 941. It's an extra special all the fields today because we want to introduce you to something we discovered we think will changed the landscape. Has the potential. To create such a what you casino. You can listen to the show for more than a couple days. You know that we're trying to create this good five tribe you know what I mean we why we love gratitude we have positive energy we love. Couldn't good in the world. And a friend of ours is created this system. It puts so much good in the world. It could change your whole neighborhood it just changed that the vibrations in your neighborhood and it's as easy as a text message it's called. A paucity. And it's created by a friend that Blake can't bury. And this is the quest to connect neighbors and communities all around per pass and you can be a part of that. In easiest way possible. We have Jen and I learned about this last year we both signed up for immediately and here's how simple it is you sign up for for atrocity. You get a text message once a week it tells about somebody in your community who hasn't need. It isn't now a huge over its salad some aid needs in new house it's like somebody does may have shoes. Tit for their first day of school it's somebody doesn't have food because they lost their job at the same time when their children got sick it's somebody who doesn't have safe tires on the car. It's based on the idea that if you need your neighbor needed help or would you walk over to their house and help that right when she had thrown you know. An extra pair shoes were again I'm a package of diapers if he knew they really couldn't afford it and they need it yes. He answered yes to that simple neat and you would help them out with and you feel good. About. Capacity is that. Imagine this imagine you get a text message from somebody saying hey. Schools starts in a week. And my child doesn't have a backpack. To take their books to and from school. Can you give me twenty bucks to go get a backpack. Orgies. Of course when you're going to get John kids' backpack it gets. I taxi would do things just don't know about these needs to learn how to act per possibly. Makes that happen and what do alleging here directly from the guy of our friend and who started capacity here and help kind of explain. The dream in the vision and yet this is Blake in CEO plus her. Possibly started from the simple place. And that was the idea that you would help your neighbor if he knew there in the eight years have no idea that there in need. Right we live in a world where we can do doctor's appointment from her cellphone but we have no idea of somebody two doors down from assessed PDE. And so what we thought was the model as we go into local community. And we partner with credible organizations. School systems. Nonprofits. And they vet needs they work with people an individual basis every day and they will submit needs and super possibly in baby. Hey there's a middle school kid in this thirty degrees outside and they have holes in their issues and their parents can't afford a new pair issues. We believe you would help your neighbor with that if you need they need it. So what we asked people to do is simply go to her posse dot com. Sign up and receive one text message a week at a need in the city. With the idea of what would certainly and a look like if we had a few 100000 people receiving one text message read the what do you need in the city we can meet. And we couldn't agree more is so that's why we started the jets and Sanchez team you can sign up right now at per possibly dot com. Slash Jeff's engine shafts if at semester member while you're driving today you wanna sign up for this it's on all of our FaceBook pages it's everywhere super easy to find. And you just sign up and get one text message a week with a a couple of clicks on your phone you'll be. Helping your neighbor there's really cool success stories connect to it from possibly and gender Jan handed me a list of them one of them was. I young lady who was going off to college was the college of her dreams and she got scholarship issues or off to school. But her family and have a lot of income should have been a first generation college student and it would have been a struggle for her even though she got the scholarship for. Some of her books and for her swing change valedictorian her class strength she didn't have. We go to school yet it towels for the dorm room and he got to get school supplies getting it cheats. For the bad you know and I'm saying she she didn't have the ability to get those things so pro possibly put it out their to their network. And one person got her some towels and one person got her a couple sets of bed sheets and one person got her. A bunch of notebooks and one person debtors and within an hour everything's covered and she can now go to school these stress tree that was a surge I want it. I have one in my own thanks in Africa brassy actually forgot about this. Kelly nice sometimes in fact it things. And we drove. From our house to the dairy queen that's off of 85 issue. And we are in the drive through of the dairy queen when my capacity text message came in Cali didn't know what it was and I read her the message in that clicked on the button and it was the story of a young man. Who didn't have a bed to sleep on his high school student are a lot of family members in the house he would sleep on a blanket folded over on hardwood floor. With his clothes on because. They didn't have enough like institute of Vermont and the message that I got was. Did you click this button and have. I'm comfortable mattress delivered rate to his house and click the button this is the drive through that dairy queen. Could the Bayh and it was like 65 dollar mattress on And Kelly said. We're gonna do that right. And I hit the button. Done done is this Qaeda then you get a confirmation. That they did it was delivered and to do anything. As we have an Amazon account boom that was done if it's delivered free to his house and while I'm getting an ice cream and it probably. Arab blizzard whatever I was doing some kid games. I love doing that and it's still weird. And here's a. I. The changes could world. Totally bad. It's it's crazy things that your kids will be back in school and sitting in a classroom full of kids who. I don't need things like up on her posse right now there's. Kids who need alarm clocks because they're suffering from homelessness and there in the shelter. They'll help only wake up and then they walk to school. So they need an umbrella so on the days and it rains you know I mean it is as easy is that when you're gonna be helping your kids that's fellow student. So it's really incredible the community in the neighborhoods of this is going to change. I have this story here's a father with three kids under the age of five this is a man who is hard working and he finds out his sister in law needs that kidney. Donates a kidney to his sister and law but because of the surgery to save someone else's life. He lost his job so he's working now five different odd jobs and trying to pull it together per posse here's his story. And helps his family out everybody in the capacity community bottom diapers. So that he and his wife could just have a little bit of breathing room with her three kids one and he could focus on fulltime what. And because it's a community effort everybody buys one buy some tag is a text message is that everybody in the networks yes so so if you buy one or two boxes of diapers I don't know what's that forty bucks. Writes it so. But if thirty people do that. This man diaper up for the rest of the year and. And these are vetted needs they are real stories that they are going to good people who are your neighbors who just need a little bit how which is fascinated by. While her policies put together this incredible network. It's so easy video. You have heard possibly dot com. PURPOS. I TY dot com slash Japanese and show and join our team you can also look at every piece of social media that. Is affiliated with this radio show in this radio station is we've posted it up there. We want you. On our team. And now JP has edited a song to make Jenn hobby crack. But he's here why you crying. I feel like is entirely forgiven microphones. Since I can't zone. Obviously you don't change the world girl. Being part of this you'll be somebody's hero it's so easy it is to go do it right through your Smartphone. And LTE two seconds or fill up your heart and it will change somebody's life. And the cool thing about this the really really cool thing that's important to remember is. You get to see the person that you're touching flank. The young man who needed it bad that I was talking about earlier you know his story and you know exactly what you're doing to better. Demanding food donated kidneys. And has to work five odd jobs. To make up for the income that he lost because of that you know exactly how your battering his family's like. The valedictorian valedictorian. Who sat on that person is Smart kid who went to college you exactly what you're doing for her to make her life easier. So good at capacity downtown if you are POS. I TY dot com slash jets in Jan shall. And sign out and make generally track. We need you. Again. Star in 941.