Where is This Relationship Going

Thursday, July 13th

They're not really even in a relationship, but she likes his instagram posts so that's a big deal, right?


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I think super funny and I feel I. Where is this relationship going into question you always want to pass it is super awkward so we'd do if usually is episode here is coming up and is second with masks and hand this allowed the first got to tell you how you can. Ditch your dirty. Mattress and that's what's going on at stern and 41 Atlanta netcam it will require you to senior sounds a little bit because we ask you need to share a picture of your dirty man's best. And ordered to get a brand new ones and now it is time for the new episode now. Earnings this relationship go. And wants to know what's up with his relationship when Angela. Even though and I don't think Matt manslaughter really dating. We you love asking awkward questions for you and that's how this segment was born. Yeah so what community cloud really the relationship I don't think you know we we met there a month ago. Can't we run out a couple of times and it seemed like it was. It was good there was like didn't entirely quite you know just and so you can't even early test straightaway. And I don't like independent. My chancellor a lot of you know like it was like I sort of birthday and she responded to half and then put one time loads of weeks ago she asked what willows doing this weekend and I was there the ambassador later mentioned her back to me so like I'm just. I'm just I'm here now. You know where we stand. Until we are seeing is that. What ever there is non relationship relationship go ahead. Design engineer new intro there. But this is so cute and retain those who would it feel like. Maybe it's just kind of played the way except. Every single thing that goes on in Israel and she likes way to way. Like she's she's probably in there and she's like every single photo posted some we've got to stay except for a true. And those are the only time but I had a photo which another girl. Our solutions like every picture except one were Olympic record that still look at what. Details like she thinks maybe you weren't this thing so this never want to bring her. Do you think it's just a timing thing. We are reliant. Yeah I just every time that you guys have tried to go out like she asked you to do something it didn't work out you bastard do things it didn't work out so. He's feeling he could just be a complete bad timing situation. Or when you are you in Iraq is there's something off. I don't really do anything wrong it's but it's been totally isolated. Incident that come in here could be it but it's just not torture and I don't give us some rumors have been here as a check or why is this just bad times here as. There was some belts on or does he think that there's something. Happened that I don't know about it. Why I can't guarantee you that she doesn't think something's happening. The you don't know about because women know about things that are happening before you guys are even aware there's a woman in the room. Certain women's game winning control what happens we see a few more steps ahead yeah the guy is sick right so as more tomorrow. Lisa could you could cheat on your own photos because she because she knows something is happening. How now I. Again and I. I'm not a woman and for the most part. But I don't think I'd definitely take SE they ask assistance for the right I learned that the other day but this is if you don't. There is some thing yeah I think so too you can you tell slash half an on the last day ER one on. It's. It. Super exciting and we know I probably got along pretty well. And I I said like Syracuse again you'd like yeah but it was kind of just you just a little more. Not quite like sun's own but just like just sort of a little more casual burned an open and I didn't go to Europe in the ninth you know. Yeah and crack at San. Well that's how it works and then we will ask the question on your behalf and hear wedding Angela has to say and then we'll come back CU and get your reaction cool. It dietary intake I. Oh coliseum and July happens in Freeman. I'm Jeff conjecture. The jet engines show every. Really miss him going if the upper question. You always want the answer to it. I'm asking yourself so we do for you right here on the jet engines out Matt explain to us that he wants us to ask that awkward question to Kindle laughed. I am so and man they know each other for about four months went out a few times. But has not connected in the past would you say what two months three months. But in person. Yeah we haven't heard him personally and not. So we could some of our current and rock. I can buy she is. Still lighting every one of your NC Graham pictures. It's everywhere. Except for pictures and you win another girl. How can we ask or something there cursor and really yeah. It seems very intentional I can we ask through the other girl is in the pictures Kirsch her. There'll be more like eating more wolf plate readers like the other people's parties or somebody and you know so they're like it is fun to remember. Because they get they could come across as very cute. But there was nothing remember earlier Merkel primary. Right well let's hope neither of them who just heard you described them as I guess they can be caddie Q who. Resigned his bachelor stuff. Let's let the pictures were brutal murder torture. One. I got you on hold. Manhattan for an I hang on Matt really call Angeles he wished she says and then after that will come back T gear I response okay. Yeah I thanks. The. On top. I I I. Are you talking Germantown. You always. Insular it's Sandra did you contention hard. I kinda. I am glad you coming on with us today so easily you know we talked a lot about relationships. And let. Haven't had ice on our show and we are inclined to ask you what could be sore awkward questions that very. Okay. Okay maybe. Okay I'm mad and so we're calling on behalf of maps. Guidance you know not publicly it's better. It's. And her music you guys are so friendly. And he ask you this question of where this relationship going for a year. Oh. I mean I thought we refer and you. You know we'd kill. You. Battle lines around little bit more than I don't know it mean now I just how Alec and just the way toward the French. So I think we'll play. COZ was learning chemistry there at all. Yeah I. Know what happened again actually but he's in the friend zone. At this rural maybe even announced yeah. I have a question and do you still talk to mallet head out even though he told us don't expect employers and that. He also said that you're really active on his answer program. Alberta Lincecum and playing preliminary. I think he may have. Read into the fact that you pretty promptly light to every picture he posts like he's definitely notice saying you're interacting with this page. Shrine. And he also told us that there's a couple of pictures of him with other women that you did not like. Oh. No I don't do that. I act against. Whatever it can't hurt you know you've got as a man. I. Particularly Panetta grow and I don't know heard that now I'd like that unlike mad. I'm after cam and that's not true I would never I would never be attached EB. Skis yeah. So you still like if you'll like a post that another woman is and it means you're trying to again with. Absolutely. Oh my god would send me back. Was that now and my pictures. What went down I had been girl I need to his girlfriend. They're saying her. Now I'm watching you and I am standing Eric. Lucky me I happen. Oh yeah and girl you do don't do that a group picture I try to hit Japan and it well I. Not okay. So that I like getting out then be like digging your claws in. Yes. Well yeah. All right so let's just so we understand this. Zaid and admitted to different turn let's let's forget about Mac friends and guys John Carter backs so. They're lie is according to you allow according to Angela is if there's a picture of a guy and a girl in you don't know the girl. You do not like that picture and it's a girl doesn't like that picture. Who does not know the girl and that means that she is coming after they got. So let me can't I would like to know there are all I eat at why you don't know. Why should look at my girlfriend. She knows is here now but it probably added. As well I'm yeah. I see I am very complex. Well I see you see set though if you don't know the girl who's and it. And you. We're let's say you were interested in him and you just like it's a little. Reminder like hey man. I mean there and I deny your photo ice says she doesn't write appear that way says she does she stands not secure some. Her announce liking. Let her intentionally not liking those pictures makes it obvious that estimated sand Alice is jumping on his answer ram and why can't everything you toasts and the pretty quickly and I yet and then intentionally. Not liking those. And says that sent me news stands out more than elated she was just consists Allen just you know a fan of this page. Yeah he. Yeah you're playing that I'm telling you out. Got into the bath and eat at record what women are doing that. Part of it clearly I think tank like. On the court and a good relationship that look good girlfriend and technique. And why do you like that. Now he ran. Why may have learned something new today dollars payment information Jenn hobby now does not know that I'm not you know last. How is this and that every picture every guy takes it another girl and then as semi day so you can have played that semi is paying crazy girl assumption right there. Right. Angela thank thank you were gonna wrap up this loses. Relationship gone now I'm gonna go look at other women whose late pictures of me in Cali has now I know what that means so yeah eggs. Okay I thank you Angela. Here and I can't thank him. When he got phone lines are blowing up 4042630941. Do we even have to pick up map for combat a out of that corner. Typically and then we're gonna move on this debate I guess I just summarize it. Enjoy his belief is that if a woman lights a picture of a man and a woman. And then the lake or does not know the woman in that picture she's cricket and the man. Writes I am pretty sure she's awards bloody yes why aren't we blood come right back and talked to Matt quickly and get to your phone calls. World war 2630941. If you went again and this conversation. Next in the Jenin Jan chapel. Good drive then a little easier. Outselling now. Even sure why. Relationship going we just heard from him till. You don't please send us. Was in the friend zone and this isn't some. Girls code social media theory we're trying to figure out here right she told us that if you like a picture of a guy who is his and is pictured with a girl that you don't know and you don't know the relationship. If you like that picture you're creep in on them. And years thank rocks. And. I'm Matt you heard that whole conversation about Sen Angela quickly please. I mean yeah I think I don't quote. That's corn production is absolute experts front. I I mean that sounds a bit and she said that meant that she was not entertaining but it seems right to me it is association it is. Amid a code usually talk maritimes are now. Yeah very strange hearing from our but at least you know where you stand now. Yeah us it's sort one sort and I thank you Matt thanks Teresa now Matt weird Al. I Stacey games they'll pay. Carry out. How much wrote long and all of. Absolutely ridiculous can eat just to end. Like everything else I did not liking the picture but. That I'm a little jelly I'm not like that. Aides and by Axel do you think it liking them picture means your creek on the manner somehow like sand oh I'm the picture tip. Oh you're just a friend and your light in the picture like so much having fun and let me. I'm not liking it. That's what he saw. That's why he's outlined as the normal day Stacy you win the awards for the could this amount of time from hey Harry you today today I wanna throw a punch someone's sons. Round I'm having great today. I Cassidy an Alpharetta what's out. Yet. We saw Sen Angela. Would that clay I agree with the last one that if you like Rick spell. Should I mean you're I can eat it like half screen out of the way campaign is. It's this it's the next level. Rebecca in Atlanta. Hey yeah and I totally agree my fiancee now but Florida got engaged key. That don't like all curled pitcher or what he blocked action and now seem like everything he does she like king day. And I'm not support that she would like an altered the cute then denied. It. Say you think of her girl code theory is right. Yes yes I totally agree and I wrote her a lot home message on to another floor. Birdie didn't I made a couple of thing that I should respect that each. Good to see. We'll take that there. Are passwords since this I said like iron on. Playing. Happy late clearly don't. Citi did I like yeah I like the idea of making a radio segment out of you'd have to tax yes. Pay as sadness and that's and I think she shouldn't out and get. As some on those and those they bombed this fueled conversation. Brand in Atlanta. Nobody is agreement Angela eccentric kind of let. The last. Oh yeah. And at. And I ain't getting it from a lesbian when it happened and I can't act ear my girlfriend at a friend's girl. And a girl and NT like you're a page and at that she never did anything. And let's go and attract. Like ultimately there aren't under it and like a light dictionary attack I ran over the Ito obviously epic like. Get your thing that we. May not like one. It intentionally Halladay is so intense and. And my. Everybody at a time. And they are but a leg tags. It'll be on you and the guy in it and actually told Carol and I tried not EU like you I thought it jail but did not hit you light you can get out to eat at record and photos. An announcement. And independent entity. I'm an independent and I thank you brand and is fascinating. Last call in July in Atlanta not the same Angela right. Correct to not claim Angelo can't. She did and all I need to look I have named this is. So not the way we take. You don't spend that everybody else that it called him. There do you not like in the picture would have would definitely girls. No he. Certainly meaning. Are you you sit around listening to this gonna Angeles that your hurt us all. A lot of pain go to film editor is real into his we're all gonna get labeled as crazy as I thank you gotta thank you thank you now crazy Angela. Yeah thank you know. I think normal and all the conversations like there's always continue on FaceBook at FaceBook dot com slash Jeff intention of getting get through wanna leave a comment. All learn and share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.