Brilliant or Bonehead Bride

Thursday, July 13th

She wants her bridesmaids to chip in for her dream wedding dress...brilliant? Or total bonehead?


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And let's make a decision and this person. Brilliance. Are today I'm. Narrated pig can't run. Asked her bridesmaids. Have paid her three month. That's the debate and and we're taking your calls for 04263094. Once it got an opinion. Our intervention doesn't want the rises there's the whole thing. She does realize that the dream down is gonna cost more than she had budgeted for so she wants her six bridesmaids to. Divide the difference by six in the age injury. Genuine had an answer immediately. Yeah you can't do that somehow because it's already asking your bridesmaids to spend money on their own dresses on traveled on the way. Not all kinds of other stuff being attacked on top and then come on alien merry and a what do you think. I gained image gravy on it dude commercial Obama I've gotten or at the box so it's. Let's hear it is you've got what we call this whole rage isn't. And I'd be sort of our generation which normally he'll drive. You more than you need to be in the portable and I was out. I shot out to carry bridal collection mentioned week. Any reading jacket or under a thousand alerted and they will not even address that cannot afford to let your budget is under I'll say they were not that you interact over 800 dollars. Possible you can find your eye being bad and not a welfare programs from your friend. I just rich I I would imagine. That you did a bridal store. Does that all the time how they play so if your budget is 800 bucks they look we know we only have 800 dollars. But this one's 1150. We can now get down to 11100 just trying. And then you don't think about alterations vinyl veil all the extra out on set to unveil. William I'm proud thanks LA. You bet aimed tennis sound. Let's. They absolutely not. As homegrown cannot afford her dressing so go ahead and eight feet. I'll mosque in Alpharetta. I'll say I mock I need to get hidden very inappropriate to you that. And it's coming at me people to come celebrate at Eli did you actually indicated that gesture that. I don't know that it is some asking didn't have all would be a major problem. And now I would not letting my. I hadn't yet but I was thinking about it. Told and I just played. Basically. It I'm telling you when you're not gonna let me incorporated and Jack. It. Already devil's advocate here because she didn't Rios CSI is gonna be our bridesmaids and then she didn't realize how much her dream dress would be achieved this idea pops in your head. I'm only have to come up with a different. And help. And a different way not to put down an exit that just ridiculous that. Yeah I agree with you and I feel like if they came up with an idea on their own let's say she's shopping for the when I. All the bridesmaids are around there like you guys can we all pitch in and they offer we have no idea and we sorry honey but you know I think they're not attack. Just. As you are asking them to pay for Brian's main strands. All right bring you know. He's probably asking them to get hit by the that. Oh yeah eight yeah she's yeah she's terrible person since I. I've read shining how is she trying to anybody lover says Chris shoddy European organization. And I think you can because ultimately you are being big issue with them they don't wanna sit on database are always getting out of date and there are did you not order in order a great debt you have. Yeah I never shot and I think. Yeah I mean if this dream wedding and didn't dream I guess you can Rajon Athens. Adam yeah I truly great you know I am. I at what I really click try and actually it Saturday. Adam and are right it's a lifetime ago violated and a lot of other things he had to paperwork has come up. And get better way to do it can't come at you gotta let it all right guys to. Third thing that I think ask you straight unpopular that. You helped create and read into it and you can. Why is this. Right. I wanna throw plot twist into into this whole plan. OK okay well and think about it through imagine dragons here and then we'll come back and and browsing and I talked to a woman in Marietta who says this in a problem at all. Really reality craze is not a has one person to dispel concerns that maybe it's the bride but dvd Marietta will be out of this instrument is the figure this plot twist what if what she said wise. In lieu of that bachelorette party. I would rather have you all should end. All types Bob does it. For a 4630941. Of trying to get into. I'm bridesmaids. And I'm sorry can't ride. Her bridesmaids to pay for her dream dress. They're did you see your rise. One person says there's we'll talk to DD and a second. I'll pick her up after I remind you that one hour from right now. You and three girlfriends could be at New Kids On The Block tomorrow night we've got a four pack of tickets 8 o'clock this morning on the Jeff intention to New Kids On The Block. So that's your question right now we love for you weigh in on the for a 4630941. Can number I asked her bridesmaids. To pay for her dream wedding down to it's about her budget. And Didi N Marietta says sure. It. I mean. I think why not and really get and you're right they are. And your level I think comfortable as I am glad I Wright made bird like dirt or may or act as. And I a mere bad Aybar going to get that get our IP rather play and they really glad that I might just say hey. Each entrant in bed. Or you know that my heart's desire. And today. What do you think I showed he had in I like you know black letter by a art. Now let me ask you question GD and and Shannon Kelly an area because I heard something. This you what you just I reminded me of it because he says they're all your best friends and you can ask them to chip in and when the operatives are your best practice. I was told by a woman. That every bridal party. On that led the women's that was called the bridal party out every bridal party. As one woman on the bright side that the bride is really doesn't want standing. Yes I think initially it doesn't sound that way but I think I did the day of you have that one Brian. I'm glad I'm here is the exact. I can actually because I wrote the exact I don't know trying to as I type the exact quote and in my notepad but it was basically. Ana a wedding on every bride's wedding day there is one person standing on her side. And that she doesn't want them out of obligation and not all are things changing so yeah. I can see that. That's some pain. I was at and go to that person I. Well let the eagle that would have liked. Even edit and you couldn't let that my age I would go to keep quiet about that level. Comfortable can't go oh yeah. Does it change any thing for you Kelly and you Janet if the bride says. I don't want a bachelor party on a shower I don't want any that John I just might as each to come up and under developed for the dress or whatever. It does change if I mean yeah yeah because I Rihanna it is about oats. Her not thinking of their budget are not thinking of them to saying mean Mimi Mimi paid for my wedding dress and they've minus and so if she offered. Some sort of exchange like hey guys at this means so much to me. That if you would be okay with that I'd rather do this the bachelorette party at all just scrap the whole idea it's about the same exchange of money I. As we have for sure and I am. I am saving money and have asked for a weekend night and day offering words like answering to owner about self for your dream dress rather than. Taking a weekend cell official and say yes to selflessly help turn. Got the selfless point nine minutes and. Do you feel obligated Oates is still throw out bachelor Burke bachelor party you know no we got it. At six and that really just like our fanatic and so dual bachelor party no. Promising I do feel like now he mentioned that I would feel bad that she didn't have a bachelor party they have little girl she didn't really address in. You. You value show won anybody an idea how I'll answer it. And it's just very little something and by the time the wedding comes around you all hate the brown he hasn't got just terrible widely Eritrea did. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.