Lie Like A Guy

Thursday, July 13th

Guys have some, uh, creative ways of lying. Can the women of the show lie like a guy?


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Got to have talent that women just don't have and that is what I want I mean isn't easy on the line department yeah. We discovered this yesterday when Jeff dishonest about the incident that happened over vacation. At the. The guy you say then it is mother was dog died in the woods and he had to bury it. Well the dog comes running out of the woods totally healthy three days later. And we got his wife on the father from Greenville they'll listen the show's so we'd call and say we ask a few questions about this story there is I nobody is a need to use my trouble to bury the dead dog right. A guy convinces his wife. Bats what had happened was. A stranger. Actually buried the Dodd and that's how it was a case of mistaken identity. Ride he just stumbled upon a woods then yeah. Our theory. The dog for him he never actually solve the dobbs show are aimed I am a man was wandering through the woods who happen to see a dead out and he didn't ask you describe it as one of the chances of their being multiple that if you're listening the past two days you heard this story planet planet ridiculous but I made us realize. This guy is has an ability a skill a gift. In coming out which is an instant lie to cover any situation. If they can live like it got wrecked so we. Have created a game called. Lie laid it up. All you need to do is respond to these scenarios that JP will present. With a lie as though. You're a man. Under two n.'s studio where is now. All the women who are here with us Jeanne meaning Kellyanne married interns from Ben and Jenn hobby of course if you wanna get on this ladies if you're listening you know like I can live like a guy 4042630941. Of our phone number you welcome to place fifth tie JDB. Typical press the deer. You don't realize this I thought I'm gonna go and every around Austin you'll see how easy it is for yeah. OK so here's their origin tail I. Try to scenario if you got align at tank Soria handout. And I did UConn he doesn't reveal your life but I thought OK in case scenario one. Your wife comes home and finds an earring she doesn't recognize near the couch in the living here and she asks you where eighteen from. Lot like a guy. I got. And so like remember that time that you said your birthday gift so it wasn't enough so I remember that because I can't write you anything about you lot and IE. Awhile ago ordered these new hearings because I thought they're be gorgeous for you and then. I was trying to wrap them in again. But one of them fell and I lost them and I I don't know when they aren't and I'm really happy if someone who could just keep looking for the other one. You'll have to bring you paired earrings. That's good that you anybody even gonna try to. No because I'm I'm gonna go cleaning lady I was a cleaning out a bid. Has and think you're hearing. And a dozen years he's very mad. Missouri you even know if that was yours or not that's okay yeah yeah yeah. Did you have an island Oreo cat sat next give us a margin think. You kids want to know why they can't come in sit your bedroom right now your wife is unable to talk so you have to lie like you got. I'll. We'll dole the world X. Jenny got us and. No I don't have that I don't know what. Oh I'll zionist. And educate kids sorry were unmake in the bed those are the front door. Just give us a one cent M mom's cleaning. I'm ready now. And I count so I daddy was outside doing yard work any got a splinter in his behind and so mommy. Get out and I'm great we're gonna do this you don't you don't watts compared an act comments this. What kid doesn't wanna watch dentist but it's a unanimous but of course you really do like Alan. We're doing chores. Now. Well I go away and you can have ice cream this when it's so easy guy is well. We're trying to get out with the door is stuck was somebody go down into the garage give me a screwdriver. We're gonna keep trying to get the door open. That game and I'll eight. I'm glad I'm only an instrument I think that's a rule. Yeah that. All right if you wanna be a part of this for a afford to six or 8094. Widely clearly need help you then they can violated guy JT get us one more Hollywood that's caused men. You told your girlfriend that you're too tired to do anything this week and you just need to rest up for busy week work. Next week but then she saw you on TV and you read the Braves game Gil Ferran steelers' playoff she called me the next morning time. To lie like a guy. OK so damn my boss called me and that total last minute. And you know I can't tell notes and then you know on doing so great now so I was home one arrest so while we can tell I'd be really great at my job on my boss called. And had to go with him but then you see when I got there. My boss didn't. Now Jenkins did let me tell you at the line that is there's people that didn't confirm that wade isn't so me since the LA. And he does Leon person. No way I can see me as someone who looks tiny. Always go in there shagged me that's yeah there's no wasn't me. And ball. Because what are the chances BC tapes that Damon's gonna rewind and pause. Content. Zero. I you guys get to play well that's why lighting guy. Here's your sound. Challenge liar like big guy. Me especially love our men beyond just better and it sneaking out of tricky situations and we are you fasten your seat in the department so I laugh. As you know the problem is women over thinks that maybe that's I sometimes just as simple as a. I New Kids On The Block tickets are about three minutes away but. I'd Danielle and Peachtree City once again in this and and then Travis and now. I gave here's your scenario JT when he got Danielle. You're on the first date with a woman and you tell that you haven't been on a date in four ever. Little woman stops by your table and ask why you never bothered to color back after you guys had dinner at the same restaurant last week since the suspect. And another woman appears who says the same. Server says the same things that you look at your date it's time to lie like a guy. I Danielle get out of this like a man. Okay they had I don't know I didn't hate about it that I had it read the act play. 888 hacked into my account and. Car doesn't yet I'm that would Aaron Valentin. And it happened. I weird he had her out to eat and then I had to be. Like yeah yeah. So yeah the end that is Correia Danielle be any guy. Wow yeah. Unfortunately. I Danielle you and try one more. I gently laid back okay. You wake up in the morning to find that the dog attacked her daughter's favorite princess doll. The one you promised to keep safe in your room while she was at her mom's for the weekend. The door opens in your daughter's home the first thing that she asked is. So this is I think it's time a line like he got out. Print. And daddy that Brad you I and you're out doll opt in her hair done and you're. Brought it. Oh wow. Get. They are large amounts. Still the here's note I do when mark. Gave me and then yeah now. You sent a beautiful arrangement of flowers your wife's office and the card read at a great time last weekend. Charleston is almost is beautiful AZ mar. You told your wife is that you're golfing with the guys and Hilton head just isn't true. She calls you hey what's up with the weird message and now you have done a lot like you guys. Aimed at and it didn't benefit got art rock. Act earlier. Great I would not and that might act. Yet your clothes yet one more line the aft and unlike time. I'm gonna I'm gonna call that florists. And chill out regularly at a good pace tomorrow night. Do you ever you are. I'm a mob of no we. You know darn. Guys you're good so that hey I'm Danielle I wanna give you a prize just as I'm scared of you so I'm sure you know. Let's price of entry Danielle you product. And while she was good good job JJ. As a guy that costs. Thanks for making this wedge it's indigestion changed now one star not before one and it.