Amazon on Ambien

Thursday, July 13th

Yesterday was Prime Day and someone on the show decided to go shopping after taking a sleeping pill...


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Steele is lapping the field. You know. Justin Jan Jolie's own. Confess that if you're sloppy shopping less than. On the Ambien and not try day yesterday. And we know but a whole bunch of free. It's ridiculous. Stuff after digging sleeping pills. She's gonna confessed it says comfort in numbers and this is the judge entries around 404263094. Aligned with the ridiculous stuff you have. And Kelly Jesus case. It was is asleep and now. But again I'm sitting here. He really did work. Have shot gun I think I did I don't know why I take it early I hung in and passed out early and finish front 96 or seven months I don't and then. Can gain some people's case its dues and in my gun friend other people who might do more recreational. Sensitivity is best result in there. Thinking in their reasoning and their logic being impaired and next thing you know UPS drivers pull announced three days later win. Box upon box of things that you just don't. It's easier than ever I mean all the Amazon answer Amazon Amazon prime MM prime now all those ads can you could have jumped. In two clicks to. Yeah one to open the app and one to hit order now you can usual thing and now and just killed fingerprint ordered a meal. 404263094. Line. Ellis which you purchase. When you're under the influence and Kelly chase the spotlight. Right now is onions and. Let me just say I got on there with an agreement on Sunday after. AJ and I needed towels that's all I mean I just want a cent of all the same color channels that are now my tells different colors and dancing crazy. And did not cells then we did and I know I searched for towels and the first thing as follows first thing a lot. Well he's in laying down alternative comforter. I have a comforter. Since the fifth is comparable and fine. If your comfort is fine and you don't have to guess from that you need and AM but it was originally 55 dollars and Amazon's effort 25 dollars and it's got like 3000 review isn't. They told me. The next thing and stainless steel chilling or reusable I excuse for whiskey wine when everyone pack six. Reusable ice cubes as I can live without. Those I know sometimes it's such a challenge to find I don't know water or ice Q yeah. Realize scared I am my Eisenstein learns what I've. These tags. This on these these next couple of favorites you know the Yankee candles that I'm a huge runs out of thirty dollars. They're on sale yesterday for thirteen dollars so I'm by. The midnight jasmine and the large jar. It candle. You've got to smell I now I know but it's it's really pretty it's like as bright white collar of his blew. A seal on I just that's probably I get a. I gave me the IE link. Kelly paused nearly a stroke welcome back to your last I Nikki and Swanee welcome to this out. Dead for a 4630941. It's gonna be brave like. Kelly and that Nicky is about to be tell us what you bought when you're under the influence when he got making. Yeah. That's right we're going to red alert. Tightening. In the art and I am I didn't work I. Am on it are. All of it really. Brit I enter into the right. It's. And yeah. Yeah and everything I was not a happy about it. That's when you realize. What they're allowed to happen is when the order confirmations come through and you're like oh like today. Yeah. You. Are. And that didn't. It. Didn't on one. More thing. Thank you leave rap rock done. Is team captain. Should. What is the spotlight and you're where did Locke Burt. I. Is the I think its well being and so here in the middle of the now. And it. Let god would be to get to track. Hey I'm an eerie how quick bite your. They had concert cost goes from worth of I don't care and have an idiot what we shopping under the influence us. Yeah yeah. How I had. It Kelly where where it really about you blog and get towels Janet a bank adapt and Don come down comforter lute I'm saying guy's Q&A candle. And a candle and then so that the thirteen hour Campbell OK well then on another Yankee candle I know I love the Vanilla cupcake. The business popular can this almost sixteen dollars. Bought that. I also bought an eleven listens that I'm an eleven pound assault rock slam. Let them in my guess certain energy that is really on a farm program. Now they don't there's that's an. Yes they do just as it says in the reviews and I think it's I learned Amazon priming I tell you see is that that start uninvited people from my wedding. No kidding Kelly. Assault Rockland and I never even heard describe. And what it looks like a screen shot it well it's about eleven pounds so it's nice any and is this pretty orange GE amber at call learned. And. Certain parts of it I don't belittle I know what it is because it's a fried they were there are fighter has. It's the attorney anyway so yeah. Good energy yes so on the on the lamp part of it I also learn a constellation Nightline a star. Honest shut off 360 degree irradiation colorful noon and night William Ginsburg maybe kids on armed veteran nursery decor who did you buy that for my cell. Why back. All random it's OK okay lead and Atlanta welcome to this channel. Immigrant hate it it didn't go well and play rabbit hole sixteenth he doesn't let age or another. And I entertainment. I mean they're out this I know they're supposed to like instrumental player like make you smarter. So Alberto nuclear and oh I'm. Barack I definitely got better and her she'll go to my productivity that's. Okay you feel smarter rain now from taking the cost. And gotten them yet but you know a little. Yeah arms and about Pakistan Libya which are married and how to operate here and I. And get better or something about a guy I would. Right with you I see ads for those things like iniki tell us leeway to tell us. Have minds and think empire and jail etiquette you hang on forests for about two minutes. Or are I think we're going to find out in just a minute how much money in G and Atlanta. Gave to a member of the Kardashian and Jenner and things. I was under the influence Ole phone lines are open for a 463094. Lines what did you buy under the influence and RT and X yeah. Switches on this. Intel fell shopping under the influence did Janet confess it treason on him we wanna find out what's your box that's. We call Amazon. And in the end shopping under the influence taking your calls for a 4630. 941. And I'm before we talked and G and we get the rest. I'm Kelly cheeses list yeah about thirty minutes away from New Kids On The Block tickets to. We've got a four pack of tickets you're three girlfriends get to go to New Kids On The Block Fran and I aids. If you're listening at 8 o'clock this morning to the jet's engine channel let's have easy in Atlanta. Gum line and with. So. I mean look I wanna show us. I can't there's is that six month at a shopping carts a couple of days I couldn't bring an acceptable to the money. Talks and didn't. The next morning my husband like all it's democratic and I didn't eat it by. I guess seventeen out of this I just. So I didn't limit and I bet you not saying congratulations did you order Michael my god. How many tubes of lipstick is on in seventeen dollars a sort it is 29 dollars for India. Yeah it's. It's and they did exactly what did this nineteen year old 170 dollars. An illicit does not come. There is no any not that it's pretty good yeah 170 dollars you welcome caddie. And I was your has been I would be like that that kind of kiss me is that when that would that sort of while feels like I'm. I Jesse K and Monroe. I don't say dead would you buy under the influence. Well you. I would actually eat a person that would given. I know all of the recipient of an Amazon on Ambien shopping. Yeah. Mike and all I had last week I really drunk and you. Started crying and just get an accurate. I got a really bad days she balmy twelve. Really expensive restaurants. And California. And in addition to ear that he would like another tweet about leadership and tell people that I better beat air. And what was the total for twelve man currents. And she's like. 08 delicate flaky. Let's just. I got to wrap wrap wrap our bureau let's let's see if we can do we've done so far man memory then. You log time last night to my towels towels and colony in which you never Montel no you brought down comforter yet. Then you buy reusable ice cubes you do Yankee candles one lead blew jasmine and one dollar cupcake yeah. Then you got to Himalayan salt planned to change the energy in your house. Listen I and then at night late and plugs in and puts constellations and the phases of the moon and the ceiling and walls yeah. I'm really cool actually I got from my kids there and then again it's Lorenzo. You know I need and a and then is editor we did MS one. And ice cubes and on top of the down comforter that I bought I also got a flannel fleece blanket and ivory queen size slightly cozy plus Michael if I were solid going to. And 9900 reviews on the under the influence of your sleep aid you're like reading all the reviews and you're like yeah I was. Yes I did that. I know it's almost like a baby okay now Diane. And what was the grand total for all of us must have stuff in your apartment garage and you know I am told that because I don't want to look for other big is it okay if she can start a spot in her room. Throughout the Chiba and money back with just one massage and play nice and hot stones in there. There are catching things I will say that flannel fleece blanket that I bought was originally sixty about time day seventeen dollars this work yeah its. All learn and share that conversation. He continues league championship on FaceBook.