How To Sneak Snacks

Thursday, July 13th

JP should be eating healthy for his wedding, but that's just not happening. Instead, he needs your advice for hiding snacks.


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The jet engines show every. Sneaking snacks to become an art form. JP has not yet learned at pick I'd say hey and his fiancee Heidi are on the wedding I together there working out. Are going to be in the best shape their lives in most courts and that is absurd but he's been sneak in CNN behind her back and got blown. Posted. 40426309418. View. RK. So mad sneaker. With success if you know the proper way see you hide in sneak treats in your own house. Then we need to hear from you and it's it's a public service. It's helping JP 404263094. Lines we already have some comments and social media we'll get to those in the second Brit. Remember we talked about this few months ago. Different context it's kind of the same idea and somebody said that they would hide it Oreo Cookies aim. The and on and that worked temp on boxes under the sank this. Play because in my house with solid equipment women's equipment and the equipment in need. Contracts being issues I ate my husband will never go in that box you'll never look in their training and it's a never find them lunch size packs in doubles out. This is so I'd seen as a viewed as some along those lines for a 14630941. YA JP are we doing this or did she day. They said the vending machine with stock today before at a bunch of quarters on the nightstand. And I go to the quarters. And Heidi here's the fidgeting with the quarters and about 4 o'clock in the morning. Now she has one eye open if she goes. Hit big what do you do on. I reckon lied to her Biden has said all describe in some quarters you never know when you might have to make a phone call. I can put LC need quarters are laundromat today may. I tell you why Kelly Jesus either I remember the arcade game. Clinic Mortal Kombat or street fighter yes and then her followup question is. And those for vending machine. And because I'm the dude should serve my weakness the million but it was a Friday it was cheap day. I I could be drowned by potato chips and die and go like you know or at least that one out style. Know you got to be step more cells that had JP the jingle and event clients that just gave you wait. What you need to do receive this are stockpiling the coins here. So were you just to get to accumulate and natural that an empty your pockets before you leave the office everyday. Hot for 042630941. Held JP hiatus Max and whatnot around his place. We have found are really got on the on social media Melissa said that her husband had a height difference. So she hides things on the alert hammonds towards the back and he had all of his snacks and that sounds and. You can do that with a high AD I know she's so little. Headed midget cynnex view on my example or she's about 54 yeah. This announcer now Heidi feels about freeze dried fruit but Olivia says that she puts candy into an old box in her freezer that says streams and try. I'm afraid I and that no one taxes because we all know we on the frozen fruits yeah. Your phrase that you never touched on my favorite it probably is from back in ninety in my 2008. When am I don't have a smoothie every morning. Still got that bag and blueberries strawberries in line raspberry and it's frost bitten to death so. Rather than Mayer and you only use that one GI accidentally hit in the face like that this finally having an. But Meghann as a this is sunny every parent can relate to machines like I've got healthy snacks and I can't tell against so she sneaks eating their snacks. And then watches them argue with each other over at Nicole. We're doing and yet and then she just advanced night they still haven't figured out yet. Oh my god it's Kelly in Carter's Zell has got a great idea JP check this out. And you are it Hummer you're out there are right now it's a pocket and he usually up at Kurt Kurt and I are. Decrypt a little bit carried out what you. Hilliard genius of the holes in the pocket. I don't I have fortunate early I. In the L word what's what's one thing you have hidden right now in house talent. I kept the opposite could not want. It back eagle. I ever got. Our bags and then a winter coat pocket and I. Of that 4042630941. If you want to share your sneaky smack secrets. In general and like mr. confession that her husband grant me yes agreed and is this sugar. Attic and he does terrible things to hide it from me you can just last night. I his ways. Next. This Wall Street can become an art form. And we need your help to JP. Helped JP because he's sneaky tricks behind Heidi back to dig in and wedding scene together but he's been sailing out he got busted so since we need your help. Ryan and Covington has an idea for you hey Ryan do you think your snack. I don't know why aren't limited support contenders and it's Washington freezer. Every advantage that most parents. Yeah kids now you're hiding it from children. And children from a lot of the logic certainly. Didn't reflect that happens in the reader. To look at Americans were. October Carl Edwards jacket. So I can grass let lasagna from last week Shara I want advertisement and I guess I am I gonna go in dig through all the bees do. As Maggie and Alvarez got on his dad. Yes like eight years hiding things from my children my has. And 66 we all have a queuing around whenever you of course a great track president. He has some extra. Here's a quick question we as Ed Maggie lake city and DC gazans are all right that was Kelly who called originally instead put him in the pockets in the winter coats yeah. What happens when you Fred gates. The somethings in there and then you get to lay Hilton head you open it up near like a lot of looks to me let's listen nutter butters and. Well he would never did and I kid you could eventually typically breast. And then there's little bonus smack clay. So we have a ticket we never use. And that any began con rummaging through the suitcases and someone comes and you're like I'm just doodle this spring cleaning yards cleanup organization jurors sometimes able. They take Wednesday afternoon and wipe out the inside in my suitcases the I Jenn was talking I visited at dinner last night and grant because I grants or has been of course and he says well. I've got to confection can think he confessed to three different things that he does on do them and order of severity one is that he says. Everyone's while Johnson McDonald's and just get a Coke because he just needs one churn in the hills stashed in a ditch the evidence before he ever comes on I don't raid their way to grant I have done that before are on the way home my weakness lately for whatever reason has been Wendy's frosty some. He just had an. Anchoring the world once a week for a big Wendy's from eighties it's been so hot or since never bring that cup and that's based skin and inside the house of thrown away now. Eight there's a lot of garbage cans public garbage cans at the battery wearing it and one of those has been. The ditching plays out the garbage man picks Edward while somebody does the Wendy's. Yes and he did he did scissors codes from McDonald's before he comes sound. And he also told me if there's some think his mom likes makes big desserts and bring an overt set us against. As I was always leftovers in the refrigerator and he says he'll get a fork. And not eat it right out of the original doubles so that I won't see dirty dishes that he's made a Smart. You add eating the Lou. Extra portion of it he's like so I will literally stand there. In a quick refrigerator door open just eating it straight out of the main dish Smart Smart he's admiring it I think. Alaska is he'll take some of the kids that's. And he said that holes I don't like behind other things like in our Petri have got I like those on those clear containers for everything OC can see what's inside them. I've got one have teeth. Green tear like you know whatever lemon ginger tea a minute so you can see him I'll hide behind the tee because it is an every day my dad. I was chemical is he has coached in the Trojan has always behind something huh. Scholar John Q sign in labor. Ali got under my belt and good things that have been advanced ready I sense from your significant other. So I don't watch out and I liked or. An. A lot of. There's Russert the teenagers say. Serie Cummings name. Are dead Reddy ice house. I while and I played back. I wasn't what I had heard about it but it has not married or your. So G yes. I bullet right at the only thing that I had. I'm quite as bad that my girl pat out at the town. I. I only have your boxes under the sink him like why aren't nice chip cookies and you know what I'm we. Good when there are. We learned what to do we advances in health class but we're really put this snicker it's. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.