The Most Epic Lie UPDATE

Tuesday, July 11th

Y'all, Jeff had the family's number saved in his phone still and the wife agreed to come on the show...


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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah shell ol' ball tea lease welcome to the just intention. Good morning. I think they're welcome our lease is that not a listener of the Jeff and tension because her family lived near Greenville tea but we if you weren't listening. Yesterday shared part of this story and Lee's summit as start over again for your sake okay. OK first and I'll let the rest of us now. So first Monterey thank you for coming out with us this morning. I'm Peter Iraq and so Lisa this story that as shared yesterday for your sake and for anybody is listening for the first time it is obviously. Use fans. Last week and beautiful late kiwi South Carolina. Where I also spend quite a bit of my summer. And met your. Husband's. Actually. Borrowed a shovel. From me. Because sees. As I understood it at that time your mother in law's dog escaped to the house. Was it acts by something in the war c.s and passed away and he needed to bury the dog in the woods this happened I'm like day one or two of your vacation. Gosh you're the shuttle guys I am yes. Well here's my question. Because it's okay toll yesterday your husband's over Garza shuttled from me tells me the your son left the door open your mother loves dog and I got attacked by something guide buried in the woods. So he buries the thing I think I'm out today come back to shovel is leaning up against my garage I don't think another thought about it. I don't even think about your family's pets. Three days later when my dogs come running out of the same way it is with this adorable little Wesley looking gaga. Who has a collar on and I call the number on the collar and that's when I met your mom Lisa. And yes turns. Heard dog. Who she thought had been buried in the lab who she that was dead Hugh per. And and then I may spend the rest of my weakness is trying to beat the crowds. What your heart is being used holds huge size. About. Because how does it go from being. A dead dog in the words to. And try to gallon of water but looks fine. I hope your husband's just lie to save the whole vacation. One. Here's what I hear here is that this theory that I surmised. Was that your husband's. Because the dog outlaws semi day one or two of the vacation. He went out of the woods local club for the dog walked dollar on the neighborhood couldn't trying to dodge and say you know what I'm just gonna say it's dead. That way. I can and not spend the whole vacation looking for the dollar and Alan Murray Asian region mother in law's Dodd and so it's and probably won't be happy if things are. Fine yeah barrel right that's my thinking. But now your host to fill in the blanks. Last week I hang the dog to make sure it's not a zombie myself. Distance and so yes my to unlock the door open and yes the rule gaga counts and and then. Also looking sort of job I have my can be intolerant and keeping those numbers so we're not mean the track. And and listen listen as I can actually say yeah it sounds odd. I'm betting we'll read intent and attacked shell which is gonna bury the weren't. That's what he told a grand. So you went way and he came back. And got them in my girl that my mother and most of that underestimates Red. Sox the month looking down. I am. Just capital and T found buried rather than going to happen I am I right on rats. But obviously that was a lie because the dog is one alive and you clearly had not been attacked by any includes typical. They're about. When. And Adam bloody shoot out and we were. Surprised. That's at 101000 and what happened when you bury the words are you a zombie horror serial killer. And I did and never seen Nadal odd. That allegedly bred dog. Thank you read this somebody. Out there I am in the words you found. Him and he offered to bury my head and it is pretty honest. I noticed you didn't even tell. Tony. I guess or your shovel and even Gary and magic and humble and don't. So he's. Okay. So there is some sort of dead dog out there according to your husband. So yeah. I do nots. You're. Up. So your husband say that he went into the war aides to look further dog and ran into oh. On awards guy amount. A man in the woods a policeman's. Awards meant that he happened to have found. I end up and there wasn't insane I have a dead dog here or did he say there's a dead dog over there are or are. Is it did your husband. Ever see the dead dog. Now now and I don't know and I mean it. Some mountain man liberal. Redundant Delhi during sanctions some guy who about or kinks. He had seen had a deadlock and elder Spock actually damper on there from time to time so. And Italy and can. Logical and you kind of squeamish Edmond. So he'll let the other guy bury the dead dog it just wasn't your talk. Obviously I'm half turns out I went and year believes that story. Didn't like it at all squeamish about bloody currently don't contrasts and salad made sense. It's not easy to dig a hole I imagine Sam how does your mom feel about everything. Just glad barking back. No at all. Sometimes dogs are an option I should go out there's lots of people in the words you're right I mean it eight. I mean I've I've been their almost ten years and I got to be honest the I've never run and anyone in those woods in my dogs play there every. We have seen a couple of snakes. Spider webs you know they get it you don't want Andrew and yeah. It's not. Well. This can. That's my dad and dad he lied into anything that bad you don't wanna think he was you know can be very good job. I have a question but here and husband like the dog normally I. Does he enjoy having the dog around. So when my mom can hear and its rights and nobody likes dark except I'm tired. And nobody would cry and I let you can't be so real great were you in honor. It's yeah. Oh no we don't have like an adult steering going or anything like that. I just didn't make any sense among them than it has done. Present to. You I. I've I mean I attempt. I admire you for believing her husband but walking like the chances that attacked. And try sometimes they had any evidence didn't mean to not charge may be theirs. Well acquainted and that there's a dead dog up on that hill and mountain man to tell you where was. Who offered to bury it is countrywide sometimes I'm walking around in the woods I think god would be nice to just run into a stranger an offer to bury their pets you know. Now Lou Dobbs another zombie that makes a happy sound weird yeah all plummeted as well I act. I thank you Hanson thanks Lisa thanks very well. A and you. Yeah yeah it's inherent. Okay Jeff I have a question for you I was there are on the shovel and he had any. And things like. And out and there's no media. Was this is why cover of his night all right we got an LA I think she's been. Serious news and she's wanted to have saying I hated the dog and the bad timing because. Be it New Kids On The Block to get away there's so many things to many buttons to push. Darren law here and. Shane. Shane brings us let me. I'm not. Find love. Good. I. I love fear. Thanks for making this wedge it's indigestion change one star not before one and it.