Catching Up With Molly and Darius

Tuesday, July 11th

We catch up with the very first Confess Your Crush couple, how has it been since?!


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The Jeff content. Darius and Molly bear our first ever. Confessed your crash. Couple Molly came on with us and then I got a huge crush on the skies the office and I'm ready to do that if she called me sexy lumberjack who made. He told him because I have a genuinely trying to control yet but it looks like a lumberjack. Well. As sexy lumberjack. Yeah. You gonna find out like happy New Delhi a little bit like Lambert actually it's scary it's like you're acting. Inside sheik from state farm meets in star brewery stood. Including her pick and then Darius when he found out that somebody has a crush on him was. Very eager and excited to find out who was the third Rangel on the plan she's got a major crush on me now. Comment on. Our man like bitch I mean it's usually off somebody came at the wrong time right. You know like come on come on can't. Just this one group or with someone you know I'd just I mean part of a couple days ago or weak side church solutions like it's pretty solid you know I'd I'd definitely still you know my crush it you're not serious Seles. I'll. And then the two of them got to interact even though there's no chance our relationship because Darius has spoken for. Site is the does that Molly. Drown. So we're building that rebounds per. Yeah I write them out of them you don't know any. I you know yeah. How sorry. I saw Mariana. You you do what you can you write you understand that dictate our head of relationship don't know the level. So the flooding did not stop it right I am in original band the other three months ago two months ago we get a phone call from mom it says. Derrius gives the update that he is now single day. Look there's nothing going on between him and Molly there still could bark they're cold their friends are now there's on the land and came last weekend while we were out we were on vacation. Kelly gets a call. From Mali and she says Derrius and I. Late to come on the radio and sharing updates so exciting and look at some Elijah and hobbies today. So subtly college eighteen me cheerleader of love. Loads you in the unit. And cheerleader Jenn hobby is so happy so without further ado welcome back to the shadow Darius and mouth. Hey I it's the world famous Darius. Everybody Zion what I know about you see you know. Truly. A couple of. You know I you guys last week while Jenna and I around vacation Greg Kelly and JP engine in rural none the flirt. Are you guys reached out to Cali and said. We would like to come on the show because we have an update so. The floor is yours Molly would you like to start his ladies first. There are. A much. I get here aren't laugh I don't eat I warmed to the streets did you McDonnell late. Late that their reshaped since. Go out and try and yeah. They're. Even gonna science. He as used here and you guys know that people. Are. And Droid yet. I didn't take. It yet but they're going to let Richard update I don't know it. And we ended up really how much and that Iran has pretty much everyday and. Together every. Time and she she really she really. You need to do it I deluded she know she really didn't do that she's a wonderful person. I just by ourselves alone that will not need you at all like you are happy the way out it. I am quite know she issued no more I had my eyes light conditions actually two additional. You can learn that Q now all my guys and I areas. A question for you why did you wait to make her for her to make the first move on why didn't you get and that. They Shia. You know like they continued shooting mode it really. You know we've not heard making more loses more so lovely and like you guys you know last time you know I just got out of a relationship and I just wanted to make sure all the pieces were right with me. You know before jumping into an Ottawa so what are. A time frame probably not heard in the the first move definitely. You know within myself I would've just something so amazed. And the back felt like all the dust to clear up the show everything was just fine arm. Played you know she made a move I took a chance and it worked out really really well you know sometimes you just happen right now you know. You guys are and sick elevator flirting to a halt. Len yeah. Example of how alert since then it. So maybe landing in a word this morning are looking around and there elevator I Korean man that. Yeah yeah definitely elevated to new Starbucks and nice girls that's what it is right now don't. Picket line has. Updated dating her and out loud go back. Okay. So why don't we use this time and Darius and Molly why don't we use this time too for you guys to give a glowing endorsement. The greatest radio segment Jana has ever trained and faster crash. The top of it ain't married guy. Hi I'm Tony in yen welcome back my family car series yeah yeah. Yet Jewish charity and eat dinner as adults explore and sells I should. Tiger. And apparently had a girl placement round and I'm not amount sergeant armada. Not in person camping person like I really I'm terrified of the woods and Susan and you know I've been I don't know what's out there you know there's no words looking waiting. You can't seem to me they're movies I mean Natasha you know. Slowdown that no we had a really really good time I hated you know of course just Molly her presence to be edge off automatically you know. But possibly your family and her family really really cool very welcoming made it made it very comfortable for me it was illuminating illuminating weekend so problems and I would actually they did we get. Awesome well congratulations you guys. Anchor good relationship continues to grow and blossom calls back every few months. But if you break up don't ever call us again don't tell us. We wanna go out and high. 800 youths. Star in 941.