Hank Denson Reviews the Bachelorette

Tuesday, July 11th

The funniest Bachelorette review on radio


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The reason you're here as we head last night the bachelorette. Was. Enemy it was from those gut wrenching yesterday and last night because it's getting down to the point where it's like a few guys laugh. Arm right in the arm got a new lots last night on. He took the mound he got to route around a convertible being hit really well so like that who is he gets to Switzerland is Switzerland now. She just pulls and they want. So I he'd like to do. You out of town and you you are you fooling you have eased back from yet you like absence acclimated to this city. Ryan is acclimated to our library man you took every new city he's the first one to get to date. And this day was he got a new watch to see so kiss all right off the the back if I should say get dressed all the residents could relegate big base in my yard shot up. Ryan going to address we'll move should. I'm take you we don't run around a billion million and why he's got to be the guy. He had a out of Asia that. Yeah perfect really she says because everybody's thinking okay he's from Miami he's used swoon you know you can win in the Colombian Latin lover. Really yes so he's newly may be a womanizer and in an ace immediately lose weight and I'd want it all. Night. Solid and they have the last time guy in that it was just insincere non demon. Deep esteem which you are your favorites I know. Now he's not my favorite is Bryant ranks Colombian Brian Islam being giving one word to describe means the undermines his mom had breast cancer and end up about hey OK he's intent on. On him babyface he's he's the young cat but. We found out last night. We who do so well. And talking about his dad hey see kids are extremely. Outburst that. Emotional as fans I guess you can say. So. I wish you can see is the fear. And I must developmental years of zero to fifteen. Well seeing is heavy dude knows needlessly you cannot hide outs in the last and you can't I just family. I don't mean you give family. When he's using that to his advantage because he's he's being vulnerable as free that's the bachelorette equivalent of having a popular guitar yeah. What did he say zero to fifteen duke tomorrow that's not a comparison of what's her fame. Wound up I understand legend on you can't do you know when we left arm. As I was. OK well best of family. Did it scare her off she was looking all right okay or. Own you don't really need to Reynolds didn't learn as I don't you take we know where they're like tolerated how many. How many guys are laughed how many Erie down to a process saw looked like housing Ryan. Eric. Matt. On C. Do you believe you this person Hank and I just ask you who's left and the bachelorette and Iran Lamar and I know you know you're killer must street cred lie and decimated my they allow a low dollar was shot you can't. On that the bats and written do manage the literati is not a now mayor. Isn't about Los last night and this is given in sodomy in my own daughter talks go Madonna was light. My stuff she's asking now regularly gets uncomfortable Lucio Guerrero. She is three duels in the same date is July I mean they're dating my butt back down back is should look like. In the month. I'm a life she did Garcia. Says yeah as anybody fares and put a lot and the outside her door I. Are you finding out what kind of guys she likes Russian Elena first of all yes I really don't find that you need to have a full senate here K command. In balding a little issue by ill ball and old Maine why be on the show. Yeah are you serious message then deep cal Linksys had no that's receiving that's ugly how old is he was gonna show Luke. Really he part of an antibody to their bounty daddy discuss why not cut. And I'm. I want. All so this is just to watch it when hers she's the one who records of from me if I'm not there when it comes on she records as she comes down excuse me inside and I'm just like okay. So why would you do it as she's. Dummy I wouldn't it wisely she. So is breaking down. But these guys emotion I know two point now that they hate each other yeah they got eighty sound like I'm not going to be around you for all this time and I keep senior. You know I mean it's like how wise exits from a mile and gave them their dogs don't. It was there which. The next decade by DNA there they won't get a beer one. Full crowd away and let economic or grab your wife was second ads won't talk. I'm not so uncomfortable because when you feel like you to do dragon next week you don't get a date. Yeah I couldn't get out process will bust in on a daylight. Who do is say noted I want recount I don't think there are so base and that logic then. In you Brian is still your front runner but that also makes him the most hated guy in the house right to hate bin Laden was cool Brian. Does one guy I don't think he even has a chance. Rounds were. Peter K Peter told her and I am a teacher that's got depth. He's he has said with two additional. So it's yeah. Here so I got a temptation there were. Peter Peter has expressed her that he didn't he was not known for was ready to open up for love it. Either she's I stick privacy act and brokerage here so I'll laugh. Our largest owner but he dummy gets roses. Is so the next week they go home to their own hometown team and they have been back. She takes a couple of meet her finger right so we got to set a hometown right so knack for the tell all and then Nationale variety and neck and Orlando and I. Wanted to see who deems. Crazy family and ice is maybe you're mean because look I think that David pulled the street and these guys is leave. So pop suddenly we'd expect people assortment I got to ex girlfriend and an analysis but you never noted these zoos they pollute pollution united air. Nobody knows expose your life like I used Toshiba I don't know you go to miles from the Booth and well their hometown date to hang smiles. Line and thanks for coming in angry CH I had to allow talking next week tank which is Graham. I hate this and comedy everything's pretty decent comedy tag dancing comedy find and on the Internet users like an anti colonial America house except. Yeah it was a senate does hang on new things. The television show every.